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John A. Long

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  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    John Long has been a godsend! His experience and knowledge of the mortgage industry is unparalleled. After working with over a dozen attorneys across the US over several issues, experience with the best and the worst has given us an honest appreciation of what a good attorney is worth. He and his staff have guided us through the most complicated and overwhelming case, and his professionalism and compassionate support have been deeply appreciated. Highly recommended!

  • Don't fall for it.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mark

    Let's cut to the chase. John Long is inept, unprofessional, and a charlatan. Upon my first meeting, he told me in the first 15 minutes how solid my case was, how the bank didn't even own my house and had committed multiple cases of fraud. Obviously my family and I were excited and decided to hire him. BIG MISTAKE. I paid my money, and waited...and waited. Weeks went by. Phone calls and emails were ignored. With our court date approaching, we became nervous. John finally reappeared. urging us not to fret, we had more than enough time for him to file and amendments to our case that were necessary. Then he disappeared again. When we called to complain to his office, we were promptly hung up on. The lack of professionalism and communication was beyond belief. For those who even remotely think that hiring John is a good idea, just know that the OPPOSING attorney in this case responded to communications far quicker than John. The whole matter fell apart the week before our hearing. Once again he refused to answer calls and basic questions. The night before the hearing, John called to say that upon further review, the bank did indeed own the note. If we would have known this, the matter in how we approached this case would have been entirely different. John never amended our documents prior to the hearing, which infuriated the judge. He wound up getting into a fight with her, and disgusted, she threw out our entire case with prejudice, meaning our solid claims could never be raised in court again. We did have a good case. We went through the trial modification, and had a signed document from the bank clearing stating that if we made our payments "the bank will make the modification permanent." Even still, John botched this. Today, we have a sign of auction posted to our front door. The home that I saved diligently for 25 years is about to taken away from us. Other lawyers who have reviewed this case have just shaken their heads, agreeing with us that this case was botched badly. In a matter of weeks, we will be homeless. Do not make the same mistake we made. John ethical behavior is worse than the banks he pretends to hate. Don't fall for it. It's all an act.

  • They went above and beyond to save our home

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    When I first came there, I was in a bad financial position. I was late on my mortgage because my hours had been cut at work and I was in danger of losing my home. To make matters worse, I had accumulated $50,000 in credit card debt trying to make ends meet. I consulted with them and they made me feel better and gave me all of my options. I ended up filing a bankruptcy because the bank would not help me but I am happy to say that they were able to save my home and they saved me a bunch of money every month.

    They were very professional and I felt very comfortable throughout the process. They really worked extra hard on my case, more than any other attorney would have. In the end, the representatives I worked with at john long law has helped me save my home and has put me on a path to a better future. I am very happy that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel and you have helped me lift this weight off my shoulders.