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John P Bowles

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  • Foreclosure issue? I absolutely recommend John, Jeff and Rick at Bowles/Fernandez Law Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ivan

    After struggling for two years in modification hell I sought help and had my loan and note reviewed by an examiner. Several issues (some severe) were found so he recommended John Bowles at Bowles/Fernandez Law Firm. Throughout my process with the banks, I kept notes, paperwork and records of calls (some recorded) so things were up to speed pretty quickly. I even knew when I had been turned over to the "Foreclosure Imminent Team" and that forced my hand to seek legal council due to their unscrupulous tactics. Though I felt overwhelmed by now, John was able to put together a game plan and start the process of fighting back. He knew I was VERY upset with the banks and their processes, but he was able to show a way forward. Even through some rough spots, John and his team were able to push through. After a year of back and forth, an offer was made that allowed me to keep my home that is a part of my family and my livelihood. As I write and post this positive review (and recommended them to others), I am making my payments and current on my home. Thank you John, Jeff and Rick!

  • John Bowles won't give up fighting for you.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    My wife and I highly recommend John Bowles and the rest of the team at Bowles Fernandez Law firm. We had gotten ourselves in, for lack of a better phrase, a complete financial nightmare based on very poor legal advice from a Bankruptcy Attorney. One of the problems that arose from that bad advice was the recommendation that my wife file a quit claim deed turning her property ownership back to what she assumed was the primary lender since that is the company that all statements, correspondence and payments over the years had been going to. It turned out that another institution actually owned the loan which complicated our situation even more. So after over a year when we finally got before a bankruptcy trustee we found out that we could have never qualified for a chapter 7 judgment and a chapter 13 Bankruptcy would end up costing us more than if we just handled our financial debt through a debt consolidation company. Shortly after we backed out of the bankruptcy and had it dismissed the lawsuits from the first and second position lending institutions on my wife’s property started showing up. The primary lender was willing to allow up three months to try and sell the property to settle the debts against it. We quickly learned that that wasn’t going to be an option since now my wife had given up all ownership rights through the quit claim deed. At this point we had absolutely no idea what to do. We were already accepting of the fact that we would lose the property and at this point we really didn’t care, we just wanted to be done with the whole mess. Luckily, the Realtor that we were going to use to try to sell the property had other clients in similar bad situations like the one we found ourselves in and recommended Mr. Bowles based on very favorable results that other clients they worked with had once they retained Bowles Fernandez. Right from the start Mr. Bowles tried to put our minds at ease by explaining all the mostly negative aspects of the situation we had gotten ourselves into and even began brainstorming ideas that would help as much as possible, and we hadn’t even sent him a retainer yet. We could tell that he was pretty upset about situation the bankruptcy attorney had put us through and the unwillingness of the lending institutions to even consider working with us on a solution. At this point my wife and I just wanted this nightmare to end and were willing to just turn the property over to the banks. So Mr. Bowles changed his game plan from trying to help us retain our property to a position of getting us through this mess with no or at least as little further financial hit due to the foreclosure process. They made two excellent attempts at solutions with the second lending firm that, had it not been for the no win situation we put ourselves in due to the issues I described above, I’m confident would have worked. Even after this Mr. Bowles still didn’t give up on us and started the process of trying to protect us from any further financial burden due to a deficiency resulting from the foreclosure judgments. We found Mr. Bowles and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable, diligent and responsive throughout this process and regardless of the final outcome, we will always be thankful that we found him during this crisis because of the peace of mind it gave us knowing that we had someone capable, willing and able to fight for us. His willingness to be flexible on fee arrangements allowed up to continue fighting organizations with much deeper pockets than we had. I highly recommend John Bowles to anyone that finds themselves in a property foreclosure nightmare.

  • We've recommened John to others

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    We have recommended John to others in similar situations. Our home was in foreclosure, and it was stopped. Our bank records were forged by the bank, when they lost the originals. We've been dealing with an insane modification, in which we needed legal help. Having John there as the intermediary has helped the process to be smoother. While it's still taken time, that was due to the bank. Sometimes he can't get back to us as timely as we would like, but all calls have been returned, the same or next day, and any information from the bank has been forwarded to us immediately.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janine

    John has been so helpful and professional handling a difficult situation I experienced with a loan servicing company for our home. John was referred to me from a trusted business professional to protect and represent me in what is right. John is extremely knowledgable and diligently has served with the highest integrity. I absolutely respect John and know he expects fairness and demands the accuracy of the law for his clients. I have been confident with his representation and felt a sense of relief, especially in the difficult position my family has been agonizing through due to the devastating home market values and the improper treatment from the loan servicing company. The banks and loan servicing companies have unfortunately made many unethical decisions and have not upheld proper law. I discovered I am among many taken advantage of while trying to work directly with the loan servicing company to establish a reasonable and fair resolution. I trusted the loan servicing company and provided all they requested for an extensive period of time, but unfortunately they proved to be unethical and dishonest. I needed help. John Bowles has continually made great progress in working to restore what we respectfully earned and what we are honestly entitled to by law. John has gone above and beyond to represent us. The respect and high regard he has demonstrated towards myself and my family is admirable. He has gained my sincere gratitude.

  • Satisfied Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Since the first meeting with John Bowles I have felt comfortable with his knowledge and understanding regarding the law and my legal rights. I feel he is working diligently to ensure the best possible outcome in my case. I feel very secure and well represented, when I have been in court. John has always expressed confidence and remains current in regards to the constantly changing legal system in his field of expertise.
    I would definitely recommend his services to anyone facing foreclosure issues.


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I am living a miracle right now, because I hired John Bowles to save my house for me. My home went into foreclosure 2012 and escaped foreclosure 2013. I'm still living in my house, and my house is still mine, because of the Bowles-Fernandez law firm and staff.
    My home is in Eugene, Oregon, but no-one in Eugene was adept enough regarding my case, so a lawyer (here) recommended that I "retain a specialist", "the best", he said, and referred me to the Portland based firm of Bowles-Fernandez. (I am forever grateful to the attorney here in Eugene: what a stroke of luck to have had him counsel me!)
    John Bowles is kind, caring, efficient, competent, knowledgeable, masterful and, has been in my case, 100% successful.
    My life went from fear, anxiety and grief, to peace and hope, when I chose the "umbrella" of Bowles-Fernandez...any legal matter conceivable, I would want their advice. They are the epitome of the best of all that lawyers should be.

  • Forclosure

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    He was very responsive until he took my money then I could not get him to respond to my emails, set up a meeting nothing. 2 months after taking my money he advised that I just forclose my house, told me through Jeff Meyers since he would not respond to my repeated e-mails.

    In Summary, he advised that we fight the forclosure, so we paid the retainer, went through the forclosure instead working with the banks. The couple months later he says that it does not look good and best we give it up, not even . So I am now out thousands in lawyer fees and and still in forclosure.

  • Defender of Truth, Justice, and the American Way

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Turning to litigation is always the last resort for us. Only after trying repeatedly to work with the parties involved, and having been repeatedly lied to, manipulated, and stressed out about our future, we turned to John for help. John made sure the case was a valid one before we retained him. Once it was determined that we were justified in our belief that a fraud had been committed against us, he took our case. Since then, he and his team won a major victory, putting the scoundrels back on their heels, and giving us a foundation of a legal decision to base our claims on. We may have further litigation to go in the future but by having John Bowles on our side we are confident in the final results to come.

  • Unique Perspective on how the Financial World Operates

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    I met John Bowles while looking for a way to protect myself from having to file Bankruptcy as the result of the crash of the real estate market and greed of firms like Bear Stearns. This was at a time when millions of homeowners where either already losing their homes or about to lose their homes. Also the service companies and lenders would give you lip service regarding forbearance agreements and loan modifications without ever intending to perform on Government sponsored programs.
    John Bowles had come from the banking industry and has a unique perspective on how the financial world operates. John also has a way of helping those in a crisis situation step back to see the big picture. Losing a piece of property is not the end of the world. It may seem like it but it is not.
    John and his colleagues are dedicated to helping those in a crisis situation come out of it with the best possible outcome for the clients.
    The sad truth is that if you are in foreclosure, it means you agreed to pay back an obligation and are not doing so. There are many cases where the borrowers are victims of the lenders and service companies. John and his colleagues can deal with this situation. If there is fraud on the part of lenders/servicers John and his colleagues can help frame a defense that could benefit the victims.
    John and his colleagues are good at what they do, but they also have families to care for and a business to run. Do not wait too long before asking for help. Bowles and Fernandez are a good place to start. You generally only receive one free consultation, so be prepared.
    Prior to our first meeting, I conducted a preliminary background check and found that John’s license had once been suspended. Regardless, I had no other options so I made an appointment. After reviewing my situation and background, John told me that his license at one time had been suspended. I asked him why and he shared some personal information that had nothing to do with his practicing law or his clients.
    I personally have a successful record of challenging attorney’s working for CA EPA. September 2010 I decided that John was the kind of attorney I liked working with. I have not been disappointed. I do not believe he has ever let a client down. Bear in mind, we as clients have to communicate with our attorney and meet our obligations to them. I do believe he has made opposing attorneys angry.
    Chances are I will lose my family’s home but I will always have a friend with John and his firm.
    If you wish to speak to me, John Bowles can make an introduction.

  • Honest, hardworking, and dedicated attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vicky

    John Bowles has shown tremendous attention to details, persistence, and dedication to my case. He has spent countless hours on research and offered solutions to my situation. He did a very good job on educating me on the subject. He makes every effort to help in a difficult situation. The firm's payment plan makes it possible to hire an attorney. I was looking for a representation for a long time without success until I found John Bowles.