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Jugjit Singh Johal

Jugjit Johal’s reviews

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  • Excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    I have been working with Jack for many years now on my estate planning, gifting and my trust planning. His extensive knowledge has saved myself & my children money the government would have gotten. Mind you no lawyer is cheap but since they all cost a lot you need to have trust in your lawyer and that is what I have in Jack. I can rest assured that my children & grand children won't have any problems when I'm gone.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    Jack has worked for my mother (who thank god is still with us) for many years in an extensive & complicated estate & trust. Jack is extremely knowledgable and current on what's harping in a complicated world. I trust and know that my moms estate is buttoned up just how she wants it. You may not like what the law does or what your relative does but Mr. Johal is very, very competent & he will be doing my families trusts. Thank you.

  • Odd behavior

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Mr. Johal worked with our family on a property deal. After my dad passed I was put in charge of reconciling the property documents. I have tried to contact Mr. Johal as he has the information we need to clear up loose ends. I got him on the phone once after leaving repeated messages. It appeared he had gotten my messages and promised to take care of matters. Since then it seems he has chosen not to make any contact with us as it has been some time and additional messages later. His behavior is irresponsible and odd to say the least.

  • Slow, Cumbersome, & Self Serving

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Trusts client

    A review this harsh is hard to write, but it has been an atrocity for our family having this attorney involved in our estate planning and trust management. He created an absurdly cumbersome trust that is very difficult and expensive to work with. To make matters worse, he created a self serving position in the document that creates income for him annually. Even with poor follow up and lack of performance, he still gets paid. Be thankful you found this review and find another attorney!

    Jugjit Singh Johal’s response: “The individual who wrote this review is not and has never been my client. She is the daughter and beneficiary of my client, for whom I drafted the Trust with several other attorneys. Because of family issues, I represented the Mother and another attorney represented the Father. The Trust was drafted pursuant to their specific instructions, which included having third- party, non-family member Trustees. This particular individual is upset, because of the manner in which her Mother and Father had their Trust prepared, their estate managed after their deaths, and the lack of control which she has over the management of the Trust and the Trust estate.. It is interesting that she has written this type of a review for me, but no other attorney who was involved in the drafting of the Trust Agreement. For some unknown reason, she has a personal vendetta against me, when I just did my job for my client, her Mother.”