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Diego F. Macwilliam

Diego Macwilliam’s reviews

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  • Superior support, legal information, representation and follow through.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Milton

    Mr. Diego Macwilliam for me was the right lawyer, at the right time, for my particular situation. He contacted both a government agency and a private company regarding a potential fraud inditement involving me and my families estate concerning overpayment of funds. Without his experience and guidance I personally would have not been able to come to a solution for the two outside parties involved and myself. He made contacts with the two different entities and got them to provide physical representatives to conclude the transactions.
    Mr. Diego Macwilliam explained each step of the way clearly and provided me with a time table. He made it possible for me to finalize the entire issue and he brought it to a defused equitable solution.

  • Awesome Job !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was charged with a Felony for Position of stolen property 3years ago, and I contacted Mr. MacWilliam for help on reducing the felony to a misdemeanor & he did a good job and got it to become a misdemeanor. He always attended the court never missed any always on time. Overall he's a good lawyer.

  • Great job!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    I was charged with a felony domestic violence case. I hired Mr. MacWilliam to represent me and he worked hard with the District Attorney’s office and the courts to negotiate a plea of misdemeanor disturbing the peace.

    What a great job and a great attorney. I would recommend his services anytime.

  • The most trustworthy attorney I have worked with.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I am an immigrant with American born children. After carefully interviewed a few local lawyers I hired Mr. Diego MacWilliam as an attorney for my young adult daughter. I have worked with several attorneys for immigration, business, real estate, civil matters in the past in California. Mr. MacWilliam is absolutely the best lawyer I have hired.

    Some lawyers patronize you and make you feel vulnerable. Some take advantage of the situation you are in. He is not the kind of American lawyers many of us in the international circle frown at. My impression at the time of first meeting remained to the end. He treated us with respect and patience. I felt true intelligence in him that penetrate the cultural barrier. Unfortunately I did not have much luck to see this quality in local lawyers until now.

    He explained the situation we are in and the process ahead of us clearly without I know/you don't know/leave it to me attitude. He listened to our concerns patiently and answered our questions honestly; he was not evasive. He informed us what he was going to do in advance. He told us the scope of possible outcomes we could expect without false hope. It helped us to prepare what choices we might have. You know some lawyer put you in the position where you have to make a decision without prior information about it, often in court, in rush. His knowledge of policy and procedures of the local jurisdiction addition to law itself is absolute plus. His fee was fixed and most decent among I interviewed.

    He has a natural gentle manner but his performance in front of judge was intense and impressive. We are very pleased with the outcome. In fact it was better than we had expected.

    I, without hesitation, recommend Mr. Diego MacWilliam of Santa Clara County, California.