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Jeffery Kallis

Jeffery Kallis’s reviews

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  • Exceptional Dedication and Preparation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    If there was a Best Lawyer Ever award, I would nominate this attorney. Mr. Kallis' representation allowed me to prevail both in a wrongful termination and a long wrongful death case. He continues to successfully defend me in a dispute with a city Planning and Building department where his effort proves you CAN fight City Hall. He seems to win by being better prepared. An example of that was the extent to which he went in prevailing in a summary judgement motion filed in probate court. Though he admitted to possessing only rudimentary knowledge of probate law at the start, he not only boned up enough to single handedly prevail over two veteran probate attorneys, but also established new law in a complicated corner of this legal area. I also learned that required many nights working past midnight. Without that exceptional dedication, I would have lost the case and my life would have been immeasurably more difficult since then. Beyond these qualities, the thing I appreciate even more is his caring approach. He understands litigation can be a nasty, emotionally draining, process for clients so tries to solve problems in the least disruptive, professional, and non-litigious manner. That said, in my experience, his opponents understand that if they do push things into court, they take on the risk of facing a determined and exceptionally well prepared adversary. Example: At one point in my wrongful death case, he was facing seven opposing lawyers. And he beat every one of them.

  • Great Civil Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I hired attorney Kallis to help me in a civil litigation. He was great, he explained us our options and always kept us up to date on our case. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

  • review from recent client

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    My wife and me paid $20K flat attorney fee + $16K in expenses to Jeff Kallis to represent us in civil case. The case was settled without any reward for us.

    Here are the few facts from the case:

    1) On 4th day of the trial this attorney told us that judge was going to dismiss the case and no jury’s verdict would happen. After case was settled he told us different story telling that verdict would happen.

    2) Attorney had refused to dismiss judge who was assigned to the case despite our request before the case went to trial. He agreed with us on judge’s hostility and asked her to step down from the case but didn’t remove her permanently. His explanation was that he feels very good about the case and if judge would be bias he would appeal. He didn’t give us any indications at that time that he would charge another $20K flat attorneys fees to begin with for appeal service. This is what popped up at the 4th day of the trial as alternative to the settlement.

    3) We didn’t receive even apologies after we both came to one of the deposition and didn’t find anybody at the location. Only after returning home and calling to his paralegal we found out that deposition was rescheduled.

    4) Attorney didn’t informed us on time about threaten message sent by defendant’s attorney after we didn’t sign settlement agreement and didn’t explain us on our rights at that situation.