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Rhoda A Chandler

Rhoda Chandler’s reviews

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  • A divorce/family law attorney who is honest and has integrity.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    In the realm of family law, it's not easy to find a good and trustworthy divorce attorney. To be frank, it's very obvious when a lawyer is just in it for the money, and want to take advantage of your bad and desperate situation in life. (Not all of us want a divorce, and many of us are just trying to salvage what we can financially, and our time with our children.)
    I've seen attorneys see your bank account, and try to take you for every dime.
    I've seen divorce attorneys do whatever they can to create discord, animosity, and conflict between the parties involved, knowing that the longer it takes, and the more they're involved, the more money they make!!! A large office staff doesn't necessarily mean they're a good attorney, it just means they have a lot more people to pay off of what they charge you!!!
    Rhoda Chandler is NOT one of those attorneys!!!
    If you're in Solano County, want an attorney who is honest, has integrity, will cut through the BS, and will attempt to handle your case quickly and efficiently, then this is the attorney for you.
    Rhoda Chandler charged me fairly, was genuinely personable, and attempted to handle business in the best possible way; without seeking conflict, but at the same time quickly willing to stand up and fight for her client as necessary.
    I've recommended Rhoda Chandler to a number of co-workers and friends, and will continue to do so.

  • Rhoda Chandler is an excellent attorney!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Reasonable price given the exceptional representation you receive. She was well worth every penny. Her services were greatly appreciated .

  • A Divorce Attorney that will surpass all others

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Asia

    Rhoda was more than I expected. I needed an attorney for what I thought would be an easy and quick divorce case. It turned out to take much longer due to the custody battle. I was concerned for my kids safety since my ex is an alcoholic. Although he lied about his illness, Rhoda was supportive through the custody disagreement.
    Throughout the court hearings and communication, she was always conscientious of the financial cost. While some attorneys may draw out cases to hike up the attorney fees, Rhoda was dedicated to coming to an agreement out of court. She was helpful, trustworthy, quick to take action, knowledgeable, familiar with the court judges, and continuously informative.
    The divorce was weeks away from finalization when I discovered my ex had been involved in a DUI with my kids in the vehicle. Rhoda immediately filed emergency custody orders the next day to protect my kids. She kept my fury at bay and communicated with my ex to swiftly come to an agreement out of court. Her sweet and caring demeanor got me through the divorce. I am grateful to have found her. If your looking for a fair, stern, and professional divorce attorney, she is your gal. You will not find a superior attorney to be on your side.

  • People's Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rebecca

    Ever think you might need a lawyer sometime?
    Ever wonder who you would call?
    I never gave it much thought at all, and when my sisters and I needed one to help our elderly mom horribly wronged by her husband of over 20 years; we went looking.
    This attorney we found, miss Rhoda , is a powerhouse. She took on our case and worked it like it was her mom. Patiently explained to us in layman's terms all we didn't know and needed to do. Fully informed and prepared us of what to expect, what is to come, and continued consistent communication on how things were going. Listened to our concerns, answered our million questions; all the while staying focused and on track, keeping all of us assured and confident.
    After over 3 years, we often felt how blessed we were to have someone like this on our side, the right side, fighting for our mom.
    Have I mentioned how professional and smart she is; quoting the law like she does nothing else, and very personable and easy to talk to. She will give you the straight talk when you need it and soothe you when you need that.
    In closing, I highly recommend Rhoda, we still use her on retainer, and will recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney. She must feel very good about herself thinking back on her work, and if she does not; she should. Knowing she is doing what she chose and trained to do, to help us, that cannot help ourselves get the justice deserved to the wronged.
    Thank you Rhoda Chandler, attorney at law.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    What can I say about Ms. Chandler....She was available any time I called, emailed stopped by the office during my cases. Ms. Chandler handled and organized four different cases for me and never let any time deadline slip by. I highly recommend her to anyone.

  • I do not recommend her for a Divorce Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I wasted 4+ years of my time & money. My case was not even completed when I heard she left the Firm. She was not easy to talk with and made things more stressful. She did not respond quickly to my needs and in the end not trustworthly