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Constantin Zhukovsky’s reviews

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  • "Nitor In Adversum"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    I had the great pleasure and good fortune to meet Mr. Zhukovsky with the onset of my divorce. My story was a particularly harsh one consisting of an ambush and subsequent hostage-taking of my beautiful children. Constantine proved himself to be a bulwark against the dirty tricks played by the other side and rose above the morass to exhibit a strength of character and profound moral understanding I have never seen elsewhere in the legal profession. Upon entering the courtroom for our first hearing I could not help but notice the respect and deference paid to Constantine by clerks, deputies, and the judge himself. It was that easy, I knew then and there I was working with a winner. As his business card states, Constantine thrives in the struggle against adversity. Constantine Zhukovsky has forever earned my highest regard and praise for his professionalism and tenacity. He is simply a good man in a profession bereft of the same.

    Hired attorney
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, proactive, and, most of all, deeply CARING about his clients, and their families

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Slava

    Despite having the simplest case one can possibly imagine (no minors, no real estate, no businesses, only earned incomes, and liquid assets), it turned into 3.5 year ordeal costing both sides over 200K of legal fees. Such is life when one side acts irrationally (and cycles through three attorneys, next more vicious and unscrupulous than a previous one) and takes you hostage in the process.

    Extremely upset and frustrated with my first inept and indifferent attorney, I asked my social network connections to send me references to family attorneys which they had been happy with. To my surprise I got almost universal response along the lines: “I can not honestly recommend my attorney” with degree of dissatisfaction varying from “mediocre” to “mindless screw-up”.

    But then, I got a fateful breakthrough : I met Constantine Zhukovsky !

    After the first 15 minutes, my desperation was transformed into a hope and awe.
    That initial impression did not disappoint: the next 6 months of working with him on driving my case to a swift and satisfying closure only reinforced my observation that Mr. Zhukovsky is both a professional and a human being in a class of his own.

    Not only he has superb knowledge of the Family Code, precedents, and procedural intricacies, not only he is very proactive with choosing and executing optimal legal strategies, but most of all he CARES about his clients, and he strives to leverage awkward, clumsy and morally inept family court system in order to solve problems and conflicts created by a painful relationship break in just and fair manner, not only in legal, but also in moral way.

    For my specific situation Mr. Zhukovsky found a tradeoff which maximized long-term peace of mind for me, and managed to convince the opposing side that it is satisfactory solution for them as well. (using sound (not only logically but also psychologically) reasoning and smart procedural tactics) He also managed to accomplish that in as little time and legal fees as was practical, by avoiding an impending trial and driving the case to a settlement. As opposed to huge amount of legal fees generated by my previous attorney and all the experts that the opposing side forced us to employ, I felt that every dollar spent on Mr. Zhukovsky’s services.

    Given that my marriage was of “long duration” (over 10 years), if my case was decided via a court trial I would have ended up having to pay life-long spousal support and, even more troublesome, being vulnerable to a possibility of ongoing future legal harassment by my ex- and her monstrous attorney (because the court would have had “indefinite jurisdiction” over my case). Mr. Zhukovsky explained to me all the dangers and legal pitfalls which might haunt me for the rest of my life, and suggested a strategy which would protect me from these risks.
    He then brilliantly executed on this strategy leaving me 100% satisfied with both the process and the result.

    The bottom line is: if (G-d forbid) anyone approaches me asking for a family attorney recommendation, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Zhukovsky as their best bet.

  • Thank you !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dmitry

    My ex and me have 2 beautiful girls and this is the story of them getting their father back :

    I have made a horrible mistake signing a separation agreement with my ex-wife in 2008 : it granted her full legal and physical custody , had inadequate visitation schedule and no vacations provisioning . My lawyer at that time did not explain or warn me about the consequences. My hope was that we would have an amicable separation and I gave in to all ex's requests at the time.
    Things did not work out well in the next 3 years : I was denied any extra time with our children , my ex refused to grant me any vacation times with the kids and she sabotaged their relationship with their paternal grandparents. It was very difficult for me be a meaningful parent and father to our children. The situation has become unbearable.
    I have contacted Constantine in 2011 and he agreed to help me and my children. He explained me the process , the law and how important it is for the children to have both mother and the father in their lives. We tried to negotiate and mediate with my ex-wife and her lawyers but they had refused any compromise.
    It took 3 long years with multiple hearings , false accusations , custody evaluation and ,eventually, a trial. Constantine was extremely diligent , hard-working , attentive to details and has also provided a lot of emotional support during this difficult process. His work ethics goes far beyond appraisal.
    At the end , the judge ruled in the children's favor and we've got everything we were asking for from the beginning : joint legal and physical custody , significant time-share increase , half of the vacations and ability to travel overseas with the children so they could be enriched by the meaningful relationship with their extended family.

    I am extremely grateful to Constantine for giving the children and me the opportunity to be in each others lives.

  • Here is what I've learned from Constantine. Would highly recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex P

    Your partners and spouses come and go, but your children are Forever, stay with your children no matter what!

    God gives each child one Father and one Mother, nobody has a right to take away and deprive the child of Either Parent!

    Our parent lived their lives, we have our lives to live.

    Our parents wish us well, but they cannot live our lives instead of us; and the parents should not impose their phylosophy and perception of life values on their children... the children have to live their lives themselves

    Constantine is neither "pro-mother" nor "pro-father", he is "PRO-CHILDREN", who entitled to have BOTH parents in their lives!

  • Excellent attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ilya

    Before I met Constantine I was represented by different attorney, who basically ruined my divorce case by submitting to every demand of the opposite side and not doing his homework on my case.
    My daughter was taken hostage by my Ex. Suddenly, after years of bond and good "father-daughter" relationship, my daughter "decided" not to have any
    contacts with me and my side of the family...Reason is very simple, less
    time Father spends with his children MORE in child support he has to pay
    to "the custodial parent"- Mother, just holds the child "hostage" and using
    her to EXTORT more money from "the non-custodial" parent - Father.

    I was paying almost $4,500 per month in child and spousal support to my ex-spouse which was literally ruining me financially, and meantime my Ex was purposely unemployed or underemployed during separation process as well as held our daughter hostage, severing our bond and preventing all contacts between me and my child.

    I became desperate: I was NOT able to comply with the Support order I was
    given by the Court, I was falling further and further behind in my support payments. I came to consult Constantine in his office one evening, he listened to me, he explained to me Family Law principles; he stressed how important to restore and keep contact between Father and child for the sake of my child.

    Very unfortunately my employment was ended by employer (downsizing).
    I needed to modify the amount of support I was ordered to pay when I had
    my employment. My Ex opposed any changes. I consulted Constantine again
    he explained me what needs to be done to modify support in my situation and gave me "homework" to get prepared for our next court hearing.

    During our hearing on 10/15/2014 in Martinez Family Court on issue of my request for support modification Constantine undertook to represent me. He showed brilliant skills as a family law attorney and as a public speaker.
    To make long story short, as result of Constantine's work my payments in both child and spousal support were reduced by almost 85%.
    I highly recommend Constantine Zhukovsky - he is honest, skillful and he will fight for you and your Children to the end! Keep relationship with your children! Do not let them to be held hostages by vindictive Ex; it will ruin
    the lives of your children for good...

  • Extremely honest, hard-working, diligent, knowledgeable divorce attorney that (really) fights for justice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Soon after my separation nearly two years ago, I was in the desperate situation of not being able to see my daughter (my ex-wife restricted visitation more and more, to the point where she only allowed me rare, supervised visits with our daughter, and only at her home).

    A friend referred me to Constantine, and I am glad that I went with his recommendation. Constantine is an effective, hard-working and extremely knowledgeable attorney, but also (and this is the part which seems especially difficult to find) a remarkably decent, honest man.

    I hired Constantine immediately after our first meeting -- but it was also obvious from the start that he does not take on just *any* client. Our initial interview seemed unusual because he wanted to make sure that everything I say is the truth. He warned me that he doesn't represent people who are just trying to take advantage of the legal system to get money, custody (or worse) from their ex-spouses.

    Almost immediately after our first meeting, Constantine got to work. He said that minimizing litigation should always be a priority for all cooperatively-inclined divorcees; so, the first thing he did was to propose a settlement conference (it should also be noted that thereafter, this was offered to my ex-wife and her legal teams on countless occasions). However, it soon became clear that my ex has no inclination of ever agreeing to any kind of joint legal or physical custody arrangements. So, Constantine set up a neutral, court-appointed mediation session (this action was also contested fiercely in court by my ex-wife and her counsel).

    During the many nights we spent together working on my case, I found out (through Constantine's actions) that he would never do anything to compromise his integrity. He only took on my case when he was sure that my number one priority was to be a father to my daughter.

    While my ex-wife interviewed countless attorneys, and switched three during the course of the divorce proceedings (each preceding one was not "aggressive" enough, as I later found out), Constantine remained my counsel ever since our first meeting. His determination and efforts to help me were consistent during this entire time, as he worked tirelessly (often, nights and weekends) on my case.

    Finally, after many delays, the court appointed mediator issued her report, in which she outlined her recommendations for joint legal and physical custody. Unfortunately, after receiving these mediator's recommendations, my ex-wife instead immediately filed a restraining order against me, citing false allegations of domestic violence and abuse. During the eventual three-day trial, her entire family testified against me in this regard.

    Constantine remained by my side and defended my fiercely against these false allegations. When everything was said and done, the court dismissed ALL charges against me, removed the restraining order AND issued an order adopting the mediator's recommendations for joint legal and physical custody of our daughter.

    Thanks to Constantine's constant efforts to fight for the best interests of my daughter and me, I now have joint legal custody and two visits each week, including one overnight. The mediator's recommendations have been adopted by the court, and I can expect the visitation times to expand even more in the months to come.

    Since the beginning, my number one goal has always been to be a father to my little girl. Constantine made that happen - and I will always be grateful to him.

  • Sincere thank you from a grateful mom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Grammy

    Constantine simply saved my son’s reputation; he restored my son’s right to be with his daughter – my granddaughter; he made it possible for us to be around our little girl.
    Constantine was and still is our legal counselor, our friend, our confidant. He always has his clients’ best interests at heart. He does what needs to be done for a successful solution.
    During the course of our case we had a chance to see how opposing counselor deceives his clients and supports their false allegations knowing very well that they will lose - as long as he gets paid – who cares.
    His integrity is unsurpassed: I know for a fact that Constantine won’t defend a client who lies. Call him old-fashioned, but it is important for Constantine to know that he represents the “good guys”. It wouldn’t hurt to get paid in the process, but it seems that money is not the dominant reason for his effort –justice for his clients is.
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  • Gratitude for my immigration status.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yael

    Constantine won my immigration case about Asylum status in August 2011.
    I started work with him in 2010. I came in to America like a traveler on B-1 status on 2009.
    But, I had a strong reason for apply for Asylum status.
    And, all that time I was live just about it.
    I meet Constantine by recommendation from another immigration attorney in San Francisco.
    He is honest, and noble attorney in Law.
    He is strong professional in his area.
    I can say it, because I had terrible experience with few attorneys who get my money, but haven't good qualification.
    He accompanied me to my immigration interview, but we lost it.
    And, we was working hard for appeal for court. And, Constantine got it on August 2011.

  • All I can say is, Thank You!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Yuliya

    I feel very fortunate to have met Constantine and having him as my divorce attorney.

    After years of my husband's lying, cheating and adultery with coworkers, I found myself in middle of the nasty divorce. He had already taken my livelihood and pushed me out of the company I founded, and was attempting to control and manipulate my personal life by filing frivolous actions against the people who were supporting me through the divorce and in an attempt to limit their participation in my life and contact with my children. And even though I had already offered my ex-husband a settlement terms that were beyond the court standards, he insisted on fighting.

    I was so fortunate to have met Constantine then! And out of all the attorneys I interviewed, he was empathetic, compassionate and ready to roll-up his sleeves and get to work right away. He was more than generous with his time and billing and worked with my financial constraints.

    Constantine brought an end to these unsubstantiated attacks, settled my case quickly and at half the cost of what my ex-husband spent. He was great and supportive to me, and through his no-nonsense stand and a Terminator-like attitude of 'you mess with my client, you will pay', had my ex-husband see the folly of his actions and we settled the case in less than a year without going to trial.

    I only wish I could clone Constantine and use him in any other type of legal disputes that might arise. His commitment to family and children's well-being and their future is inspiring and moving. I search for words to really thank and acknowledge him and all I can say is that my children and I have a new start in life and a workable structure with my ex-husband that did not seem possible before.

  • The Right Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by S.

    I was referred to Mr. Zhukovsky not by one of his former clients, but actually by an ex-wife of one of his clients. In other words, the opposing ex-wife referred me to Mr. Zhukovsky. This is probably one the biggest complements a divorce Attorney could receive for his work.
    Mr. Zhukovsky was the 5th Attorney that I consulted and the only one that actually explained to me that there was more than one way to resolve issues in my divorce. All other Attorneys that I consulted were predicting only one outcome. I felt cornered to the point where I was reconsidering to divorce my husband. Mr. Zhukovsky took time over the phone and in in person to listen to my concerns.

    From what I've already experienced in my case, I can tell that Mr. Zhukovsky is extremely competent in completing motions to the Court and dealing with opposing Counsel. Mr. Zhukovsy is diligent, dedicated and acts in the interest of the client without taking unnecessary actions on the case. He successfully protected not only my interests, but my children's, too, which to me was the most important result. Even when we were at the Court hearing, Mr. Zhukovsky was able to ease the stress.
    Mr. Zhukovsky strives to settle the case and not prolong it. He knows how the law works.
    Mr. Zhukovsky explains what's happening in the case and what needs to be done. He always gives meaningful advises and does not waste anyone's time.

    Absolutely recommending Mr. Zhukovsky as the divorce Attorney.