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Jeffrey Alan Riebel

Jeffrey Riebel’s reviews

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  • Great and Attentive Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bobbi

    Jeff Riebel was the answer to my prayers when I was going through a complicated and difficult divorce while I lived in San Francisco. I would never claim to be knowledgeable about laws, but with Jeff explaining everything to me along the way, I was never worried and always prepared for what was going to happen next. Even when I called him and couldn't speak with him right away, he always returned my call and was pleasant and ready to answer my questions. I even started to consider him a friend because he went through the entire process with me and always looked out for my best interest.

    Things turned out well for me and I don't think I could ever repay Jeff for his help. He is definitely someone I will be keeping on speed dial even though I moved out of state. I recommend him to all of my friends who are still in the area.

  • Jeffrey Riebel as Divorce Attorney - Inadequate and Loyalty Concerns

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Riebel is an intelligent lawyer who is focused on developing his own career and establishing himself as a family law litigator. His energy, effort and loyalties are divided and in conflict, between those of my own as his client and those of his own to avoid challenging established attorneys and judges in the lucrative community he desires to establish himself. He failed to advocate for me, his client, where there might be risks to his own benefit. Specific matters were obscenely obvious. If Mr. Riebel litigated for Roe, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Title VII, Korematsu, Brown, Dredd Scott, Gideon, Miranda, or any matter that requires his fidelity and courage over expediency and ambition, our judicial system and society would be worse for it, but his own interests would be well served. Do not let his college alms mater or billing rates fool you, he is working for himself first. This opinion comes not from bitter rejection by him to pursue a novel legal claims, but a total failure to secure the most basic rights and protections that are guven divorcing parties and that were specifically requested, then forced into compromise through Mr.. Riebel 's coordination with the court, opposing counsel, the court, and worst of all, a mediator who his client paid for but he used to coerce a compromise that served primarily his own purposes for his longtime gain. Very specific, mechanical issues where I was clear and consistent needed ti be done were promised and never done. Structuring litigation and settlements around anticipated problems of compliance were never managed, dismissed by him and all came to pass after he was satisfied with a conclusion, and he then refused any effort to correct his actions, responding that a deal is a deal. His quick departure from an establushed furm if highly regarded attorneys should be noted and carefully considered regardless if his explanations and encouragement that his loyalties and efforts supersede his own ambitions and desires. Do not expect more than a barely passable standard of loyalty, fidelity and professional ethics from this attorney. After 100's of hours of billable legal work, I cannot recommend him for a single skill or insight or legal understanding that a client could not do for themselves. And without animosity but with knowledge of this legal professional, he will give ten times the effort to clear his name from poor recommendations than he would in working diligently for his clients. His fidelity and loyalty are with himself.