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Kimberly I Culp

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  • Good outcome, smart lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    I don't think anyone who gets involved in legal action comes away super-happy about it -- you just do the best with the hand you're dealt and hope you get some kind of justice for what happened to you. But if you need to get legal on someone, (bike-car collision in my case), Kimberly is great.

    Sandy (her boss) comes to the important meetings (mediation), expert witness meeting, but Kimberly handled all the day-to-day of my case: depositions, records, letters to other side, stuff I don't know the name of, etc. She's a great communicator and easy to get a hold of. Super-professional and very confident and knowledgeable.

    She's very smart and has enough experience to see all the angles ahead of time and steer you through the pitfalls. Since most cases settle, what you need from your lawyer is for them to 1) stop you from doing stupid stuff, and 2) talk you into doing smart stuff. For that, Kimberly was great, and very knowledgeable, and I think we had an excellent outcome. It costs a lot to sue someone, both in lawyer contingency fees and case expenses (which you pay all of and which get amazingly insanely huge if you go to trial), but Kimberly was always up front about all that, and that's part of why so many cases settle before trial.

    My only critique of Kimberly is that occasionally I felt a touch "out of the loop", but most people aren't as micro-manager as I am, and when I did have a question Kimberly was always super-quick with an answer, and easy to get on the phone or email.

    If I had to do it over I'd call Kimberly again, and that's very high praise for a lawyer! :)

  • Competant, decisive, intelligent, professional, honesty and integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Mediation client

    Kimberly is a competant and decisive attorney. She took the time to listen and understand the issues, and gave professional legal advice and guidance throughout the mediation process. Kimberly is responsive and intelligent in her correspondence in person, over the phone, and in emails. Her honest and integrity made it easy to communicate and articulate the client's viewpoint which she translated into legal advice and actions. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking legal advice.