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Jane Ginsburg

Jane Ginsburg’s reviews

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  • Sharp, Caring, Great Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurie

    Jane helped me through a prenuptual agreement that involved 2 countries and translators. I had attempted the process once before with very poor counsel and was feeling leery about the process and lawyers in general. Jane restored my faith! She is not only knowledgeable about the law but was willing to navigate new areas to help me come to a fair agreement. I found her to be extremely competent, professional and efficient. But the real suprise was how much she helped and coached me to arrive at an agreement that was fair to both parties. I got great legal advice and some much needed therapy at the same time. I highly recommend working with Jane.

  • Exceptional Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julie

    Jane did an excellent job of helping me through a complicated divorce and custody case. Throughout it all, she demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the law, wise advice, and a great deal of care. Jane was always available and reliable, and I've always trusted her judgement. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone seeking a family law attorney.

  • Caring and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I consulted with Ms. Ginsburg very early in my divorce proceedings. She answered all my questions in a caring and professional manner, and in fact the interview resulted in her recommending another attorney with offices closer to where I live since it is difficult for me to get to San Francisco.

    I recommended her to a friend who had questions about a custody issue and wanted a "second opinion," and my friend was also very satisfied with her consultation.

  • unusual but credible

    5.0 stars

    Posted by thayer

    perhaps it's unusual for someone in my position to write an endorsement. i am jane ginsburg's former husband.

    jane and i divorced nearly 30 years ago. that was long before jane became an attorney. jane, however, did what jane does. she moved forward. she is a quick and determined learner. she researched nolo press. she questioned practicing family law attorneys. she learned what the law required of each of us. she told me her results—imagine how many thousands of ways those conversations could have gone off-track, but they never did—and told me what i had to do. there was no rancor or bitterness. she was professional to the core. when all had been agreed upon and divided on paper, we took her results to our separate attorneys. they made the official filings as attorneys of record, but jane did our divorce, and the way she handled it, now thirty years later, still impresses the hell out of me.

  • carried me through

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ari

    Jane sifts through the BS and the pain. She picks out what is most
    important, she discards what she knows the judges will never address.
    She picks issues to nail that bring to light the big picture of what's
    really going on and that will raise eyebrows in the court. She
    operates with integrity, and puts you in that realm as well. Your
    life can be falling apart, but as far as the legal system goes, she'll
    ensure you remain stable. More responsive than your best friend, as
    dependable and trustworthy as anyone you'll ever know. After nearly
    two years into one of the most contentious divorces in the San
    Francisco court system, I can't recall a single ruling that has gone
    against me. If you're wrong, Jane is not the right person for you.

  • Does she actually have a law degree?

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I would never use this attorney again, she could have a malpractice suit on her hands. She used pressure tactics to accomplish something she never should have advised. She seemed to be working in the interest of the opposing party. She charged exhorbitant amounts and got absolutely nothing done!