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Charles Michael Oxton

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  • Strongly recommended, highly ethical and skilled representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by reyna

    I first met Mr. Oxton, he was opposing counsel representing a highly unethical property management company that had brought action against me, however had misrepresented the veracity of their claims. I knew I was David fighting Goliath, I was a naive young student, and could not believe that rather than give us a 30 day notice to move as the house had been sold, they had opted instead to file an unlawful detainer and proceed in that vein.

    On a whim, I went to meet with him, and found him to be the complete moral opposite of his client. He is a wise, competent, kind, and understanding man, who happens to be a highly skilled and capable attorney as well. He was able to work out a compromise that resolved the matter as amicably as possible for all involved, and for that I am incredibly grateful. I still had to move, and incur great costs due to the unethical and illegal actions of the management company, who then proceeded to keep my almost $2000 deposit for alleged damages that were questionable at best.. An entire countertop does not require replacement, for one cracked tile, for example, however these claims represent the bulk of $2000 in alleged expenses. Yet, the reason the house sold so fast is because according to the owners, I took better care of it than it had seen in years.. I should have sued that company for unlawfully retaining that deposit, their online reviews show them to be fraudulent as a matter of policy- they ALWAYS keep the ENTIRE deposit no matter the situation.

    Mr. Oxton renewed my faith in both people and lawyers, at that point, and his self directed intervention enabled me to move forward with my life, belongings and credit intact, without an eviction on my record. I learned a great deal from this awful event, it was a sad lesson on how greedy and evil people can be- but the silver lining to this cloud was what I learned from him- he took up not just for me, but for the truth- he is made of a stronger moral fiber than most. Rarely does anyone invest the time to try to actually resolve a legal dispute, it is oversimplified and is about "winning"- I give him an enormous amount of credit for this, and I am still grateful for the time and concern he demonstrated.. He left an indelible impression upon me, even after I have moved out of SB. I strongly recommend Mr. Oxton as counsel, and as a human being. He is also endorsed by his peers, and other former clients as well, for his effective and competent representation.