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Richard Pfeiffer’s reviews

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  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tonya

    Rich was very personable and understanding to our plight. We live in Kansas and had to deal with him over the phone and through email and he always made sure that he got back with us right away. He explained things to us if we didn't understand what was going on. He did what we wanted as the clients and took into consideration what was going on in our lives. I would highly recommend and use Rich again and if you are dealing in a case where false allegations are being made against you he is worth every penny you pay to retain him.

  • Parental Rights losing and winning

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathleen Miller

    Rich was not only my attorney but he treated me like a person a friend. and trust me i hadn't had anyone treat me like that for a min because of my past and what i was doing and my children had to stay in state custody because of it. and yes i did turn my life around but still had legal problems that without Richard's help i would of lost my parental rights for good and my son would of been adopted out. And Rich pulled out things that i do not think any other attorney could of or would of done. what that man did for me was more then getting my parental rights back he went above and beyond and got my parental rights back and my son back! ya and if u can imagine what it would be like to be facing what i was and to have not only a attorney but a friend some who didn't judge and really fought for me man it's like the storm was over and the sky was clear again and no more hurt and pain of that emptiness of not having my son that was the most awesome day thank u is not enough to say to Rich he is heaven sent beyond words can say! so yea if u need the very best and you have Rich then u got more then the best! Rich is a real person . He has more heart then 50 attorneys trust me i dealt with so many in my time the years i was messing up so i know

  • Best Appellate Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenna

    Rich is the best attorney; trustworthy, honest and ethical. Rich was the one attorney I could turn to and know that he was invested in my case and my family. Rich was consistently responsive, always returned calls and emails in a timely fashion. Rich goes above and beyond in his work to even comfort his clients in their utter devastation. I found not just an attorney but an ally. I would pay my last cent to have him as my attorney.

  • appellant juvenile court

    1.0 star

    Posted by DonnaEllis

    Mr. Pfeiffer was ineffective. He never met me in person and spoke maybe 2 times before the appeal.I had to coax him into appearing. He had gotten approximately 5 grand regardless of outcome. He provided the court and myself with a petition that had inaccurate information about my marital status with my ex husband. This was crucial factor in adoption case. He didn't care to correct false info , we never went over the facts. He had been recommended by a group called CPS WATCH. An advocacy group made up of parents who had their children taken by CPS. He did expose the fact that the adoption meaning TERMINATION of PARENTAL RIGHTS was done for financial gain for the State . IT IS ON RECORD. and perhaps that's all he could do to expose the truth that these children were being marketed and adopted out unjustly. However he didn't live up to his reputation , and there were other observations and complaints from other CPS watch parents. He had published a case and I figured he would be the most effective lawyer . He let me down horribly , and it is a tragedy. My son is being abused in his placement with my ex husband . He is not biological father and the child legally had to be placed with a relative. So i Feel he could have prevailed on that fact alone. He could have found something to turn my case around.HE told me that is what he would do...find something.. He just didn't put the effort into my case. After losing in court he said he would speak to me and never did..and he left the transcripts in a hallway outside his office on the floor. I should have left my case with the first lawyer assigned , she was blown away when she read my case . that this Termination was unjust and that there were many Termination of Parental RIghts that were being done unjustly. She wanted to fight for justice and my right to parent my child but i took the case away from her thinking RICH would come through. He did not come through in the end. He talked a good story in order for me to give him the case than he did very little work. HE was all talk and NO ACTION.