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Ronn Bisbee

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  • Ronn Bisbee - man and moral character

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stefan

    Hello, I am Stefan, from Bucharest, Romania. I have known Ronn Bisbee since 1995. First of all, Ronn is a man of strong moral character. Since the beginning, I noticed his constant awareness of what is legal and what is not. His friendlinesss and willingness to help others made him a very respected member of this Metropolitan Los Angeles community where I used to be his neighbor.

    And above all, Ronn Bisbee is a dedicated friend and educator of children and teenagers. Back in '97-'98, I remember this confused adolescent of Russian descent, who lived with his mother in the same building with me and Ronn. His shaved head, tattoos and gang-like attitude were indicative of his misguided approach in life. Ronn Bisbee, with his imposing stature and exceptional communication skills was the only member of the community who got involved, visiting repeatedly and teaching this adolescent and his friends the difference between right and wrong. This communication channel was abruptly interrupted when the teenager was stabbed to death across the street. It was an absurd act of revenge from a rival gang member. I remember Ronn's tears when the news came out.

    This is Ronn Bisbee, a man of honor, character, dedicated to helping those in need.

  • Ronn has tenacity that does not quit

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ronn has tenacity that does not quit. Integrity is at the front of everything. The clients get to deal with him directly. He is one of the very few attorneys who are willing to enforce support orders on contingency which is an incredible bargain for custodial parents with no money to pay a retainer.

  • Mr Bisbee gets it done

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    We were "on the other side" of Mr Bisbees' dealings. He was respectful and courteous. He truly want a quick resolve that is fair for all. I was impressed with his caring attitude. 2 years later, he is still kind and compassionate. He is not the typicall "grind" that attorneys sometimes do. A gentle negotiation.

  • Alimony

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Irena

    I had a very difficult case .My ex-husband defaulted on his alimony payments for over 23 years. I had a court awarded judgment for alimony support from 1987 which was not paid.
    Ronn Bisbee, Esq. is very professional, organized and prepared. He spent time with me going through all the documents and history,making every step very clear. I was not rushed and felt that he really listened to me.
    Not only was I owed the unpaid alimony, 23 years of interest was added on to the court award.
    Ronn advised me prior to our court date and in the court room. I find him to be compassionate, thorough, prepared, and extremely efficient.
    He is certainly strong in the courtroom, I was so thankful that he was by my side. We won the case.
    I would highly recommend him to anyone.
    He remains in my life today as my attorney and a wonderful human being.