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Richard Victor Hyatt

Richard Hyatt’s reviews

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  • Good Outcome in a Complicated Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Richard Hyatt represented me in a difficult divorce case. Richard was knowledgeable and well prepared. Early on he told me what he thought the outcome would be and even after an extended trial, the outcome was basically what he predicted. Richard worked to find solutions. When it was clear settlement wasn’t an option, Richard represented me effectively in court. He was honest, calm, considerate of what I was going through and reassuring when I felt discouraged. I would highly recommend Richard as a family law attorney.

  • Five year Marriage... Five year Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kent

    Richard was recommended to me by a good friend that just happened to be a retired Judge. I was ending a five year marriage and jointly we owned two valuable real estate assets. Richard was recommended due to his stellar past performance as a very knowledgable and ethical family law professional. I have found Richard to not only be an excellent family law attorney but a person that is both empathetic and pragmatic when dealing with a most difficult X wife. The initial plan...back in 2009...was to end this rather short marriage... one with premarital separate property trusts in place with a settlement conference scheduled to divide the two real estate assets. My X wife failed to show up for the settlement conference... replaced her attorney with one of the largest (and most expensive) law firms in San Diego. Richard continued our request for settlement, agreed to mediation with a hired retired family law Judge. While Richard recommend to me to accept the Judge's settlement outline, my X wife again walked out. The only option was to enter into what would result into a seven day trial carried out over some 6 months. We prevailed 100% when the presiding Judge rendered his decision. After the trial we were encouraged that the remaining issues could quickly be resolved... wrong again... my X wife has to date engaged no less than 6 different legal teams. Richard has maintained his professional approach and has earned a positive result in each and every follow on hearing to include a court order for my X wife to pay my attorney fees and costs. Even though the lengthy litigation caused by my X wife has lasted as long as the marriage did... Richard stood by me and I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Richard and his skilled team to anyone requiring a highly skilled and ethical family law attorney. Kent... BA, MA, Ed.D...Boulder C

  • Richard Hyatt's office cost me everything and I hope to save anyone else from making the same mistake

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I had a terrible experience with Richard Hyatt's office as my attorney and I hope to save others from the same. He did not represent me well and I lost everything with the way he/ his office ran my case which caused a huge snowball spiraling down. He made very poor decisions that cost me much more money such as a separate children's attorney even though I was against it. Worst of all he chose the attorney Pam Bradford who was horrible and I learned immediately after he chose her , she has a very bad reputation , even amongst other attorneys ! Without going into details about my whole case, I want to just mention that my ex husband was stealing money in many ways, but one way was putting charges on the home equity line of credit. Richard Hyatt never mentioned about that in court, except the part about him not getting paid when he found out my ex husband was paying other attorneys from it. Then he came unglued in court. He was worried about representing me, just yelling about sanctions if he didn't get paid from it too. They gained me NOTHING and caused me to loose everything during that time.

  • Served me well many years ago.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    I've known Richard since we were freshmen in college in Fall 1964. In 1980 the State of California filed a civil suit against me for 24 violations of Business and Professions Code, with a minimum $5,000 fine for each count. It was a bum wrap. We settled out of court the day before trial for $375, without my admitting any wrongdoing. I don't believe any other attorney in the state could have represented me so well.