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William Lewis Wolfe

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  • Not Impressed

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    I am a recent client. I was served a Temporary Domestic Violence Restraining Order by a family member which was completely baseless. Bill came highly recommended and is certainly a well qualified attorney.

    Unfortunately, his services did not impress me. He was very helpful and responsive prior to receiving his full, lump sum services fee. Once he had the money, he was not available (24/7) per his ad, he often did not return my phone calls or respond / confirm receipt of emails. He was not available to me immediately prior to my hearing - either the night before or that morning.

    He seemed intent on doing the minimum amount of work needed to settle this ridiculous claim. For me, he was not good value for the money paid.

    On the day of my hearing, the plaintiff wanted to settle - knowing that should my case be heard, the plaintiff could be charged with perjury for all of the lies and false allegations. Bill did get my case dismissed (based on a proposal from the plaintiff) without prejudice, but he didn't fight for anything extra, things we had discussed previously. He allowed the plaintiff to get more or less everything she wanted without any negative ramifications; he did not fight for me. It was my fault that day for not saying no - pushing for more as we were in the strong position. (I was distracted by several serious family health issues I was having to deal with.) He ran my husband off before we could discuss the "proposal" from the plaintiff and presented the Court Order to me as more of a done deal.

    I was disappointed with Bill's services and his interactions with me and my husband. I would not hire him again.

    Hired attorney
    William Lewis Wolfe’s response: “I am sorry you were "not impressed", even though you received the results you requested. You hired me having been served with a restraining order by a family member, and our goal was to have the restraining order dismissed. We spoke and / or met nearly everyday from the day you hired me until the date of your court hearing. On the day of the hearing we met 30 minutes prior to discuss the case. We were presented an offer to settle, which included a dismissal of the restraining order. We thoroughly discussed the proposal, and you then signed the order as acceptable. The additional requests you refer to were repeatedly discussed, and I advised that those items were not allowed under the law to be heard during this court case. You seemed to understand this. I am sorry that these favorable results did not meet your expectations in retrospect.”
  • Look no further!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by L.C.

    William Wolfe has been my top choice in legal defense and counseling for several years now. I have known him for almost ten years, and throughout the past decade, whenever I've needed him, he has been right there for me without hesitation.

    My family owns a business and we have referred employees, family and friends to him when they needed a GREAT lawyer who really goes to bat in court. In many cases, charges are reduced or dropped, and if this is not a possibility, I can assure you that he will still fight tirelessly for reduced sentencing, diversion programs, rehabilitation and lower fines. He doesn't do the?? hard work for SOME of his clients, he does this for EVERYONE because he actually cares about people. I know that he has previously worked as a police officerv as well, so be assured that he knows the law better than anyone else you're going to find out there.

    I have joked that in his next lifetime he should become a psychologist because he's compassionate and a great listener - you'll feel like you are with a friend. He will always give you a hundred percent as long as you do your part and trust him. These matters can be incredibly stressful but there is hope. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you talk to William Wolfe before you go anywhere else. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  • Bill Wolfe - David Copperfield of the Courtroom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Logan

    The above mentioned nickname could not be more accurate. Bill is one of a kind, he is kind, supportive, trustworthy, and on-point with his networking and familiarity in the courthouse. He was never a second late, nor did he ever take up too long a time in our meetings, he is cut dry and to the point. He has a compassion for you, and is able to relate nearly any situation to your own. I was charged with 3 felonies, rightfully so. Scared and uncertain of my future, I heard Bill's name from another person, and decided to give him a call. after hearing of his history as both a police officer as well as a DA in the courthouse, i decided he was my guy. There is not a single thing I can recall he fell short on. He was upfront and honest about everything happening, and good god, once we were in that courtroom, he absolutely shines as an attorney. There was never a request he made that was turned down by the judge, nor any mistakes made on his part as far as timing, paperwork, passage of information, etc. I even figured out by the time my case came to an end (which by the way went from three felony charges to a single misdemeanor) that the reason my case had been called first every time I had court, was due to his outstanding connections with the staff. he is the most punctual, put together, confident, professional attorney I have ever met and or witnessed at work inside the court room. Bill came highly regarded, straight from my arresting officer! I wouldn't ever change my decision on Bill if the opportunity presented itself. Regardless of the predicament, he is your guy.

    If nothing else, that encounter would and should seal the deal for anybody in need of legal advice, counseling, or otherwise. I give this man 10/5 stars if it was possible. could not praise him enought. Thanks Bill

  • William Wolf is a mastermind in the courtroom!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cayley

    William Wolf saved my career as a Medical Equipment Sales Representative. I hired William nine months ago when I was arrested for a DUI and possession of a controlled substance. My license was suspended for medical re-examination, and during this time I got a ticket for driving on a suspend license.
    William first went to two DMV trials and fought hard to get my license back. I was able to get my drivers license back within one week after the 2nd trial. He then appeared on a driving on a suspended license ticket and got me off on a technicality. It took six months for my blood work to come back on my DUI and controlled substance charge (possible felony), which was the most stressful time in my life, because my career was on the line. William was helpful during this time reassuring me that he would fight to get the best possible out come, and guiding me to take action that would improve those chances.
    My control substance charge got dropped. William fought really hard to plead the DUI to a Wet Reckless, even though the DA was pushing hard for DUI conviction. He appeared in court four times and did not give up until he was able to plead my DUI to a Wet Reckless. To top it all off he was able to get me out of having to do community service as part of the sentencing, got the lowest fine; only 12 hours of classes. The bottom line I was looking at having two misdemeanors and a felony on my recorder, lost career, and lost driver's license. Today, all I have on my recorder is a Wet Reckless. I still have my career and my driver's license.
    I would recommend William Wolfe to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney! His experience as a Police Officer, Detective, DA, and Criminal Defense Attorney is the number one reason why I hired him, and from what I experienced as a client I believe that is what makes him a Mastermind in the courtroom.

  • Outstanding service on my case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Spencer

    Thank you so much for your help! Your attention to details is the reason that my charges were dismissed. Thank you so much for your help, support and guidance during this time.

  • Great Medical Marijuana lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I was arrested for cultivating medical marijuana and attorney William L. Wolfe was able help me stay out of jail.

  • The best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Officer Mike

    I previously worked with Bill as a Police Officer. He was a great cop, an excellent DA and now a masterful defense attorney. His experience in the criminal justice system gives any of his clients an edge up. Bill is the only criminal defense attorney that I have recommended to friends and family who found themselves in trouble with the law. Recently I referred a friend to Bill who found himself in a big legal mess. Bill used forensic science to mitigate the otherwise "strong" case against my friend. He absolutely deflated the criminal case before the DA's eyes. He is simply the best.

  • Made a mistake and Mr. Wolfe made it right.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    A little over a year ago(May2011), I encountered some serious legal trouble. My wife and I were forced to find a lawyer who knew criminal proceedings inside and out. We looked all over the Internet and were just bombarded with gimmicky type of attorneys who pretty much wanted to know how we were going to pay first before hearing what we had to say.

    Needless to say, Mr. Wolfe came recommended by a friend who knew of him when he taught several college Criminal law and procedure classes and created/ developed a class called courtroom trial preparation and testimony at Palomar College. Mr Wolfe came to my first bail hearing and introduced himself to me and reassured me that everything was going to work out and that we would be in touch. He was able to meet with my wife several times on my behalf and helped her through the hoops of the legal process, since we had never been through this type of issue before.

    After posting bail, I met with Mr. Wolfe within a week and he was very straight foward on how the proceedings would go. He kept in touch on a regular basis with me on what was needed to be done by me for my case.

    In the end we were unsuccessful at having the case dismissed, but I am pleased with the outcome and for Mr. Wolfe's hard work, dedication and perseverance to my case.

    Mr. Wolfe I can't thank you enough for all you did for me and my family.

  • William Wolfe is the man!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali

    I put William Wolfe in charge of my criminal defense case and I'm glad I did. This guy saved me from getting a felony and got it reduced to a misdemeanor offense with no more jail time. True, I made a mistake, but we all make mistakes and I am very young so this is something that could have ruined my life. I am so thankful I had such a great lawyer! He is very genuine and respectful of his clients. He kept me in the loop the whole time and he listened to me when I had questions or concerns. He reassured me that we could get a fair deal in trial and I totally think we did because of his hard work and professional attitude. Since this happened I have also sought legal advice for a divorce and he even took the time to call us back and recommend a decent divorce lawyer he knew! Words can't say enough about the amount of gratitude I have for all he has done to help me and my family.

  • Mr Wolfe was there for me when I needed it most.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by john

    During a terrible period in my life Bill was there to defend me. With his professional demeanor, his vast amount of legal knowledge and his understanding of the law, I felt confident in my decision to choose Bill.
    He is a hard working defense attorney who takes his job very seriously and he's good at it. After interviewing more than 7 lawyers, I can not explain how fortunate i was to meet Bill Wolfe.I highly recommended him for any of your legal defenses. I would recommend him to my friends and my family absolutely.