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Arslan Chaudhary’s reviews

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  • Quality of Good Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shakeel

    Arsalan Chaudhry is one of the best Attorney, who helped me with my naturalization case. I had been cheated in the past with an Immigration attorney, so I called Arsalan Chaudhry about my case. He filed my case in March 2012, and I became US citizen in September 2012. I refered my friend's wife to Arsalan in September 2012, and she became US citizen in Feb. 2013. I appreciate for all his kindness, and I would refer more people to him in future. I will always remeber him. I will pray for his success.

  • honest, inteligent, and caring immigration attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ISAAC

    ----I may not be the best writer but this is from my heart to any one with an immigration case -----

    I was detained and ready to be deported on an immigration arrest warrant because years earlier my immigration court case resulted in a deportation order due to my not having received notice of my hearing date. As I was being held in the detention center my friend introduced me to Mr. Arslan Chaudhary, a very competent and caring immigration attorney. Mr. Chaudhary agreed to take on my case knowing its seriousness. Due to his caring nature, he immediately made a filing with the court to stop my imminent deportation. He then visited me several times at immigration prison and he carefully went through the facts of my case with me. He asked me for the truth. He listened, took notes, and then conclusively and decisively, he wisely and intelligently prepared a Motion to Reopen my case with the Immigration Judge in order to try to set aside my previous deportation order. This is very difficult and impossible situation (As I witnessed many detainees with similar cases of deportation proceedings as mine, getting deported with over 95% deportation rate). Thank God however that, due to a thoughtfully and wisely written motion, my case was reopened and my imminent deportation was stopped. Mr. Arslan Chaudhary is truly a life saver and without his involvement in my case I truly believe I would have been deported as what happened to every one of my detained friends who had different lawyers. He treated me like family member of his own. Mr. Arslan Chaudhary, one shot done right -lawyer!! With the Biggest brains and the Biggest and most caring heart you could ever have on your side.

    He is my family to me for he resulted me to seeing my kids and wife once again-I could never say enough.

    Thanks Mr. Arslan Chaudhary and God bless you

    Can be contacted by e-mail or tel. 323 495 3049 for any one wanting to know more about this recommendation.

    Thank you so much,

    Isaac Joel Ngalubutu.