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Bahram Niknia

Bahram Niknia’s reviews

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  • Great Job Bahram! Outstanding experience! Highly recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Snizhana Snizhana

    With so many lawyers nowadays i found it difficult to hire an attorney that really can be trusted. Everything was handled professionally and in a timely manner. I was very IMPRESSED with the way Bahram handle my case. Now i can sleep well:)))

    Hired attorney
  • A caring attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angie

    My experience in working with Bahram was very professional, with prompt attention to detail . Coming to him with a set of circumstances that appeared unbelievable to most, Bahram was able to listen attentively and execute empathy while delivering a concise , aggressive account of the situation. I approached other attorneys , but Bahram was sensitive to my needs as a woman. I think a good attorney needs to understand people and situations to get the results he did , and he did!

  • Very knowledgeable and friendly attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dean

    Bahram has been extremely knowledgeable and valuable with a number of cases for me and my companies. And, unlike many attorneys I've previously hired, he's also a great listener. I have to explain my issues with him only once and always either understands or he asks excellent follow-on questions to get down to the facts that he needs.

    I would highly recommend Bahram anytime!

  • I very highly recommend Bahram Niknia as an attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chantal

    I had a complicated and unusual case that no attorney would take. I contacted at least 15 lawyers; some simply turned me down with no explanation, and others claimed that even though it was obvious that my rights had been violated, it would be impossible to prove. This search for representation continued for more than a year after which I finally gave up, because I was told by several lawyers that the statute of limitations had expired.

    Then a friend told me about Bahram Niknia and said I should talk to him. With little hope, I decided to call him. Although this case was not even in his legal specialty, he immediately understood the situation and agreed to take on the case. While it was correct that the statute of limitations had expired in some aspects of the case, he explained that there were many other ways to address this situation and that we could still file a suit against the defendant.

    To complicate matters further, this case took place in Fresno, and Bahram lives and works in Los Angeles. The legal community is very tight and cozy in Fresno, and Bahram was definitely an outsider. Despite these obstacles, Bahram jumped into it and prevailed, doing what no other attorney in Fresno or Los Angeles would even consider. He worked diligently, always personally keeping me informed of the progress himself, not passing me off to an assistant or secretary for the small stuff. The nature of the case was also extremely personal and sensitive, yet Bahram displayed tact and professionalism.

    Before Bahram took on the case, I was depressed, angry and frustrated. I think I would have been bitter all of my life about this case if Bahram had not stepped in and resolved this issue. We were able to reach a very fair settlement, and now I feel that I was heard, and justice has finally been done. I am extremely happy with my experience with Bahram, and I very highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, resourceful and hardworking attorney that will listen and get results.

  • Excellent Trademark Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ilona G.

    I hired Mr. Niknia to assist me with filing my trademark application. I really appreciated how nicely he explained the process and helped me understand what is involved. After submitting the application, Mr. Niknia continued to communicate with me every step of the way. This made the process very smooth. Having hired other lawyers in the past, I've never worked with one that cared as much about his client's satisfaction.

  • I recommend My Lawyer Mr. Bahram Niknia to anyone who needs a God Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Raymond

    In the past two months, I had two books that I needed to file for Copyright Registration.
    I got a chance to find Mr. Bahram Niknia who honestly helped me get this thing done right away.
    It was very nice to work with him. Before he started doing anything for me, he took first time to explain to me the details and then he could continue with the next step.

    When something he doesn't do, he is always ready to introduce you to another specialist that works in the same law firm than him or others. This was my case when I needed to get in connection with a patent Lawyer..
    Really without hesitation, I dearly recommend my Lawyer Mr. Bahram Niknia to anyone who has a problem to find a very good , honest and professional Lawyer . You will not be disappointed.

  • Great Personal Injury Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Mr. Niknia is helping me with a personal injury case and has done a fantastic job of negotiating with the parties and keeping me informed. Will give you all an update when the case is done.