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Barak Lurie

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  • Very Nice Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Johnny

    Mr Lurie and his staff were very helpful and friendly. Mr Lurie spent quality time with us and gave us the best advice anyone could have given. Mr Lurie made us feel real comfortable when discussing our legal issues.

  • Barak is the Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    Barak and his partners are now the only counsel I would trust with any business matters/issue. Barak helped me reach settlement quickly and very cost effectively on a very difficult tenancy situation with my previous landlord. His knowledge, trustworthiness, and integrity is unparalleled in any profession. I can't stress the fact enough how well he kept me informed and abreast on every legal facet and strategy we encountered from initial claim to final settlement details and negotiation.

    If you have a difficult business or real estate legal matter you believe you have a case on you must talk to Barak and his excellent staff. Thank you so much Barak you are simply the best!

  • Extended family property dispute.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I was looking for an attorney who was not out to enrich a financial outcome for me but to establish a fair reconciliation with my cousins and aunt. This firm listened to my wants and needs and performed admirably.

  • Barak moved me onward and upward!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I used two attorneys for a probate/trust litigation case prior to my turning to Barak Lurie. I did not feel that the prior lawyers represented me competently or aggressively, but that didn't stop them from charging me high fees without producing significant results.

    Barak immediately helped me focus on arriving at a settlement. Within three months my case was settled in mediation. I got my life back - as well as the opportunity to put a terrible set of circumstances behind me. Thanks to the help of Barak and his most capable associates, I am now able to move forward and focus on my own productivity so that I can invest my time and effort on profitable future endeavors - instead of the distraction of my legal battle.

  • Barak Lurie Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    I went to Barak because the lessor of my medical equipment sued me for the full value of the equipment I returned -- even though only a short time had passed and everything was in working order. It was a huge amount. Barak and his team went to work and were able to negotiate a fantastic settlement -- at just a fraction of the value--and payable over 5 years! I could not have been more pleased! Best yet -- we reached the settlement early, before spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. My husband and I have tremendous confidence in Barak. You will not find a more competent professional. Thank you, Barak!

  • Great result, minimal time

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Consumer Protection client

    I came to Mr. Lurie because someone defrauded me for an investment of $500,000. Barak was able to negotiate a quick settlement with a wonderful result. Not only did I get my money back but he really gave me the assurances that I needed through out the process. He was even able to recover back interest and a big chunk of our attorney fees! Barak is a responsive and intelligent business attorney and I highly recommend him.

  • Very capable attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    I have known Barak Lurie for 18 years and he has been my personal attorney for 15 years. The cases he has handled for me have been complex and required execptional strategic vision. In each instance, I was very pleased with the outcome and with the attorney/client relationship.

    I have always found Barak Lurie's fees to be reasonable for the work performed, and in every instance fully disclosed. I recomend Barak to any of my freinds who might need an experienced business attorney.

  • Nice but not competent.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    Barak Lurie and his staff are extremely nice and friendly, however kindness doesn't win cases.

    I worked with Lurie & Park Law firm for over 2 years on a simple case. They lacked knowledge about things that I had no clue about as a client. I was asked to pay more and more since we were "almost at the end", however the case took me deep into debt. A lot of jargon and technical verbiage but no results. They actually dropped the ball and it ended up costing me $100,000+ in legal fees (to their firm) and $150,000+ in other losses which I would have probably not lost had I used a layer which was more competent. I was highly disappointed by their actual performance. My advice is not to find someone who knows their material and is performance oriented, not just a schmoozer.

  • stay away from him

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Contracts client

    I went to Lurie to recover damages from a buyer who walked away from a purchase contract, on my commercial RE property, My transactional attorney and I found out soon that this guy is incompetent, he drafted a claim full of errors that made no sense at all, I found out later, that he had lost the background material I had given him. the entire claim was revised 3 times, by my other attorney, before it was filed. After filing the claim, the property went into bankruptcy due to high vacancy, and while in bankruptcy, we quickly, managed to settle the case, in a form of selling the property to the original buyer for much less than the original contract price of $13.5MM. Lurie had strongly recommended that I take this settlement, but did not tell me about his intention to charge me about $1.5MM pursuant to the ambiguous contingency provision in our retainer agreement, calling for 15% fee on any damages recovered(including purchase, which I was not aware of, and never discussed prior to the RA signing) When I found out that Lurie was tying to apply 15% fee on the entire sales proceeds, I told him that,he did not obtain any recovery of damages by selling my property at 30% below market value, and, its unreasonable to pay 15% from the sale price after losing my entire investment, and I would be in a better position had I have walked away from this property. Mr. Lurie did not care, he went ahead to file $1.5MM claim at BK court, for about 40 hours of his work on the case(my attorney did most of the negotiation with the buyer, and asked Lurie, the attorney of record , to stay idle) Lurie filed his claim in violation of section 6200 that requires to give a client mandatory notice of right to arbitrate, but he got away with it telling the bankruptcy judge bunch of lies and managed to get about $370,000 for the 40 hours of his work, while his client lost everything. This terrible award decision is currently under appeal. One more thing you should know. He have signed the retainer agreement under non existing entity of Lurie and Park LLP, we found out that this entity is not a legally formed and is not registered with the CA Secretary of State.

  • Keep your eye on the big picture

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    I know why I initiated my lawsuit, and what I expected from legal action. My initial plan with my first attorney just wasn't working, and I felt like I just didn't have the defendants’ attention.

    That's when I decided to switch to a more aggressive posture.

    Once Barak Lurie decided to accept my case, he was in it to win it. His team went right to work for me and kept me informed along the way, asking for my agreement, opinions or guidance with his recommended actions or responses.

    That boost of confidence helped me focus on my responsibilities so I wasn’t emotionally burdened while maintaining my daily life. I usually deferred to his recommendation, but at least I knew what my options were and also, what the risks were.

    This knowledge kept me sane during the quiet times while waiting on responses from the opposing parties. It also helped me sleep well at night, without the stress of freaking out because I wasn't sure of the probabilities of the outcome. Keeping a normal lifestyle during a lawsuit helped me focus on the big picture, and why I was involved in this lawsuit in the first place.

    Of course we won our case, but the job wasn’t done yet. Collecting is another matter, and this is when the real fun kicked in. There’s just something about listening to Lurie plead the defendants case options, and then shred them by citing strategies and anticipations, along with legal rules governing the defense’s actions and motions.

    I wanted a Bulldog approach after first seeing the defendants wiggle and stall to buy time and drag out the case. Lurie and his team got me that and more. I couldn’t be more proud than to be part of case law now, based upon legal arguments put before the court. That’s very powerful when the court agrees with you and sets precedent after the defendants try anything they can to cloud the issues. When you’re in the wrong, those arguments just don’t hold water.

    I count on Lurie to expose those faulty arguments and drain the swamp.