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Marilyn Denise York

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  • Marilyn York is the BEST

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    Marilyn is sharp and to the point when it comes to legal rights for minors. She does not make reckless promises and always has the good of the child in mind. She will fight with everything she has to assure the innocent child is protected, especially when abuse is suspected. She has watched over my grandson for 5 years and I thank God for her. Yes she is expensive and she earns every penny, what is your children's well being worth? Everything......Marilyn, that is what he is worth.

  • Bring your wallet!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Debra

    Since all of the testimonials on her website have been carefully combed through and only the positive ones posted, I will post mine here. My ex-husband retained York's office to have his support completely eliminated for his daughter. York's office met with him, drafted a Motion to Modify, filed it ($25 cost)...I then wrote my own opposition, York's office then filed a reply on his behalf. York's office (ethically-you would think!) did not even do him the favor of telling him he had very LITTLE chance of winning because he was ONLY unemployed after having quit his last 2 jobs (something you think they'd have figured out and inform their client of.) Michael ended up firing the firm for what he felt was ineffective counsel and chose to represent himself at the hearing. We both appeared without counsel and I walked away winning. Of his $5,000 retainer, Marilyn York's firm refunded him $1,500! ...for MAYBE 5-6 hours worth of work drafting 2 pleadings! I had heard that hers was the most expensive firm in the city...but was only convinced of it after he told me of the refund to his credit card. Good luck to you if you hire her.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Buddy

    I was fortunate to have the team of Marilyn York, Esq. and Del Porter, Paralegal as my counsel to win my divorce in 2009. Their independent talents compliment each other for a very efficient and effective team. I engaged them 20 days before trial. This is an extraordinary short period of time to prepare for a case as intense and detailed as this one was. They did a phenomenal job to acquire, organize, and utilize an enormous number of documents.

    Del Porter is an unusually fast and efficient paralegal with outstanding organization. She is thorough to the extreme with superior intelligence and is highly motivated to win. She became amazingly familiar with my divorce within a short period of time. She knew more about the details of my own divorce than I did and had them organized and ready to provide to Marilyn York during trial preparation.

    She was enormously productive with the Web and found the most amazing information very quickly. She provided very effective support for Marilyn York allowing her to concentrate on the legal issues of the case.

    Del Porter, being a woman, understood and could see through my ex-wife (X) immediately. She seemed to know what my X was up to. Ms. Porter anticipated much of the dishonest testimony my X would be giving and dug up from the Web, the documents and other sources supporting facts to disprove my X's testimony. Discrediting my X's testimony was enormous in winning the case.

    The divorce was very emotional and stressful which diminished my concentration and recall. Ms. Porter had the ability to provide me with very positive encouragement and had the ability to inject some fun and enjoyment into the process reducing a great deal of my stress.

    She was very valuable in winning this divorce and a pleasure to work with in such a stressful case. I would insist on Del Porter as the paralegal if I should ever have another divorce and highly recommend Del and Marilyn as the divorce team to handle my family or friend's divorces.

    Very truly yours,

    Buddy Shaw, Divorced
    Reno Nevada