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Kelly Huang’s reviews

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  • Great lawyer great work and great outcome in my case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MartaANDManny

    I cannot say enough great things about how everything was handled. I am really happy with how my case turned out. When I hired an attorney I was sure to ask a lot of questions and this lawyer was the one that could answer them all and tell me straight and was real intelligent and had tons of insight into what was needed. I definitely felt he had been there and done that and it would be no problem in handling my case. I was kept informed and when the case was finished I had a nice fat check in my hand and looking back every single thing I needed was taken care of and I got justice too. Nice people at that office too and they talk to you with respect and this lawyer is real friendly but fought like hell for me and real smart. Happy and grateful and I can recommend without question!

    Hired attorney
  • Very attentive immediate help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by D.M.

    Had a traumatic event happen and needed legal help badly. Reaching out to this lawyer and their office lead to me getting immediate help and am happy with the knowledge and such detailed explanations of the process for how to get my life back in order. Already seeing results and things positive things happen that this lawyer and office said they would make happen to improve my "legal" situation. Pleased with everything and can breathe easier. Immediate help and awesome guidance with the legal process.

  • happy client hard working and smart got us great result

    5.0 stars

    Posted by S.C. and fam

    Real happy with the way this lawyer handled my case. Easy to work with and super intelligent kept us satisfied from beginning to end. Hard work and perseverance pays off and we could see the extreme attention to detail which lead us from getting not just a very good result but an amazing result. We were surprised our case turned out so well having been through something similar years back with another local lawyer. Helped make a big positive out of a difficult life event. Real grateful helped us and my family a lot. A people lawyer doesn't talk down to you and really understood the heart of our needs and followed through.

  • Happy client cause won my case fast thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    Had a couple lawyers for things before but decided to get smarter and shop around some more and interview lawyers to see who was best for my case came across this law firm and they really stood out with how much they knew and ability to really really answer my questions so when it came down to results THEY KICKED BUTT FOR ME! Was shocked at how they were able to get me more than I thought I could get and honestly can say they changed my life for the better good people out there in the legal profession not so easy to find in Vegas!

  • awesome work great outcome very nice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ellseee

    Looked around decided to hire and best decision made in a while every thing explained and fought for me and I saw results and great outcome would hire again ASAP if anything :))

  • Awesome! Thank you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JustOmar

    Great work and great result on my case. Really nice legal staff and awesome to work with. They supported me all the way and were always friendly. Impressive knowledge and expertise and always seemed ready to fight for me and win which they did. Hands down the best experience with attorneys I've had and had a couple to say the least but thanks again and see you if I need anything next time!

  • Grateful thank you! :)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ms. J

    Won my case and made sure my future was protected. Before i got legal help i was ,worried sickabout what was happeneing with my court case my friends all insiisted i get an attorney and we started looking around and found Las Vegas Discount Lawyers our attorney was Kelly Huang and from the beginning we could tell this lawyer had the experience and intelligence to do well for me. We asked everything we could and i alwsys got advice that hekped me and so we had to go to court and this lawyer prepared so much with me and my witnesses really surprised but impressed with the care and attention to detail and when we had our trial so good and arguing way better than other lawyer so we won big and now life is good feel at peace and satisified grateful for everything and the service recommend for sure.

  • Thank you once again from grateful client.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JorgeGeorgeH.

    Always there for me in time of need and forever grateful for this lawyer and the Las Vegas Discount Lawyers team. Because of their help a really difficult time in my life is over and justice is served. They put me at ease took on my problems and what they said they did. What they did was save me from permanent damage to my life which I won't describe here. They put my nightmare to an end and I can breath again. Great to work with and really smart just naturally wise with what to do in the courtroom and always believed in me and my position in the case and won more for me than I thought I could obtain. Never got b.s. just straight answers not like other lawyers I talked to. From a sad and difficult time in my life there was a bright guiding light. Highly recommend whether criminal defense or car accident helped me with both.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nelson

    WONDERFUL!! YES! YES! YES! Thank you!! I never write reviews but damn AMAZING WORK and results they got me. THE CAR CRASH EXPERTS at this office. Months ago my whole life changed from a car accident. It wasn't my first accident and I had one of those lawyer groups for my first case that are always on TV like every second saying come to me but this time I interviewed a bunch of attorneys offices, and even talked to people in the waiting room of the lawyers offices before talking to attorney to decide who to hire. So I met with one of the lawyers and I had a huge list of questions and they answered all and I knew they had a ton of REAL WINNING EXPERIENCE to get my case not made up selling tactics. They made sure I got great medical care and great doctors fast with nothing out of pocket to me even when I had no health insurance they made sure my car was fixed the right way and it was a new car too :( and they always called me and kept me up to date. When I saw them I saw the lawyer too and always so nice knew my case to every little detail. So different than what I saw with another office before. They fought hard the crummy insurance company that was giving me the run around and then even fought for more insurance more than what I thought there was. I GOT WAY MORE THAN WHAT I EVEN IMAGINED FOR MY CAR CRASH CASE:)) SOOOOOOOO happy still looking at my check. Lol. GREAT SERVICE NICE NICE PEOPLE SO KNOWLEDGABLE BLESSED FOR WHAT THEY DID so thanks guys I WILL REFER ANYONE EVERYONE TO YOUR OFFICE FOR ANY CAR WRECK Nelson A. :)

  • Paralegal Nelly and attorney Huang great service. The receptionist Irene and inept, rude and unprofessional individual.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Miguel

    Attorney Kelly Huang and Nelly the paralegal were very professional, my case was handle accordingly, and quite fast. Even though I really became pissed up three times. Irene the receptionist on the other hand MUST behave accordingly with her position at a law firm. She should be ashamed of her poor behavior.
    I am not meant to be hung up when I call my attorney’s office,
    I am supposed to be heard when I am talking,
    My calls are supposed to be returned, by Irene in the case the paralegal, and/or the attorney are busy, she NEVER does.
    She is NOT supposed to be over talking when a client is initially talking,
    She has to become a better listener, and a more polite person,
    She lacks of the professionalism that is required for a position at any law firm,
    She can never refuse service to any client, that’s the reason for her to be there, and last but not least she should not instigate confrontation with her clients.
    I am paying over $1000.00 to be treated professionally and cordially. I am very disappointed at Irene daily behavior, I really don't understand how she can be holding a job being so rude and unprofessional, not only to me, but my friend had the same issues with her, which was at a different time, on a different case. This receptionist shouts at you on the phone, never give any messages to the paralegal, she is rude on the phone, and she usually is not willing to sincerely assist you when you call.

    My honest advice to all of you: Set up your initial appointment with either the paralegal Nelly or the attorney Huang, and from that point on just communicate with them via email. DO NOT waste your time dealing with IRENE. The receptionist IRENE is purely inept, grotesque at times, and her job performance is very poor. I personally dealt with Nelly the paralegal and I have no complains about her.
    Sincerely, MD