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Robert C. Miner

Birth injury Attorney at Cottonwood Heights, UT

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    State UT
    Acquired 1982
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At Rasmussen & Miner, we have experience in some of the most difficult areas of the law such as medical malpractice and criminal defense for sex crimes, DUI's, child pornography cases and difficult car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Contact us today by phone or by visiting our website at

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4.6 / 5.0
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Posted by Margaret | July 31, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Helped me, even 11 years later!
I had a court case back in 2008 and Robert Miner represented me. Fast forward 11 years and the court had put a warrant out for me, saying I had not turned something in. It was so ridiculous. Even though so much time had passed and he was no longer representing me, he still was very responsive to my emails and phone calls, and assisted me pro bono in getting my case dismissed. Awesome lawyer that really cares, even 11 years later.
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Posted by Jim | December 17, 2018
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Unusual Combination of Compassion, Communication skills
Robert Miner advised my wife on her options and how to best meets the judge's concerns in her difficult case. He is an unusual combination of experience, intellect, and plain speaking communication that my wife, who is Chinese and ESL, could understand. He is patient and compassionate too. Much appreciated!
Posted by Kaylee | November 16, 2018
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Godsend for my mom and her ridiculous charges
My mom was accused of 3 ridiculous charges and she was petrified she was going to go to jail for these charges for making a split second decision to smack our fence and two fence boards fell out. She panicked when she was told she needed to appear before a judge for criminal mischief and trespassing and animal cruelty, all of which were trumped up charges by some hotshot new cop. She called her divorce attorney Tom King who HIGHLY recommended Rob to her. She called the number and was so surprised/impressed that Rob himself answered the phone and she told him what happened and he immediately calmed her down. She met with him for her free consult and immediately hired him on the spot. He came to pick she and I up before every court appearance and talked us through everything and was upfront and honest. We were always in and out of every court appearance so quick. He got her 2 of her misdemeanors dropped and got her one down to probation for one year. He was great in calming my mom down and talking us through every step of the way so we have no surprises. I would recommend Rob to anyone with any criminal charge no matter how big or small. He was worth every dime that she paid him!
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Posted by Johnny | May 21, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Top class. No B.S. straight to the point.
I’ve hired Rob on multiple ocations spanning over a decade. I’ll spare the details of the charges other than they have ranged from Class C misdiminors to two 3rd degree felonies. Every case was handled with precise detail and attention. Every phone call was returned and every question addressed. If it wasn’t answered it was probably the wrong question to ask. He will not make promosises he can not keep. This man came to visit me in jail... If I ever needed someone fighting in my corner and looking out for my best interest it was Rob Minor. I’m very thankful for my current status as free individual with the same rights and privlages that only law I abiding citizens get to enjoy. I do not have a felony on my record. Rob has guided me through very dark times. If he advises you to do something, DO IT! If you know the law better than Rob, then represent yourself. Best of luck to you.
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Posted by Sue | May 7, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Years later, we still appreciate Robert Miner!
Rob Miner really helped my family when we felt other lawyers weren't listening. It was a really stressful time and he helped my mom through a very difficult process. He was patient and kind with her. He was really good at being her advocate in court since we were lost about what to do. He was so confident that mom would win her case and we did! That was two years ago and he still keeps in touch. He's the best!
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Posted by Margaret | May 6, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
I hired Mr Miner for a personal medical case and I could not have made a better choice. He listened to me, was very professional, conducted thorough research and negotiated a fair settlement on my behalf. I recommend him highly to others !
Posted by Allen | December 27, 2017
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Wish I had hired him
I had retained am attorney who said he was the best in Utah and had even written a book on Utah DUI LAW. His fees were twice what other attorneys charged but he said he could do what others couldn't. I was very disappointed with his representation and started calling around. Mr. Miner was quick to respond. Explained thing my attorney hadn't been willing to, was honest in his evaluation of my case and that I should stay with the attorney I was with. He also explained the plea deal I had been offered and options I might was to consider discussing with my attorney. He did all this and didn't charge me a dime although I did offer to pay him for his time. I felt the time and advice he gave me was priceless. I hindsight it was a major mistake to retain who I had. It cost me over twice as much as it should have, and the results weren't what he had represented. Mr. Miner on the other hand listened and then explained the situation in a manner I understood. I so wish I had come across Mr. Minor first, and should I ever need services like this again he's the first I will call.
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Posted by Albert | December 21, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
If you were stopped for a DUI, call Mr. Miner. He is an honest, affordable, genuine lawyer that's driven to win!
Well first off it was Sunday morning when I was stopped, after I was released from the police station, I was stressed out. I went online to one of the DUI websites and filled out my info, within about an hour I recieved a call from Mr. Miner with info to help my case free of charge. He also did not try or let me hire him on the spot, he told me to think about it, call around, and read his reviews to make a informed decision. We set up a time he would call me back later that day (Sunday). After hours of searching and review reading I decided he was the lawyer I wanted to represent me. When he called me back we discussed my case more in detail. One Monday he drove up to Ogden to meet with me before I trained him. I talked with him about my concerns since my case was time sensitive. I was a little apprehensive at first though because he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear....i wanted to hear your going to get off or don't worry about it, but he was strait forward with me and told me exactly what I could face, what I was facing, and how he could help me win. Which is why I chose him. He was very compassionate and understanding of my situation. He could have told me exactly what I wanted to hear but didn't and was honest from the start. I needed my case resolved quickly and effectively which is exactly what he did. He set up my DLD hearing (which unfortunately we lost), But through the DLD hearing he learned vital information and was willing to go the distance to win my case. Unfortunantly, I couldn't afford to take the time I needed because of the slow moving courts and I needed it done fast... so he settled my case fast and with the best out come possible. He got my charge reduced to impaired driving non-revertable, no community service, no jail time, and even got me released from having to get an alcohol assessment. In 60 days I can get my license back (unfortunantly I'll be out of country and have to wait till I return), he also told me how to set up my prime for life class. He is affordable and will work with you on payments, we talked once about payments and he didn't even bring it back up until the case was resolved. I was very fortunant to have had Mr. Miner in my corner. My case was settled in a little over a month which meet my needs. I would recommend Mr. Miner to anyone if they are charged with a DUI or any other matters. Do yourself a favor and atleast give him a call.
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Posted by Alicia Carruth | August 24, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Thank you
I just love Robert he was amazing in helping my husband with his dui he showed so much care love and passion in helping us. You could tell he really just wanted to help and loved his job I would recommend him to anyone
Posted by Antony | March 22, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
DUI? Do Yourself a Favor and call Rob. Glad I did
I've never reviewed anyone before, ever. But this HAS been life changing. What Rob Miner did saved me from a job loss, a criminal record (for the DUI), embarrassment, the list goes on. (FYI: I KEPT MY LICENSE AND THE CASE WAS DISMISSED!). I've never had to get legal services before so when I was charged with a DUI I panicked. I was literally on my phone for hours looking for an attorney. Problem was that every lawyer (and there were tons of them) claimed to have the best deal with payment plans etc. Everyone seemed so very disingenuous. But I knew that I had to get a lawyer so I started calling different numbers from Google search. I spoke with one, Gregory Smith, who offered to take my case for $900. I thought to myself, great, I hit the jackpot! But I was WRONG!! That was the dumbest thing I ever did because it is true, you get what you pay for. Gregory had me write him an email detailing what happened when I got pulled over. He asked whether I had done volunteer work, etc., basically wanting to "present me in a good light" to the judge. (By the way that is a losing mindset, he was already thinking of a bargain instead of a win). At the time I thought that was a great idea and should work. Well, it doesn't work that way, as these cases are of a technical nature. Rob explained later that the state has its responsibilities and specific things they have to do according to law – failure on their part results in violation of your/my right which in turn can result in a dismissal. As the driver license hearing approached (which Gregory had ME set up - and of course I did not do it right), I started getting worried. I knew that I needed to do everything I can to win the case. A friend gave me Rob's number and immediately after speaking to me, he was formulating an attack plan, poking holes at the arresting officer's process. He wanted to meet, so that he can review the case with me. His goal was to educate me on the process so that I would understand what he and other attorneys were offering. If I wanted to hire him afterwards, it was up to me. After speaking with a number of lawyers, he was the most genuine and confident in his abilities. Let's face it, if you blow anything over 0.08% and it's your first time getting charged, you're thinking holy crap that is it. It is not. Rob Miner's experience gives him an upper hand in finding all these technical oversights the arresting officer likely made which for me is about to get the case dismissed. Personally, his professionalism was amazing. All the interactions he had with driver license division and the courts - I was aware of. He cc'd me on emails, called me with updates and made sure I was aware of where we were in the process. I kept my license because he knew exactly what to do at the Driver License Hearing which happens within 10 days of the arrest. Rob Miner is about to get the case dismissed, which I never thought would happen. Oh and I live in Lehi! (His office is in Salt Lake but he drove to the Lehi Justice Court for appearances). I would give this attorney 100000 stars if I could. Do yourself a HUGE favor and call Rob, at least, you’ll be much more informed at the end of it even if you decide not to hire him.
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Posted by anonymous | June 29, 2015
Rob Miner saved my life.
A few months ago I received a call from the police informing me that I was being investigated for some pretty serious crimes involving a girl I had met and had been intimate with. She got upset when I decided I didn't really want to see her again and made very serious accusations against me. I panicked, and found a lawyer online (one of the ones who pays to be at the top of the list). I paid him $1,000 to do "precharge work." The lawyer told me not to talk with the police and that he would follow up with everything. This turned out to probably be a mistake as it maybe could have been sorted out with the police in the beginning if I had had a good lawyer. Instead a few weeks later I was officially charged with multiple felonies. If convicted, I faced years in jail and would be on the sex offenders list for the rest of my life. I couldn't believe it. I'm a good person, and had always been respectful to women. I was as scared and confused as I had ever been in my entire life. How was all this happening to me...I called up the first lawyer and asked him what was going on. He didn't even know charges had been filed. I realized then that I had literally paid the guy $1,000 to make a 5 min phone call telling the police I wouldn't be making a statement. I reached out to an attorney friend of the family who immediately referred me to Rob Miner. I initially reached out to Rob on the phone. I was nervous, but he asked really good questions and I could tell that he knew what he was doing. He keyed in on certain parts of the case that I hadn't even thought of but that I realized were crucial. He was very low pressure and told me he was confident that he could handle the case but he also encouraged me to look into other attorneys if I wanted to. I decided to go with him. During our first meeting, he listened carefully to my story and took extensive notes. He told me multiple ways that we could set up a good defense and even acted out the things he could say in court. He was amazing in how much he came up with in a few short minutes and I could see that he had years experience dealing with witnesses, police officers and DAs. He was realistic and explained what the DA would probably do and what we should and shouldn't accept. He told me his retainer rates. It was kinda high, but I've learned that is pretty standard for a felony case like mine. He told me he would be billing me hourly, and that every single thing he did would be itemized so that I knew exactly what I was being charged for. He also let me know that he would never charge me for just talking or calling with questions. To be honest, his hourly rate was super reasonable considering his experience. I informed him that I could come up with the retainer, but that it would take a few days as I was waiting for a credit card to come in the mail. He understood and told me to contact him when I had it. After our meeting Rob immediately reached out to the DA's office. He left a long message for the head DA and also submitted a motion to retain certain bits of evidence that would be important for our defense. A few days later a letter came from the court. I took it to Rob along with the credit card to make payment. When we opened the letter we discovered that all charges had been dismissed! Possibly the DA did not know that there was other evidence, or based on his message, possibly they recognized that it wasn't a strong case for such extreme charges. I asked Rob what I owed him. He smiled and told me not to worry about it. HE DIDN'T CHARGE ME AT ALL! He said that the minimal amount of work wasn't worth the initial retainer and just to send others his way. Though I am lucky the charges were dropped, I am even more fortunate that I was referred to Rob. He was highly profesional, thorough, and very smart. He strategically showed the DA the holes in their case without giving away his defense, and that led to the charges being dropped. I would absolutely recommend Rob to anyone in the future!
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Posted by anonymous | January 31, 2013
Very happy with his representation
I have used Robert twice and both times have been very happy with his performance, knowledge and professionalism. Both cases that he represented me in I was very pleased with outcome. He was understanding and represented my case very well. You get what you pay for and even though he was more expensive than other attournies I have checked into, he was worth every penny. I would definetly recommend him!
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Posted by Travis | August 24, 2012
More than we could have hoped for
We are currently clients of Mr Miner and are very pleased at this point, we deffintly would reccomend Rob to anyone so thank you Mr Miner... Sincerely the Dunns
Posted by Jason | February 3, 2012
I needed a criminal defense attorney in a FEDERAL CASE... This was the best call I made!
After calling a number of "criminal defense" attorneys I was frustrated and scared. Every attorney I had spoken to seemed callous and unsympathetic towards my situation. Then I called Rob. After a brief phone conversation I knew this man had decades of experience. He was calm and direct. He let me know what to expect. I felt confident in that he could help me, and help me, he did. What made me feel the most confident was he knew the system, he knew the law, he knew members of the court, the judges and the FBI investigators. He persuaded the judge to ZERO jail time and I was able to go home to my family. It's been a few months and I just had a follow up meeting with one of the FBI investigators. When the meeting was over the FBI investigator turned to leave and said to me "By the way, your attorney kicked the governments butt in court. He was very persuasive with the judge that day. Had we been in Los Angeles (where this agent worked before) you would have easily done time." The agent left right after and I immediately called Rob and told him of all the compliments I could have given him for keeping me out of prison, all the information and peace of mind he provided throughout the ordeal. The best one came from the investigator trying to prosecute me. I wanted to post a review about him because if you are facing trouble that requires an attorney... DON'T make a decision without speaking to Rob first, it may very well be the reason you get to spend time with your family and not in prison.
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Posted by Shawn | November 15, 2011
1000% satisfied
Back in September I was arrested for a DUI. Upon learning that I needed an attorney a friend recommended Rob saying that she had hired him and was more than happy with the results of her case. Rob was very friendly and worked with me to figure out what happened and determine how my case looked. Communication was great and he would always let me know possible outcomes but noted that you never really know what can happen. At no point did I feel that I was being mislead. I was more than happy with the results that were achieved and would definitely recommend Rob to anyone that is in need of a great attorney.
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Posted by Anthony | November 9, 2011
The Real Deal...
Rob and Gus handled my case w/ City of South Jordan and gave me outstanding results. I got 4 charges rapped up in 24 hours, 1 of which was a DUI. He got the DUI dropped to reckless driving and the 3 misdemeanor's dropped. He came to visit me at jail. The judge was smiling and told me specifically that I got a great deal. These guys know there stuff and would trust them with any type of case. I'm so lucky I found these 2 fine gentlemen. They pulled out all the stops and came to a quick resolution. Rob and Gus have made a huge impact in my life, I got 2 lawyers for the price of 1! They have very high ethics and standards and got me great results. When it was all said and done the City owed me money from my bail and Gus got my fines reduced! Thank you very much!
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Posted by anonymous | November 9, 2011
Quality representation, good advice, fair price
Mr. Miner handled my criminal defense case. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to fully understand my very complicated circumstances. He worked hard to resolve my case in the very best manner possible for myself and my family. Although the outcome of the case was not as I would have liked, it was not due to any failure on the part of Mr. Miner. In fact, I believe the resolution of the case was substantially better than it would have been with a less experienced attorney. I also felt that the rate charged for Mr. Miner's services was very reasonable given the amount of time he spent on my case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
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Posted by John Stahl | April 18, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Liar, Manipulator, and Ineffective
He told me I didn't qualify for Mental Health Court because Bipolar doesn't count. Yet I knew many that had Mental Health Court because they have Bipolar. He told me I would get probation because my criminal history was minimal, I was sent to prison. He told me on paper I looked guilty, and refused to get any information that proved I was not guilty. I was arrested in Colorado, where I lived then and now, but there was no arrest record or any other record from Colorado in my file in Utah. He told me the recording of my interview with the police about the crime didn't matter because according to the police report I admitted to the crime, which was news to me, I'd never admit to doing something I didn't do. I had and have proof to the contrary. I was never in Utah jurisdiction, yet he never challenged that. If I had done what they say I did I would have been protected under the Freedom of Religion Act. He told me I didn't qualify for a 1 lever reduction in charges, which was a lie. I knew people with Felony 1s dropped to Felony 3s, but I didn't qualify for a drop from Felony 3 to a Misdemeanor 1? I wanted to fire him and get a different attorney, so he goes to my Mom and manipulates her into believing that if I plead guilty I'll get probation so she can talk me into pleading to something I didn't do. I ended up spending $4 Grand on this attorney, the only time I have ever paid for an attorney and I get sent to prison for over 5 years for something I didn't do, all thanks to an attorney that didn't care about me, my life, my family, or Justice. He got what he wanted, he gave the alleged victim what she wanted, I ended up paying for it all with 5 years in prison and another year and a half trying to recover from being nearly paralyzed from the waist down because the prison I didn't deserve to go to ignored my broken back. He even told me I cannot appeal, well that too is a lie. I can appeal based on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel. He even made me sign paperwork stating that I was satisfied with his representation of me BEFORE I was sentenced. Utah's "Legal" System is much different than my home state of Colorado's, and Robert knew just how to take advantage of my ignorance. The crime I was charged with doesn't even exist in Colorado, that alone takes me out of Utah's jurisdiction, but Robert never challenged it. At one of my hearings, I had been in jail for over 2 months, the cops still had not written the report, how accurate is it going to be that long after the fact? It too should have been challenged, but was not. Nothing good was ever presented to the court. I was not able to bond out because the cops took me to a state I don't live in, so no way to continue my college, or run my business, anything that would have looked good in court and helped me was taken away from me. Innocent until proven guilty, but the victim is a victim from the start. If I'm innocent there can be no victim, but Utah's rule kept them from investigating the "victim" to see what her part in everything was. When I brought this up to Robert he told me "you cannot blame the victim." No victim until there is a perpetrator, so even to him I was already guilty. Many people lied including Robert Miner, but again my family and I were the ones left to pay for the lies and manipulation. Not only should he be disbarred, but he should be behind bars. He is a fraud, and fraud is illegal. A refund would be great as well.
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Posted by anonymous | October 13, 2011
Below average attorney
Mr. Miner began representing our son after one of his associates(Gus Chin) who was handling the case was asked to leave the firm. The reason for his dismissal was unknown to us. Gus Chin, the associate, appeared before the judge with our son the day before his dismissal, never informing our son that he was leaving the firm until that day. Gus was aware of this fact at least a month or more before the court appearance. This information would have been extremely relevant in determining whether to stay with this firm. There was little if any preparation before going before the judge and no contact or consultation with the District Attorney's Office until minutes before the judge heard the case. I am certain Gus Chin's focus was on finding new employment instead of representing his client. Although the blame lays mainly with the associate, I believe that Mr. Miner who agreed to continue representation for our son should have taken his responsibility more seriously. He gave the case minimal attention and any progress that was made was done by us and our son. Our phone calls were rarely returned and e-mails were somehow lost or ignored. Because of his lack of interest our son's sentence was much longer than necessary. He also charged us an additional amount ($2500) on top of the $5000 that was payed to his associate. If this extra money had been beneficial it would have been well worth it, but we felt that it was unwaranted and had no positive effects on the case. It is unfortunate there aren't more reliable reviews on attorney's. We would never have hired anyone working at this firm. If you want a below average attorney go with this Mr. Miner or take my advice; pay a little extra and hire an attorney who will give 100%.
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Response from Robert Miner June 26, 2019
Augustus Chin left my office for a better employment opportunity. He has, since this time, been appointed to serve as the Holladay City Justice Court Judge. I pulled the file in this matter and re-acquainted myself with this case. This matter required cooperation regarding a criminal record in another state over which we had no control. This case required that we argue to the judge not to follow the law but to fashion a different remedy for a conviction which had been entered before we were counsel in this matter. I'm sorry we failed to meet this client's expectations. I have implemented changes to improve communication with clients and complaints are rare.
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Criminal defense Attorney | Mar 01
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I practice family law. A client of mine was in a potentially tough spot in a criminal matter, and Mr. Miner did excellent work for him and prevented what could have been a very unjust outcome. I will definitely recommend Mr. Miner to others in the future."
Medical malpractice Attorney | Dec 02
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Robert Miner is a rare type of lawyer. He has depth of understanding about the law, but also creativity and versatility to put his knowledge to use. I have had several opportunities to evaluate the savvy in his legal analysis. More importantly, perhaps, he is an accessible and down to earth person. He shares his knowledge freely and advances the cases of others without expectation of compensation. I believe his paid clients are greatly served by his passion for justice. He has an uncanny knowledge regarding experts and expert witnesses which makes Robert an invaluable resource in sophisticated cases involving complex fact sets. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
Personal injury Attorney | Jun 04
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Robert. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community."
Personal injury Attorney | Dec 24
Relationship: Worked for lawyer
"Robert Miner is one of the top personal injury attorneys in Utah. He is extremely intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, exercises great judgment. I worked for Robert early in my career and I am grateful I had the opportunity to do so. Not all attorneys know how to assess the real value of a case (jury verdict or settlement value), Robert does. He is a great lawyer who understands how to maximize the value of a case. I endorse Robert Miner."
Criminal defense Attorney | Jul 15
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Robert has been doing a great job for a long time. I knew him when he was with Lee Rasmussen and together they made a great team and Robert has continued the tradition"
Criminal defense
Criminal defense

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