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  • Mr. Tennyson Puts the "Personal" in Personal Injury: An Honest, Hardworking and Trustworthy Attorney. Highly Recommended!!! A+++

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Mr. Jeff Tennyson accepted a very difficult and complex personal injury case, and handled it from start to finish like a true professional. After my accident, I felt hopeless about being disabled. After Mr. Tennyson settled the case for me, it brought hope back.

    I fell from a poorly constructed balcony at my neighbor's house in 2006. I had a very hard time even finding an attorney to take my case, because the fall severely exacerbated a pre-existing condition in my spine, causing a great deal of pain.

    The fact that I had a pre-existing condition made the case much more complex. I've had Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) since I was 11 years old ... so there's really not much I can do about that! I contacted about 10 other attorneys who didn't even want the case because of it. It wasn't clear-cut, easy money.

    When I first contacted Mr. Tennyson and explained the situation, he agreed that it would clearly be a difficult case ... but then went ahead and took the case anyways! If ever there was an attorney who believes in bringing some form of justice to an injured party, regardless of something like a pre-existing condition that complicates the case, it's Mr. Jeff Tennyson.

    Becoming disabled and losing everything -- especially your ability to work -- is one of the most deeply devastating things that's ever happened to me. I went to college and had worked all my life. I had a lust for life. I enjoyed traveling, and I was a very active person. Once the accident happened, my entire life came to a crashing halt.

    Then it was a whole different ballgame. I ballgame I didn't know how to play: a confusing maze of doctors and nurses who may or may not help, insurance companies who may or may not help (usually NOT), and family and friends who may or may not understand what I'm going through. The pain was getting worse and worse with each passing day.

    Seven months after the fall, I had my entire spine fused with titanium rods in an open-back surgery. In the 2 years since the operation, I developed Failed Back Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Pain became the new constant in my life. It made it very difficult for me to deal with the litigation itself, while I'm simultaneously fighting the pain and trying to regain my health and mobility.

    Mr. Tennyson was always very aware and considerate of my situation. He wanted me to know that I was always in control of the decision-making in my case, but that at times when I was too sick to be very involved, Mr. Tennyson helped walk me through decisions that needed to be made. He kept me informed of the important aspects of what was going on with my case, but didn't overwhelm me with all the details. Most importantly, I felt I could trust him completely to act on my behalf while I focused on my health. That's why I say that Mr. Tennyson puts the "personal" in personal injury. He actually cares about and listens to his clients.

    Due to the severity of the pain after my fall, I was unable to work. I had to close the business I had just begun operating a year earlier. So, of course, I lost all my income. By the time I had the operation 7 months later, I was in so much pain that I had lost my ability to walk. My husband and I had to sell everything we owned to keep up with the bills and COBRA payments. Eventually my marriage fell apart from the stress of it all. No, it's certainly not [I]easy[/I] being seriously injured. It [I]is[/I] personal.

    It's hard enough having to deal with the health care system. Mr. Tennyson was so helpful throughout the course of my 3-year case. He was like the captain of a ship in stormy seas. He is honest and trustworthy, and is so responsive to the fact that his personal injury clients are real injured people -- not just dollar signs or case numbers.

    Whenever I had questions, he had answers. When I called his office, he was usually available. He actually reads and answers his emails. He contacted me with any new information I needed. When I was in too much pain or too sick to handle the case, he handled it for