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Zachary Aaron Copp

Zachary Copp’s reviews

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  • Superb service for my LLC

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott M.

    I used The Copp Law Firm to organize and file my LLC. Using his website,, made the process fast, and Zac kept me informed of the progress...there was not a lot for him to do in that regard, however, because he completed it all--with my LLC officially "live"-- in about 26 hours. Incredible.
    On a follow- up phone call for some questions, Zac answered the phone personally and took his time to answer my questions completely. Highly recommended.

  • Zachary turned a slow painful process into a fast easy one.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jayme Lyn

    My business partner and I have been working towards putting together an LLC. We're stressed since we've literally been doing everything from supplies to the website on our own. When it came time to file for our LLC, I took one look at the paperwork and effort involved and decided that if I wanted to keep what's left of my hair, I needed to have someone do it for me.

    I contacted Zachary Monday morning at 10:15 and in less than 2 hours, he emailed me confirming that he had sent my paperwork off to be filed. Today (Tuesday) at 4 pm he emailed saying that everything was set and my company is official. I'm still amazed at how quickly this happened.

    Mr. Copp's rates are amazingly fair (I looked at other companies to the the same thing and their fees were more than my filings costs alone). I'm not one to recommend something or someone that I'm not incredibly thrilled with because that lies on my judgment, too, but I will recommend Mr. Copp to anyone and everyone I come across. He was incredibly easy to work with, fast, accurate and is quick to respond. I'm a woman with questions and he answered them all in the timeliest fashion.

    I don't think it's possible for me to be happier with him and his firm.


  • Just who we needed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. Bob

    I have set up several companies during my lifetime and I have found Zac Copp to be the most responsive, reasonably priced, but knowledgeable attorney with whom I have worked. He is very accessible, personable, responsive and supportive.

  • Great Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vicki

    Our company hired Zachary Copp to review a commercial lease. We had not had previous contact with him and were not one of his clients. After leaving a message at his office, he called back very quickly and asked a few questions. We were in a time crunch so needed the lease reviewed quickly. He got it done in two days, and it was a weekend! I was very impressed. He pointed out many things that were lacking in the lease and was very clear (common language, not attorney terms!) in explaining it to me. Thanks to him, we have a revised lease with more protection for us. The best part is that he charged us a flat fee (very reasonable) and was very responsive to questions, etc. I would DEFINITELY recommend Mr. Copp and will use him for all of our land/real estate attorney work in the future.

  • Great Service by Zachary Copp

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nitin Jain

    Mr. Copp provided me with exceptionally great consulting service for incorporation of my business. He is very knowledgeable in business law as he was able to answer all my question and his personal attention to each and every detail was particularly remarkable.

  • Review for Zac Copp

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lucy

    Zac is a lawyer that I would highly recommend to anyone. He is very detailed and efficient as well as informative. We are so happy to have worked with him and are extremely pleased with how he handled both of our cases, which were ruled in our favor.