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David Wayne Clark

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  • Excellent Personal Injury Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    David Clark was referred to me by another attorney for a personal injury case in which I was involved (a motorcycle accident). David was extrememly diligent at tracking down insurance policies that were not easily accessible (another attorney could have easily missed them). He communicated well with the insurance companies and doctors involved and followed-through in a timely manner with both phone calls and emails. I also knew exactly where the case stood at any point in time through Dave's regular correspondence. Dave was accessible and came-in the office during off hours to meet my work schedule for document signatures, etc. The settlement that I received was fair and was obtained in a shorter-than-expected time period. I am extremely pleased with Dave's efforts and recommend him most highly.

    Hired attorney
  • Stellar Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janet

    I was injured in a rear end auto accident in January of 2014; and looked for an attorney to represent me.
    It was important to me to find a knowledgeable, honest, and sincere attorney. David exceeded my expectations. He explained the settlement process from start to finish, answered all my questions; always responding in a timely manner. David made me feel like I was his top priority and worked diligently to represent me, making sure I would receive the absolute best settlement possible.
    Thanks to David's hard work and knowledge of the law pertaining to auto accidents, our case settled very quickly, and we received the settlement he proposed at our first meeting! David is very down to earth, highly professional, friendly, and has tremendous integrity.
    I would highly recommend Mr. David Clark!

  • Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angus

    My regular Attorney doesn't do litigation and I felt that I needed a guy that wouldn't be pushed around by other Attorney's.

    David was that guy.

    I am a landlord and own a unit in a HOA that is very aggressive with fines, fees and litigation. They are also sloppy in their procedures.

    I moved my primary residence in 2012 and somehow neglected to tell the HOA of one of my properties that I had moved. We didn't think anything of it because the association dues were being paid automatically every month. We discovered in September of 2013 that the association didn't know where we lived anymore. I followed up by calling them, filling out their census form, emailing it and getting a confirmation of receipt.

    In May of 2014 we received a summons because we were behind on our payments to the tune of $20 a month.. less than $400.00 total. Somehow though, without notifying me, the association managed to generate Attorney fees and fines of almost $3,000.

    They ignored my attempts to rectify this situation, including a very generous settlement offer. I left the offer on the table for two weeks, met with David and gave them until the end of the week to accept my offer. David felt that we had a very strong case, that they had not served notice properly, or at all. I really just wanted to get this over with.

    They ignored me.

    David filed our appearance papers and sent them over to the other Attorney's.

    First they wanted to negotiate up from my last offer, we responded with a solid "no" because now we had costs.

    David ended up helping us settle this case for much less than my previous offer to them. While we might have done better in court, we were glad to put this behind us.

    When we first talked I was thinking that my case was too small for David, he has participated in some pretty large cases. But I never felt that way.

    Outside of the courtroom, David is a nice guy. After our meeting I was confident that I had the right Attorney. He's comfortable in his own skin, patient, competitive, and is able to argue facts appropriately.

    Hopefully, we never need him for personal injury problems, but I'm glad to have a guy that does Business/Contract and Landlord/Tenant law too.

  • An outstanding lawyer! I could not have asked for a better experience or outcome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bethany

    David Clark is an amazing example of what a lawyer should be - helpful, professional, fast ... amazing! I was struggling to make sense of a lawsuit I was suddenly faced with, over a debt that I believed to have been settled years before (in 2010). To compound my worries, I live overseas in Europe and was very worried about having to appear in court - especially given the high cost of travel these days. I found Mr. Clark through a simple Internet search, and I am lucky I did. From his very first e-mail, Mr. Clark did preliminary research informing me of ALL my options, including what I could do if I chose not to hire him. He answered my initial concerns BEFORE payment was even discussed. In addition, he agreed to reduce his hourly rate due to my financial hardship AND refund any unused portion of the retainer fee, something which other lawyers I contacted did not offer. While he was investigating my case, he was in touch over e-mail at every point, right up until the situation was resolved. Hiring David Clark was the best decision I have ever made - in a matter of days, he was able to alleviate worries over an issue I had been facing for years. I could not be happier!