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John Charles Vojta

John Vojta’s reviews

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  • Counselor and Attorney Rolled into One

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lawrence Thomas

    John was my attorney for a particular cantankerous case. He is a skilled negotiator and a does a terrific job in open court when that becomes necessary. He was always well prepared for court by being familiar with all of the details of the case. However, where John really excels is his ability to counsel his clients – providing assurance that, even in the darkest times, hope and happiness will return.
    I have a tremendous amount of respect for John and appreciate everything he did to bring my case to a close.

    Hired attorney
  • Good Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    John handled my divorce and although it wasn't a pleasant time for me in my life, he made the process a little less painful. Would definitely recommend him.

    Hired attorney
  • Very competent attorney with helpful staff

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Corporate client

    I hired John Vojta to help set up my corporation. He and is staff were highly competent, and worked quickly to incorporate my business, including setting up use of the assumed names. The billing was fair, and his staff was very friendly and helpful.

  • this is the lawyer you want on the other side

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bubba

    John Vojta was a disappointment as a lawyer.
    He was all talk and no substance while employed by me.
    He charged more money for driving to court than he spent doing meaningful work for me. Yes he charges you for driving to court. This is buried in his contract he gets you to sign saying its just standard agreement. Wish I got paid to drive to work.
    John makes verbal agreements he can always deny. He never puts things in writing so he can deny them later and leave no paper trail.
    He is more interested in schmoozing with other lawyers in the hallways of the court building than he was interested in discussing my case with me. I had to pay for his social time.
    He demanded I liquidate my assets to pay his retainer and when the assets were depleted.... he pushed to settle threatening exorbitant feesif we to go to trial. Try asking him what takes place at a divorce trial.... he never answered me and kept changing the subject.
    When John brings you in for a meeting he was always distracted by something... I had to pay him while he took personal phone calls and I even got charged for time waiting for my appointment as he was on the phone with another client.
    While John promised detailed billing invoices, he never delivered on this. Invoices were consistently delayed, cryptic and always worked out so the retainer was gone and more money was needed. When you questioned anything on the bill. he never replied.
    He has held up motions/settlements as hostage to extract more money requesting continuances till he would get more money.
    John promised me lots of things but never followed through. He will promise to file for fees for frivolous motions against you or negotiate for personal property but he never does.
    He didn't read documents provided by the opposing council. He would rather redraft things that are incorrect, incurring fees, but only if you catch the errors.
    Vojta is awful at documentation. You will get copies of orders and bills, but you never get any detail or copies of depositions or details from discovery. . This seems intentional so you have to keep going back to Vojta law for any records, he keeps them in his files and bills you again.
    Judgements prepared by his office are devoid of detail in key areas leaving you with many trips back to court to clean up the mess this creates as interpretation is constantly questioned by the vague documents.

    You may wonder why i kept him as my lawyer... I felt trapped as I was assured the divorce would be over in 1 more month which became months and months. I also didn't know any better and thought I could trust him. My costly mistake.

    He has since moved to Palatine on Northwest Hwy.
    This is the lawyer you want the other side to use.

  • Very big talker VERY SMALL RESULTS

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Not only was I charged for our first initial consultation, he insisted on gaining my trust and business for life by...not keeping me updated or informed on the status of a(letter for a request for a refund of services rendered) refund i already had an offer from the company and this NEW offer basically i got would pay this lawyer. Not much of a positive result
    Don not use this lawyer if you value your time and money.

  • Not all he says he is. Too confident, small results

    1.0 star

    Posted by Adam F

    Very little follow up. Very high rates with little backup to billing. Very litte time preparing details. Promises cleanup of details and financial of financial aspects of the case which never happened. Wheeled and dealed on the bill each time he could. His preparedness or lack of, and the fact that he paid more attention to his personal life than my case resulted in very poor documenting of facts (legal record) for appeal purposes.

    Here I am years later still paying for the result of poor performance.

    I would say that if you seek an opinion he can do the job but as far as putting your divorce in his hands I would consider what I have stated and make an informed decision.