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Steven Allan Koch

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  • Thank you

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela S

    Steve not only represented me for a divorce I never thought I would have, he listened and made all my concerns heard. My phone calls were answered promptly, and his staff were friendly. Steve made my divorce as stress free as possible, and helped me understand the laws behind what he was doing for me. I highly recommend Steve and his entire firm, and thank them all for my winning situation after the divorce.

    Hired attorney
  • very professional

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Thorough, professional and well prepared. He did an excellent job with my divorce. He treated my case with care and respect. I could see that the judge respected him. He has a command of the courtroom. Highly recommended

  • A great lawyer to have by your side when the stakes are high

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Steve handled some post-divorce litigation for me two years ago. The fight was contentious, but Steve was always well prepared and level-headed. The stakes were high, but we prevailed. When you are in the thick-of-it regarding divorce, custody, and placement in Walworth County I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

  • Very Disappointed

    1.0 star

    Posted by Randall

    Very Poor overall. Disinterested in case. Failed to file paperwork in a timely manner with court and wife's attorney. Would not disclose important information at meetings. Did nothing but read and charge me for reading my emails. Came to court unprepared, Extremely arrogant. Had to remind him of issues needing to be addressed in court. Had no bullet list or anything, including in his own mind, prepared for court. Had no depth or understanding. His disinterest and arrogance and untimely or non responsiveness ruined my case and my life. He is an awful human being. He is what everyone says lawyers are. I imagine he would do a good job if he wanted to but if he doesn't he will throw you under the bus on purpose. In summary, I think he overextends himself. My case was not important to him. His advice and approach was poor because he was so disengaged. He seemed flustered in court. His arguing skills were best described as complacent. At one point he became nervous when the judge asked for our copy of paperwork that my wife's attorney failed to file with the court. He seemed flustered and then asked me if I had the document. He also lectured me about the other attorney being his colleague as if I had done something against the other attorney. I actually thought this was crazy. I did not even look at my wife's attorney. He is a very political animal and his peers are more important than his clients. I was very alarmed at his focus on my attitude toward the other attorney. It was absolutely WEIRD! I urged him to file contempt papers for months. He told me he was working on it. He failed to file papers I provided that were requested at the DeNovo Hearing. He only filed contempt papers after my wife's attorney filed contempt papers against me for not turning them in. I did but Steve Koch never gave them to the her attorney. At that point he filed the contempt papers I requested to be filed. My request was made before the DeNovo hearing. He filed only after my wife's attorney filed. He was only aggressive about billing me. He was more concerned about his peers, I believe, because he was politicking to become a court commissioner himself. He is not only a horrible lawyer, he is a horrible human being.