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R. S. Missimer

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  • Great Lawyer, Great Person

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Whatever your needs are call this lawyer first.. You will be glad you did. He will either show you how to do it yourself for free, take the case or refer you to someone else who can help you..

    I've honestly never talked to a lawyer like him before.. He seems to have a really good heart.

  • My lawyer removed the load off my shoulders!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    Any person's divorce is one of the worst times of their life! I called approximately 10 divorce lawyers, many of them simply blowing me off or quoting me a ridiculous "flat rate" that I absolutely could NOT afford.

    In my mind, my divorce was simple! No property to divide or minor children to deal with. We divided all our property ourselves and had no accounts to split. I simply needed someone to lead me through the paper filing process at a price I could afford. One lawyer had the nerve to say to me, "Lady, no divorce is simple. As soon as you get to court, your husband will change his mind and want it all. That is why I charge a higher prepare for the future fight you will have". SERIOUSLY?

    FINALLY, I talked to Attorney Richard Missimer. He was sympathetic and treated me with respect. He never belittled me. I explained my needs and he told me "exactly" what the process would be and what time spans we were looking at. He NEVER made me feel incompetent and repeatedly told me to ask him any questions I had, no matter how silly they might seem to me. I finally found my savior! He took that heavy load off of me and proceeded to lead me down the process without any fears. When he said he would send an email, the email was there, listing what paperwork was needed on my end to start the proceeding. When he said he would call, he called. When he said we would meet, we met when signatures were needed and the whole process became cut-and-dry!

    When the process was complete, there were absolutely no "hidden" charges. He charged me exactly what he quoted me!

    I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest lawyer that truly cares for their needs!

  • Estate Planning

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerome

    Richard aided me a couple of years ago around child visitation rights... I contacted him again concerning estate planning needs... not realizing that I am no longer in his licensed state of practice though...still Richard offered me free general counsel regarding pros/cons on wills and living trusts... even though Richard didn't have to, he even followed up two days later with an email for lawyer references in my current state... Thanks Richard again for being there for me...

  • I do not recommend Attorney Richard Missimer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I contracted with Attorney Missimer in the spring of 2014 in a very simple divorce case on a marriage of less than 5 years. Attorney Missimer immediately had me file a change of judge as he felt the assigned judge rules unfairly to men in Walworth County. Attorney Missimer created the document and had me file the reassignment pro se prior to registering as the attorney of record.

    I now understand why. The reassignment of judges took me to another judge that rarely handles divorces and for whom the entire procedural process is a mystery. After dismissing Attorney Missimer within two weeks of paying him a retainer to be my lawyer, I discovered that the original judge is an expert in managing divorce cases. It appears that Attorney Missimer had some personal problems with the judge or he wouldn't have recommended that I not keep that judge. Subsequent and multiple conversations with other lawyers revealed that the original judge would have disposed of my case quickly (instead of the 10 months the new judge allowed).

    The new judge awarded my now ex 3 years maintenance on a 4.5 year marriage as well as my full assumption of $60k+ in joint tax debt. In other words, Missimer's actions to have me change judges without being the registered Attorney on my case cost me about $130k.

    I do not recommend anyone getting divorced in Walworth County consider Missimer as their Attorney. He was mine for a short time and yet his brief actions have long term and costly effect.

    R. S. Missimer’s response: “I have looked through my case files and found no case that has this exact fact pattern. So, I really do not know who this person is. But I would like to address the reviewer's statements. First, I would like to point out this review indicates it was a "simple divorce." $60,000 in back taxes is NOT a "simple divorce." $60,000 in back taxes suggests a very high income level, and the maintenance issues associated with a very high income level are not "simple." Further, the review claims the marriage was short. Short marriages must have very extraordinary circumstances for a judge to order maintenance. Clearly, this was not a "simple divorce." For a divorce such as described in this review, I would ALWAYS recommend the person hire an attorney. Perhaps, this person decided to forego an attorney; and this is why he or she is in this position. Alternatively, if s/he had an attorney, then I do not understand why the reviewer does not hold his/her attorney responsible. Obviously, whoever represented this person at the time of the divorce would be responsible for the outcome. I was allegedly involved for a few weeks only. This review sounds like the complaint is based solely on a free consultation. My office provides free consultations by phone or email. During a free consultation, we do not talk about case specifics. Instead, we address any hypothetical questions the caller has. During a free consultation, I advise a potential new client of possible outcomes based on the facts s/he divulges. I also advise the potential new client of the court's local rules and how those rules may relate to his/her case. For example, this year, one of Walworth County's court commissioners became the primary family court judge. If a potential new client had a bad experience with this judge as a court commissioner, then the potential new client may want to substitute on that particular judge. A substitution must occur within a specific period of time. So, I often advise potential new clients about their ability to substitute and the deadline for doing so. Odds are this person advised me s/he had a bad experience with this judge as a court commissioner, and I gave him/her my standard advise about substituting. The reviewer's claim that the judge s/he received after substitution did not have experience in family law is simply not true. Walworth County rotates ALL of its judges through ALL the types of law. These judges are experienced in all areas of law, especially divorce cases. Each judge, however, has his/her own schedule. No attorney is able to control how long a case takes to be heard. Further, I know of NO judge in Walworth County that is racist or gender biased. In my experience, all of Walworth County's judges are fair and reasonable. But, a judge's decision may be based on the facts and arguments in front of him/her only. A person's case must be presented to a judge in a well-thought out manner with appropriate legal support. Without a good presentation, the client will not get the result s/he deserves. Even if the reviewer was correct and s/he had a judge that did not know a statute or the applicable case law, the attorney who represents the client must make the judge aware. Finally, I do not believe my working on a case for a few weeks reflects my ability to represent a client. I work very hard to have a plan on how to proceed that is based on the client's goals and the evidence available. That is just not possible in only a few weeks. For there would be no discovery, no negotiations, no motion hearings, and no trial. So, my efforts the reviewer never had an opportunity to experience. Having said that, I would prefer to be judged on cases in which I have taken the client from start to finish, rather than cases in which I provided a free consultation only (which I believe may be the case here). Thank you for listening.”
  • Compassionate Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Mr. Missimer called me back right away and helped me solve issues without needing to hire an attorney! He sounded like he actually cared about me and my case, that is important to me, with a lot of lawyers out there acting like jerks. He was also extremely knowledgeable in his field and in Rock county, which also helps tremendously. I have called and talked to dozens of lawyers, Mr. Missimer is the first to make a difference in my intuition for hiring lawyers.

  • Didn't Meet Up To My Expectations

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Richard was very polite, response time to emails and phone calls was excellent and the work he did on my case was ok. Richard could consolidate emails and information better to eliminate the need for so many transmittal's back and forth between attorney and client. He also could be more accommodating to his clients needs.

    R. S. Missimer’s response: “I am completely shocked. I have not had a client express concerns of this nature to me directly. I am not sure who this client could be. Email is a preferred method of communications because it does allow both parties to have a written record of what has been said and a reminder of the plan. But it has its limitations. One of which is that is makes it hard to find answers when multiple questions have been asked. So, often having separate emails to answer one question at a time is used to make sure that the answer has been seen by the client. For the record on average email billing is three(3) for 0.1 hour. Since most attorneys charge 0.1 per email this is a huge savings for the client. Emails are by far the least expensive way to communicate with me. I am sorry if you thought it in anyway ran up a bill. If you are in fact a client, and have concerns about the bill please bring it up to me. My billing practice is to bill everyone at least once per month. Twice per month if the interrum bill exceeds one hour. I do this to ensure that the client can remember and reasonably review the bill without a substantial gap in time. I personally hate it when an attorney has waited to bill six(6) months. It makes it almost impossible to remember and feel comfortable that the amount is correct. Yet this in not that uncommon. Again if you have billing disputes please contact me so that we can work it out. I look forward to hearing from you.”
  • very helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Missimer always answers my questions! It is awesome to be able to get legal questions answered! It's a huge help and I really appreciate his willingness to provide services... Even if it involves answering questions online! Thank you so much!

  • A really nice one for a change.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    My wife and I entered into a divorce in November of 2010. Because we both were in agreement with the division of property, Richard Missimer recommended we go to court Pro Se, thus minimizing his fees. Richard was always there for us to answer our questions, unlike any other lawyer I have dealt with in the past. I would rate him on the top of my list for good honest legal help, and plan to use him if needed in the future.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lewis


    When I initially retained Richard Missimer in 2001 he was a patent agent plying his skills while continuing his quest to get his law degree. He has since accomplished his goal becoming a licensed patent attorney and he did so along the way in a very personable manner.
    During the last eight years of working with Richard I have come to know him more as a friend than a professional. Besides being very proficient at protecting my intellectual properties, he was always willing to take the time to answer my many questions on a wide range of subjects.
    Life is so very short and it’s important to me that, when ever reasonably possible, every moment be spent in a friendly manner. When choosing professional assistance in business and personal matters, I go to great lengths to seek out personable individuals. I do so because I have learned over the years that when searching for a professional to work with in a relationship spanning the term of many years, such as with patent protection, it is advisable to be amongst friends. Richard Missimer has been and continues to be a good man that I am thankful for having met. Attorney Missimer is fair, reasonable, caring, wise and down to earth with a sense of humor that is only surpassed by his legal savvy.
    When I was invited to comment on his Avvo listing, I thought about the many thousands of dollars of services he has provided protecting my interests. What made this costly exchange with Richard so easy to accept was knowing that along with services I received, I knew in my heart that Missimer is just the kind of person who can bring a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold and calculating legal system. In closing I recommend Richard be cloned so the likes of his professionalism remain in the future’s gene pool.

  • Patent App CIP

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Very sharp thinks out of the box. Keeps apprised of status. Great guy to work with!