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Brianna T. Scott

Brianna Scott’s reviews

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  • My Attorney, My Friend!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David R. Padecky

    First of all, I would like to say, that I do not agree with rating individuals. However, my Attorney, my friend, has asked me to do so, so I am. When I first retained Ms. Brianna T. Scott's services, I simply went through the yellow pages and decided I would choose her. I knew she was who I wanted and needed (sometimes you just know). I had had enough of arrogant Attorneys that talked the talk, but fell short of walking the walk, and weren't afraid to charge you for it. I have rated her as "Excellent" in everything, though I know she would tell you truthfully that she isn't. No one is excellent or perfect. However, excellent doesn't have to mean perfect. I believe I can say she is excellent, because Brianna wil not hesitate to be truthful with you. She will do as you want, if it is within the law. But, she will let you know what the probable out is going to be. She will not take your money and just show up. Brianna is excellent because she is good people. She treats you like you want and need to be treated. I have no complaints against her, I claim her as my friend because of who she is. Brianna is all of the above, which, makes her unique amongst Attorneys and friends. I have a steady (weekly/monthly) business relationship with Brianna and her associates. I have had other Attorneys work against me. Brianna and her associates work with and for me. That is why she is the right choice for anyone who is looking to retain the services of an Attorney that they can feel comfortable and secure with. I have never regretted choosing Brianna from the yellow pages. Looking back, I am positive I would of regretted not choosing her. As long as we are alive and she is practicing law, she will be my Attorney.

  • A Lawyer that Delivers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Hire Brianna Scott. Brianna is a great lawyer because she delivers. She was available and accessible to me when I needed her. How much better can it get than to have a former Muskegon prosecutor now be a defense attorney? She made it a point to understand what my specific legal issues were and gave me practical advice. She listened to me and helped me to understand the possible repercussions of my case. She did my legal work effectively and efficiently giving me more than I paid for. Brianna owned my problem and did everything possible for me to get the best deal possible with the legal system. Brianna thoroughly understood the court rules and procedures. She had credibility and experience with the Muskegon court system. She was articulate, relaxed and self-assured. She cared about my case and my verdict. She was concerned about my safety and moved quickly to get me out of jail. I got the best outcome I could have asked for. Also, everyone in her office was attentive to my needs.

  • Hands down...this is one tough attorney who fights for her clients!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    I cannot say enough good things about this attorney! I have had other attorneys in the past who only seemed concerned with making money off of my problems. I was very surprised at how much she truly cared about what mattered to me and worked so hard for me. She looks like and is a very nice woman who turns into a bulldog in court. She was worth every penny I paid her.