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Dennis Edwin Zahn

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  • Absolute best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I met Dennis after some false charges and dealing with a public defender who just wanted me to sign anything no matter my guilt or innocence. I was charged with 5 felonies in a small town in central indiana. The PD I was provided was the most uneffective human on earth; everything I was granted while using him were all things I had requested, not him, nor his ideas. After being issued a pub def and seeing the huge difference in paid counsel vs pub def I started saving immediately and studying too. I was studying prospective attorneys and their documented results on
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    I'd gotten prices as high as 15,000$ from far less effective attys in indiana, Dennis protected me for 5,000$, he's a legend among peers; the undismissable was dismissed, and I have that small hick town in my rearview. What my court appointed lawyer kept trying to have me sign would have secured me time in prison shortley or a joke of a trial with a public defender who's won 4 cases in 11 yrs in the entire state. On his real first appearance on my behalf he got tons of recognition within the court, my case went up first (ahead of my previous atty who normally goes first) he had gotten me a non-prosecution agreement (NPA) that required 20hrs community service and about 500$ and within 6wks my 5 B and C felonies we're dismissed. His name and presence shows a prosecutor that they're really gonna have to prove this or leave the man alone. I chose him after about 90 hrs of research, I felt like he was affordable, he's known statewide; he's a balance of experience, education, skill, and legal knowhow; and I know from him vs 6 other attorneys and 1 public defender(PD) with whom I've experience that PD's will never be as effective as private counsel. A nationwide study out there suggests PD's are 24% as effective as private counsel, WRONG. You're in a dark place, Dennis can get you out. No regrets at all on price, excellent service, and the results enabled me to get back on with my life.
    Thank you Denny!

  • Great attorney

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Mr. Zahn represented me in a case out of Indianapolis, IN for a class D felony of possession with intent to distribute marijuana (Indiana charges this as "dealing in marijuana"), approximately 5lb's according to the State. The only priors I had were from when I was 18 for misdemeanor marijuana possession and reckless endangerment which stemmed from a "brawl" type fight consisting of over 15 people. I don't feel comfortable going into details of where the arrest occurred or specifics about how it happened. However, in the end Mr. Zahn got me a plea deal that I was willing to accept, which was a suspended 3 year sentence and 1.5 years supervised probation, as well as the opportunity to go before the judge upon successful completion of probation and petition to have my felony reduced to a misdemeanor on my record. No jail time as long as I didn't violate my probation, with credit for 2 days served. Originally the prosecutor was only "offering" a 1.5 year PRISON sentence, so I found the second deal to be much more acceptable.

    Throughout the process I was almost always able to get a hold of Mr. Zahn on his cell phone and he was ready and willing to answer my questions even when he was at home. Overall, I would definitely recommend Mr. Zahn to anyone facing felony charges. I will say, without going into any details about the case, that I thought that we may have a shot at a motion to suppress evidence based on the initial probable cause and initial entry into the location I was at. However, I was paying Mr. Zahn for his legal opinion and with 45 years of experience, I had to defer to him on the issue. He felt it would come down to the police officers' word against mine and despite obvious lies and distortions I pointed out to Mr. Zahn, in which the initial officers' version of how things unfolded were changed to fit a "for sure" probable cause, he did not feel it would be granted.