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Frank Joseph Schiavone III

Frank Schiavone’s reviews

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  • Sherry, mother of 3

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherry

    In 2002 I was going through issues with Butler County Children Services. I was fighting them tooth and nail over my children with no end in sight. Threatened that my children were going to be taken away, putting them through extensive counseling sessions, guardian ad litem meetings. "Child Molestation" checks on babydolls with the counselors, and my little girl was so scared of them that she nearly tried to run from them and was attempting to escape out of the 7th story....yes 7th story window! I was called on the phone by the guardian ad litem and told I had to hurry back, that my children were crying, hiding under tables, and trying to bust out the window to get away from them, wanting their mommy. I was told that Children Services and all of these Court ordered workers were aloud to talk to my children alone, which is a LIE.... a parent is aloud to be present! It is our right. I didn't know this until things had gotten so bad and I was so scared because of all the threats they were making to me about my children what rights I actually had until I spoke with Frank. He saved my family, my children....and in less than 15 minutes in the judges office! He walks in, they walk out and the Judge jumps the court ordered workers up one side and down the other. Stating they had violated so many of our rights and that they were not aloud to speak with my children without me present.... needless to say maybe a week went by and I didn't like what the counselors were doing and filed a motion to stop counseling and dismiss my case! Frank fought it for me and won! I had custody of my babies back and everything stopped.... and by the way! My charge was "permitting drug abuse" .... I was charged for my ex husband being a drug addict and they were aggressively trying to steal my children away!!! but because of Frank and his knowledge, we won against the system! Yes I would recommend him as an attorney to anyone and everyone. He is a little expensive but so worth it all! Everyone penny times infinity!! Thank you Frank J Schiavone

  • great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    he was always there for me. his office kept me informed at all times of updates in my case. i was very happy with the outcome.

  • thanks for nothing frank

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Administrative Law client

    Seems like a great guy, but did not hold his title very well. Expected alot more out of him. Said one thing and got the other. very poor communication

  • A Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Actually, my story is a little different than usual but I went to jail and my court date was set to be 2 months away. One day the sheriff of the jail had an officer come and get me and take me to his office shackles and all.The officer told me on the way that the sheriff had never made such a request before. I walked in and he told me that Frank Shiavone is was his best friend in the whole world.He said their families eat dinner together every week and they play gold together on Tuesdays.He told me that my boyfriend was currently waiting in the lobby to visit me and he wanted to know if I wanted my visit extended an extra 15 minutes! I couldn't believe it. He also told me that my court date was moved up to 2 days from then.Anyone with a mediocre lawyer would of served at least a year or until they paid back all their fines. I went in front of the judge and he told me pay back the money in 3 months and go home. You have to call Frank Shiavone! Plus, I heard his son is attended law school to continue in Frank's footsteps