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Irving Rosner

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  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    My experience with Irv Rosner is unmatchable. His determination, dedication, concern and professional approach extends throughout his entire staff.

    I couldn't have asked for a better representation. My fears ended when Irv and his staff took over my case. Calls are always returned and questions always answered. "My" case became "our" case.

  • Saving me through the Workers Comp, system

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruthie

    I had a work related accident, and was dealing with a " self insured Company " it was a nightmare.
    I struggled for four years before having Irving Rosner recommended to me. From the first phone call that was received by Mr. Rosner's aide ( Bridgette ) I felt the reasurrance and guidence that can only come from someone with his experience. He walked me through a system with compassion and strength. I will forever be grateful to the person that recommended him to me,

  • My experience with Irv Rosner.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn

    I have recommended Irv to others and definately would to anyone I hear that needs a Lawyer to help with Workers comp issues.. I had other Lawyer's previously for my workers comp claim prior to Irv and those only concerned with how much money they would make from it. they also did not keep me informed about my claim and could care a less about me and what I needed.. I was in a deep hole that this system put me in.. I could not get the medical treatment I needed to be able to move forward.. prior to Irv being hired I received minimal treatment. My claim was approved but not due to the other lawyers.. I was lucky and was sent to a IME named Ira Unger (yes I said lucky) at that time I had not had a lawyer. I went to my first IME and happened to ask this doctor (myself being naive) if I could have a copy of his report? I was told no it would go to my lawyer, which i then informed him " why? I dont have a lawyer. I only want to be fixed so I could go back to work" Dr. Unger then informed me I needed one to protect myself. I then returned home and started to make calls. As I called lawyers out of the phone book the moment I mentioned this particular doctor most of the lawyers told me they would not take on my claim because this doctor will say nothing was wrong with me, or when they found out the law firm handling employers side again NOOO. I did finally hire one who took it on.. My claim was not approved and was scheduled to go to a IC hearing, at the last minute my claim was approved due to Dr. Ungers report. So no hearing. Then no contact from this lawyer.. Yes my claim was approved but here I was, ( getting TTD but no real treatment) being told I should be grateful.. Things proceed when I finally hired a new lawyer.. I would go to my doctor whom would ask for different treatments and of course they was all denied. I went into my 2nd lawyers office and was told what was to be expected when attending an IC hearing..My spouse would take time off work to take me and we are sitting in the waiting area, awaiting MY lawyer.. And a very nice woman called my name, had no idea who she was, she had a piece of paper in her hand. we went into the hearing and it was like someone took a board and hit me upside my head.. This Lawyer had no info about my claim and had no idea anything.. Thank goodness for appeals because the firm that had sent her gave her none of the medical information I had given to them and I lost that hearing. Even prior to the ruling I started talking to others about lawyers and a Man I admired my entire life recommended IRV ROSNER.. I called and went in to see him. He did not take me on right away. I had to take care of loose ends with other lawyer first. Irv is a very caring man whom works very hard for Me and my needs.. Yes he may of been the 3rd lawyer I had to hire for my claim but well worth the fight to get there.. If my review helps even one other person from having to deal with the issues I had with other firms then it will be well worth it.. Irv also has a wonderful, personable staff.. I go into office as needed to make sure everything is up to date and go over any concerns He or I may have.. IN my case we have to fight for every scrap. I see doctors and they in turn ask for tests ect and nothing gets approval without needing to go to IC hearing. Since taking on my claim Irv has won approval for 3 spinal surgeries, a spinal cord stimulator implant, many MRI's , medications, as well as everything that many would think of as trivial such as just going to see a specialist, psychological treatment and TTD payments. But without these small wins the big ones would never of happened.. Irv has done so much for me, he is very knowledgable about the BEST doctors for situations, and always keeps in contact to make sure I am being taken care of or if I need anything. WITH IRV I never feel like I am alone in this.