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Maria Greta Hoffman

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  • Left court feeling let down , defeated and betrayed

    1.0 star

    Posted by Smitty

    Gretta is personable and friendly , and has a great personality.
    I do however feel she reproached, humiliated & belittled me (unintentionally) in front of my ex , who NEEDED to see someone take a stand for me and our children ! - instead making me feel even more rejected and loathed and i sincerely felt sold out
    I am truly disappointed because she had been so promising and I thought I may finally get issues resolved concerning my ex's manipulative, demanding, controlling ways and using influences and power and charm to control custody issues and contempt of my time and holidays.
    In the end, she was manipulated by my ex also and because of this , the contempt issues have only grown and I feel I lost my kids because of her neglect to see abuse and manipulation as it is. Even though i still have custody , my ex does as pleases,and knows theyre above the court law.
    While i like Gretta as a person, her professionalism is not a strong point and My rights dont matter in the end.

    Maria Greta Hoffman’s response: “I will always be up front with my clients about the probable outcome of a case, and sometimes the truth is hard for people to accept. I do not sell out my clients, but I will also not present arguments that I know will not win. That is my ethical responsibility. I believe this is a professional approach, which is typically appreciated by my clients. I cannot always accomplish the goals of my client, but I will always try my best given the circumstances presented.”
  • Tenacious

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Danny

    When I first met with Greta, she was very tough on me, but that was appropriate; I was underprepared for our meeting. By doing so, she got the point across to me about the gravity of the situation. That--combined with our preparation for the hearing--resulted in a positive outcome, which exceeded my expectations and got me more than I was asking for!

  • Knowlegeable, but pulled me into the other room several times in front of my ex, to try to talk me into my EXS viewpoint.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by B.

    I like this attorney but I really felt sold out. I felt humiliatied when she repeadelty would take me into another room if i didnt go along with what my ex wanted. THATS WHY I was there! I do feel she was caring but at the same time I felt betrayed. My kids are STILL being controlled by my ex (i feel) as a result of her not representing me but truly felt she represented my ex!

  • Would Choose Greta Again

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    I could not have asked for better representation than was provided by Greta and her associates, especially Rachel. They made a difficult time much less threatening than it might otherwise have been, and I remain grateful.

  • Superior Legal Counsel

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I cannot speak highly enough about the legal counsel provided by Ms. Hoffman. I have been divorced for six years and chose not to have representation throughout the divorce. Consequently, I have had nothing but financial issues and problems with my ex regarding our minor children for the past six years because my divorce agreement was riddled with loop holes. I have since paid large sums of money to several attornies to represent me as these issues surfaced and have had NO success.
    All of this changed when I was introduced to Ms. Hoffman in 2010 and immediately hired her to represent me. Coming from a large family of lawyers, Ms. Hoffman is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable in all aspects of the law with an abundance of contacts in various disciplines that she called upon to assist with my case. She is meticulous and responsive. All of my calls were returned within 24 hours. She is technically sharp and strategically superior to any attorney I have encountered. Because of her incredible performance in 2010, my children and I live a much more peaceful existance. She was able to close the loop holes from my original divorce fiasco.
    I would encourage anyone to learn from my mistake. Do not go into a divorce without superior representation. If you are faced with a divorce, save yourself and your children pain and suffering - hire Ms. Hoffman to represent you.

  • GREAT Greta!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Raymond

    Greta is NO pushover. But, she won't take your word for everything either. AND YOU DON'T WANT HER TO. A good attorney is going to tell you the bad with the good. But, when she is convinced of your integrity and forthrightness as a client, then she is an intense fighter and advocate. Family law is ugly and you want someone who is sensitive to your needs but can see the other side as well and advise you accordingly. Greta will meet this need. I have heard many things I did NOT want to hear but she was brave enough and professional enough to say them anyhow. But she will listen in return as well. She is not impersonal but will keep professionalism at the fore.