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Harry Hellings’s reviews

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  • Don't walk. Run from this attorney.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Harry on the advice of a friend in the business, and it ended up being a big mistake. I ended up hiring another attorney half way through the case. His follow up was terrible, he wasn't prepared for hearings, he doesn't have the best interpersonal skills, and I definitely wouldn't recommend him to anyone. Other attorneys come in and speak with their clients before the court session. Not Harry. He spends his time talking to colleagues so you have no idea what is going on when your case does come up. The 2nd attorney I hired did more in two weeks than Harry had done in 6 months. This is just a personal observation, but to me it seems as though he's checked out. Simply collecting a paycheck and not doing anything to earn it. I did read some of the previous posts regarding him and did have my concerns. I was told you can't believe everything you hear on these sites which I still believe to be true. One or two disgruntled people shouldn't be able to destroy a reputation. Unfortunately in this instance, based on my experience, I have to agree with other reviews. He comes unprepared, doesn't follow up, and has no strategy. Much like another review the argument he used in the pretrial motion was laughable. I would have done a better job arguing the motion. It clearly stated in the police report I was in a center turn lane not once but twice. Last I checked there is nothing illegal about being in a center turn lane. These facts weren't brought up. No pictures were shown to show it was in fact a center turn lane. We had the officers hand drawn description of the lanes which he drew from memory. I wasted time and money with him. Buyer beware!

    Hired attorney
  • Really wish I would have used someone else…

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ron

    I'm going to echo a bit of what the other reviewer said in his review. If you hire Harry Hellings expect to talk to him during your initial consultation and then to see him the day of your trial. The rest of the time you will be communicating through and with an artificially endowed, blonde receptionist. At each of my several court appearances leading up to my trial a random attorney from their office showed up that I had never met or talked to before.

    If you are expecting somebody that is the least bit technically savvy, you really need to look elsewhere. Harry actually needed somebody to put the DVD of my arrest in the player at his office to view it. He asked me to take some pictures at the arrest scene. I showed up in court with them in digital format along with some video that I had shot, neither of which was used because Harry cannot handle the media system in the courtroom. In this day and age I find not being able to use the latest technology simply unacceptable.

    The argument that he used during my trial was almost laughable, and I think he just came into court and figured he was going to wing it.

    It will be two years in a couple of days since I got my DUI and not only do I still kick myself for hiring him, but I really kick myself for not asking for some of my retainer money back after the trial. It was just that disappointing.

  • Worst Attorney EVer!!!! All he cares about is money

    1.0 star

    Posted by Cindy

    Harry was HORRIBLE!!! Very rarely does he show up in court for your hearing,s he sends some otehr guy that is probably just out of law school. All he cares about is getting his money. I gave hime close to a $1,000.00, and he didn't do a thing. I asked his secretary after I paid the retainer ifhe would take payments for the balance, she said as long as you pay him something you should be fine. Well she was wrong, he filed a motion to withdrawl as my counsel and left me high and dry. I will be filing a motion for accounting myself and will request a refund. He does not care about his clients all he cares about is getting his money and that is it. I should hav known better, don't ever your this man as your attorney!!!!!!!!!