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Barry L Frager

Barry Frager’s reviews

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  • Review from client!

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    My asylum case was denied and i go to Frager, paid $5000 for appeal, but they not even asked me for evidence for my case that was needed, i figured it later.
    My apeal through them was denied and they asked me $10000 for next appeal.
    I come to them to get help but was ripped of, at the time I was dishwasher with $230 weekly paycheck. Their lawyers at Frager's office trained to scare you and make a sale, I understand that years later after attending business school.
    I just took my case from them and go to another lawyer that my friend recommend me.
    I get my green card with help of free lawyer from church.
    Had horrible experience with Frager, not recommended, very expensive, nice but really not interested in your case, only your money.
    After this situation I understood for myself, expensive lawyer is not very productive.
    If you wanna your case done right, ask help at Church or Mosque, this people will help you for low money or free, Yes, it is possible.

  • Shady Firm

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Frager Law Firm were up to date with me once I was on a payment plan but once my balance was $0 I never heard from them. I had to end my relationship with them because they were not getting anything done. I had to hire another attorney and none of my money was ever given back. Almost $20K and they were only able to deliver half of the work. It is a total joke. They change attorneys and are never on top of their work. All they want is money and more money but at this point they did not care for the client which they did not care for me at all. I guess once you pay off your on your own. First mistake of my life to pay them off. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ATTORNEY TO ANYONE!!!!!

  • Shallow Firm

    1.0 star

    Posted by Rosa

    I hired Mr. Frager to take care of my case, but they changed my attorney like 4 times (bad sign), attorneys where just quitting, I just talked to him once, only the first time, every time I had a new attorney I had to repeat my case again, and when I finally talk to him, he had no any idea who I was. a horrible experience, not recommended, very expensive, nice but really not interested in your case, only your money.

  • frager law firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by fab

    I would recommend Barry Frager, knowlegeable and trustworthy

  • knowledgeable lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by fabiola

    Barry Frager is an honest and dedicated lawyer. knowledgeable and I trust him to follow up and make things right for his clients.

  • Colleague

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lynda Jones

    Barry served as co counsel with me on a large federal case. He was well prepared and knows immigration law. He organizes and presents an annual immigration law seminar which is well attended by both lawyers and Judges. I will refer him future clients.

  • Petition from INS

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kwassi

    I had a petition case with INS which Attorney Barry Frager was representing me. I paid him $5000.00 for the case and I had about five attorneys from his law firm (turnovers) who were assigned to me case with him not updating them with the information that was requested from the judge. Only for him to be apolizing to the judge when asked of the materials I was supposed to present.

    Barry L Frager’s response: “There are always two sides to any story. Under Attorney-Client privilege, I am unable to refute the factual allegations. I did accept responsibility for any mistakes my office may have made and agreed to do additional work at no charge for the client.”