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Mark Wood’s reviews

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  • Great attorney...Mark knows his stuff and has a big heart.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    By the time the decision was made to officially divorce, I was at the point that I didn't really care how the legal/financial chips fell. I just wanted my child, I wanted out and I wanted it over. Mark competently guided me through the TN requirements for splitting assets/debts, figuring out support for my child (TN doesn't play games) and provided great advice regarding the emotional damage & recovery from a divorce. When going through a divorce, whether it is amicable or horribly nasty, everyone tends to go a little crazy for awhile. Fortunately, Mark also has a great ability to lighten the mood and make you laugh when you are about to go over that emotional cliff while dealing with the craziness of the divorce decision making. I can't end this review without also mentioning his wife, Julia. She is absolutely fabulous... very organized, friendly and helpful. Both of them make the legal side of divorce a very smooth process. Thank you both!!!

  • Mark Wood really cares!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hilary

    Hi Mark:

    I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your assistance in my divorce and for guiding me to Bram Bevins to handle the bankruptcy I didn’t know I needed. My house finally sold at auction yesterday and it is such a weight lifted off my shoulders. You didn’t have to take the time to make sure I was financially safe, but you did. Your guidance and support got me through a very hard time. I am engaged now and planning my future. I just wanted to thank you for providing a valuable service for people with agreed divorces. Keeping the cost down is such a blessing. A few of my friends have gone to you as well and I always refer people who are heading toward that difficult decision.

    Thank you for what you did for me.


  • Superbly excellent representation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Julie

    Superbly excellent representation! Extremely knowledgeable and professional, Mr. Mark S. Wood offers the highest-quality legal services for remarkably affordable fees. While an acutely acknowledged, accomplished, and intelligent attorney, Mr. Wood is also a very dedicated support to his clients on a personal, attentive, healing, comfort-level basis, empathetic to the transitional, grieving process of divorce. Having "been there" (divorce scenario) himself, he certainly understands the multifaceted, sophisticated legal process, as well as the delicate, intricate, emotional nature of humans in such the dissolution (or "death of a dream") mode. Mr. Wood is a very genuine, insightful, compassionate, perceptive lawyer whose services eliminate much of his client's stresses, via open communication and individualized attention, thus unequivocally demonstrating that his client's total welfare is of utmost importance. Always consistent, Mr. Wood's work is very efficient and his processes are handled in extremely precise and timely manners. His aptitude of expert articulation, extreme dedication, distinguished knowledge of the law, and sincere approach to the subject of divorce all uniquely mesh, lessening the adversarial means, thus resulting with a "good" divorce as the outcome. His style focuses on maturity, as well as alleviating a lot of costs, time, stresses, complexities, and animosities, thus leading to better results for all involved, ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN. In addition, Mr. Wood has the very necessary (but hard to find with many attorneys!) psychologically-humane knack for making his clients smile amidst the very emotional process of divorce...that alone speaks volumes! Thank you, Mr. Mark S. Wood, for a truly wonderful process! :)

  • McGinn Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wilson

    Mr. Wood was very communcative regarding the divorce process and considerate of my mental state from the begin. This thoughtfulness never varied. He displayed an exceptional level of patience with all questions, which he addressed knowledgably and in lay speak. Mr. Wood demonstrated that my interests were paramount as he suggested options on several occasions that would safeguard my position (e.g. finances, legal risk). His guidance through the divorce process has no doubt made it easier than it would have been. Lastly, all this great support was provided at a very reasonable cost.

  • Excellent Services! I highly recommend...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beth

    Though uncontested, my divorce was complicated by bankruptcy, and was more difficult than I anticipated it would be. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He spent a great deal of time with me personally reviewing my case and making sure that each facet of it was handled in an efficient manner.

    In addition to providing sound legal advice, Mark was also very kind and understanding. He realized that this was a very difficult time in my life and went to great lengths to make sure that I understood the process. I felt very supported throughout. I have already recommended Mark to several others, and will continue to do so.