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Kelly A McCallum

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    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I am very pleased with Kelly for she is a great attorney and provided me with information as to why my previous employer should pay me for the hours worked. It is sad that we have employers that take advantage of their employees and expect to get away with not paying and if you are not smart enough the employers get away with it. I thank my husband for reaching out to Robert Rubenstein and for obtaining Kelly as our attorney. Thank you Kelly you are a great attorney and II wish you all the best.

  • Kelly Amritt is great at what she does!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I've never sued anyone before in my entire life; it was completely new to me but my former employer most certainly deserved it. I was in a position where I was receiving a salary based pay and somehow they thought it was morally fine for them to reduce my salary without even asking me. When I got my paycheck and saw the changes I asked why the lower wages, and was basically told that if I don't want the position they have no problem finding someone that does. I couldn't even afford my rent because of this incident. Others have been fired before me for questioning their paychecks. Miami does have plenty of people that can be easily taken advantage of and paid below minimum wage. I essentially was working roughly 90-110 hours each week for less than $300 per week.

    I was new to Florida so was unsure what the labor laws in Florida were. Upon searching for them I came across the website of Robert Rubenstein whom Kelly works for. After a brief consultation Kelly agreed to take my case. I provided her pay stubs that proved my salary pay was reduced.

    Kelly must have done magnificent work because my former employer agreed to settle outside of court within two months time. I actually had to move because of leaving that job. I had no idea what the process of suing was, how long things took, etc. Kelly was so patient with my questions and always gave me personal attention, even though my case was probably considered minor work in her field.

    Even if there was in instance that Kelly didn't know the correct answer to my question, she was up front and told me that she had to find out the answer. I respect the fact that instead of acting like I was some small time chump she did what she said and returned my call or email usually later that day or at the wost the following day with the correct answer.

    I know that Kelly was a busy woman because her gatekeepers screen her calls thoroughly. Even though there were times it felt annoying, I suppose they were just doing their jobs. This is the only minor complaint I could possibly come up with. Kelly would actually even apologize on their behalf's which really wasn't necessary.

    I'm lucky to have had Kelly Amritt representing me and would recommend anyone having similar issues you give her a call. Another awesome thing was that Kelly was so confident in her abilities that we agreed that I didn't owe her a dime unless she won the case! This woman was a Godsend to not only me, but others that were still being underpaid after I left.

    In closing, Kelly not only got me wages that were owed to me from the past, she also was able to get my former employer to pay me my final paycheck which they withheld and refused to mail to me after my employment ended. Anyone that reads this should know that Kelly Amritt is great at what she does, provides excellent customer service, and most importantly gets the job done.