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Michael Eric Manely

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  • The Perfect Divorce Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lee

    We went through three attorneys before we hired Michael to become the lead attorney on our case. Our case lasted two years and we learned so much in that time. You need to choose carefully when you are selecting an attorney. Some are out there just to get your initial payment, and once they get what they want they will avoid you like the black plague. There's also one's out there that just aren't on top of things, or aren't as responsive during critical times in your divorce. Michael is different. He responds to your emails at 10 pm and has conversations with you to ease your mind when you are being harassed. He coaches you on the proper conduct. Michael is an outstanding litigator and thinks outside of the box. Michael eases you through the process while creating the best case for your situation. When we first met with Michael, we were in bad shape. We lived out of state and and my girlfriend no longer had custody of her child. In two years Michael diligently guided us to regain custody, and child support. If it weren't for him our lives would be drastically different. I have the utmost respect for this man, and am thoroughly convinced that being a divorce attorney is his passion. He is helping society by helping families each and every day.

  • Excellent Attorney and experienced!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    This was a case that was just handled poorly by another attorney. Custody/child support case. Please find this review as a recommendation to retain Mr. Manely and his firm. My daughter and myself were very relieved to find the Manely Law firm is Savannah, Georgia. My daughter actually retained one of the attorneys with the firm not aware the Michael Manely in Marietta was also involved throughout the progress of my daughters case. We actually retained one attorney, and got the added benefit and experience from a 25 plus year warrior in this legal field. I was the one who actually found the firm through a lengthy process of "looking around". We had already had a faulty experience with another attorney in my daughters custody/child support, it was terrible and heart breaking for my daughter and our family. Nothing good about the battles you must be prepared to fight and without that experience and knowledge of a committed attorney, you are doomed. I wish we had found Michael Manely's firm months and months ago. There is no doubt that we would not have been looking again for an attorney to represent my daughter and grandson. My daughter and I are so greatful for the results. Visitation and travel for our 7 year old out of state and visitation were greatly increased. Support was reduced 50% which was our original argument. And how Mr. Manely and our Savannah attorney argued for grandparent visitation and ordered by the judge to allow us the grandparents the right to travel/escort our grandson is unheard of. Ain't gonna happen in Georgia. But Mr. Manely and our Savannah Manely attorney new the law to make this possible. Thank You.

  • The Divorce is Over, and Granted

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Billy

    My daughter has received the final billing and the refund check for the balance in the Trust Account. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Lawyer Michael Manely for the professional manner in which he and all his staff performed the requirements of my daughter's divorce for which I was paying the bill. I was never concerned about her being in "GOOD HANDS" all the way in this matter. It was so comforting to my wife and me to know that such a professional attorney as Mr. Manely was looking after our "Little Girl" who is so very special to us. We had told her to get the best in the business to represent her and we are convinced that she did. My daughter told me on several occasions that Lawyer Manely and his staff were so responsive to her needs and never failed to be available to her and get her concerns addressed in a very timely fashion. The Manely firm was extremely punctual in getting the monthly billings out to me and were always ready to answer any questions I had about them. I will close this review by saying, "If you have to go through a divorce, you really need the Lawyer Michael Manely on your side.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurent

    Michael came highly recommended as a divorce attorney. I know why. What I thought would be a pretty simple, straight-forward divorce, turned into a nightmare for me. My ex-wife complicated matters on all fronts...she wanted everything and drug things out as long as she could, but Michael and his staff worked diligently to get my divorce over as quickly as possible while still looking out for my best interests.

    They were always there to answer questions, give sound advice and give me reassurance. I know they did their best to save me money while the opposing side just wanted to spend my money. Michael and his team are very experienced in dealing with difficult cases. They always let me know how realistic my expectations were and what to expect from my ex-wife and her attorney. It was worth every penny to have an honest, intelligent and experienced lawyer fighting for me. It meant so much, especially in the situation I was in.

    I cannot give Michael and his staff enough credit or praise. If I could not reach Michael for some reason, his associate, Lindsey Harrison, or paralegal, William Callaway, were available. Everyone I dealt with was extremely helpful and always up front with me. Michael saw me through this every step of the way and I highly recommend Michael Manely and the entire Manely Firm.

  • Supreme Court WINNER!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Mr. Michael Manely and his law firm is the best law firm I have had the pleasure of working with. In my battle I have had to retain several lawyers and in my experience the Manely firm has been nothing but top notch!! I have read other reviews and I must say I have witnessed absolutely NOTHING that has been written negatively against him or his firm. Yes, I have spent a considerable amount of money but that is what you have to do to get the best representation. He by far, is worth every penny!! I have high praise for Mr. Manely and would recommend him to anyone that is seeking a great honest lawyer.

  • I Will Be Filing an Ethics Complaint with the State Bar

    1.0 star

    Posted by Scott

    Unethical, dishonest, predatory, abusive and disrespectful. I could take the time to explain all that Mr Manely has done to send me into financial ruin and compromise what was almost an air-tight case, but I will save it for the State Bar. Let's just say I've been with this scumbag for over a year and have spent over $20k (I make less than 30k per year). He should be disbarred.

    Michael Eric Manely’s response: “I am currently unaware of any complaint lodged with the State Bar, but welcome the opportunity to defend my and my firm's practice. At The Manely Firm, P.C., we are meticulous in record keeping and client communications, providing the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. In 23 years of practice, I have never been admonished in any way by The State Bar. In addition, at The Manely Firm, P.C, we are one of the few firms I know who provides a client care coordinator. Her name is Martha Reilly and she is available to assist clients if they are unhappy with the work or any of our staff, including me. She provides an additional ear for listening to client concerns and voice to aid in articulating and explaining client frustration which can be intense for family law clients who are often battling the people they once loved most.”
  • Hague Case - International Child Abduction

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    He told me he had lots of experience and described some of the cases he'd done. He promised he could get the kids back to the US. Great. What he didn't tell me was the once here, she would win custody and then leave anyway! I'd prefer if ALL the facts were presented rather than what I want to hear.
    I had a consultation with another firm and they laid it out straight to me.

    Michael Eric Manely’s response: “I have never had a case where I worked to have children returned to the United States and then lost custody. I am only aware of a client losing custody of children I successfully had returned to the United States after I was no longer serving as their counsel. That isn't to say, though, that this could never happen. There are many factors judges rely on to make custody determinations and I never guarantee any parent they will win. I do, though, use 23 years of experience from hundreds of cases to determine in which situations winning custody is likely. In my experience, judges rarely reward parents who run with their children abroad and intentionally alienate the other parent. When it happens, there are often revelations about the parent seeking to have the children returned that evolve during the pursuit of the case that were not revealed initially.”
  • Strung-a-long and charged, charged, charged

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Don't believe the 'sales pitch'. The Manely firm is knowledgable in two things...divorce representation and how to extract the most money possible from you. They know you are vulnerable, scared, upset, etc and work that to their advantage. In my particular case, Manely always started negotiations with my ex's attorney in such a hole that he orchestrated that when he got more than he was trying to bargain for he would act as if it was a grand slam, but instead it was not even the basic child visitation that almost everyone gets. Needless to say that i wasted 6 months with him and my requests were never listed to or followed and after withdrawing from the attorney i was able to get much better child visitation on my own negotiations. I am now in the process of hiring a new attorney to finalize my divorce after one year. IN my experience this law firm is very unethical.

    Michael Eric Manely’s response: “I and my firm are one of the few to offer free consultations. Our current up-front retainer is $3650 and the highest billable hour is mine at $325 an hour. I encourage potential clients to compare my years of experience, my firm's comprehensive staffing, and the percentage of cases focused on family law. It is apparent that my philosophy is to give the highest quality legal services at the lowest possible price. But, don't take my word for it. Shop around. It is also important in family law to have realistic expectations. During our free consultations, I and my associates try hard to get potential clients to realize that results depend on the nature of the relationship between the parties. In my experience, though, few people who are inclined to work together to resolve problems quickly and easily get divorced. Therefore, it can often take months for parties to let go the emotional need to hurt the other. These and other emotional hurdles can cause cases to drag on for years. In the end, it takes two to reach an agreement.”
  • Ignored-Delayed-Charged-Charged-Charged

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mike

    I worked with a Manely associate last summer who I had to release after nearly 3-months. When I sought assistance from Manely regarding billing, retrieving my records, especially my children's records, my emails, telephone calls were ignored. In the end, I spent over $9,000 and wasted time, having to hire a new attorney to start from the beginning. My new attorney advised me to write a certified letter to Manely to request my records, before resorting to the GA Bar. The letter was responded to 3-weeks later, denying that there were any records. I communicated that I was informed that there were records that remained.

    To make a long story short, after approximately 7-months, I finally received all of my records. However, I had to invest quite a bit of time to produce these communications and respond to being ignored or denied, especially during a time when life was more than difficult going through a divorce.

    Avoid this company - don't be fooled by the sales pitch.

    Michael Eric Manely’s response: “Our firm has a policy of copying our clients on all documents as they are produced and received. In addition, every client is assigned a paralegal responsible for keeping their file and closing it for return to the client at the close of the client's case. Additionally, we have a client care coordinator whose job is to call client concerns to my attention, including failure to get records from closed files. Finally, all documents are also scanned and kept electronically, making retrieval instantaneous.”