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Ricky Harris’s reviews

     4.5 stars 3 total

Review Ricky Harris
  • He did the best he could.

    3.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Admittedly my case may not have been very easy but when you pay, in excess of 5 X, the cost of the ticket there are some "expectations". I did NOT have to go to court and don't have any reason to believe that anyone else could have done more. I just expected two things to happen and neither did. I didn't make it easy for either of us actually.

    Hired attorney
  • best lawyer of all

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marlena

    i have used Ricky Harris twice and both times I never even saw the inside of the courtroom. i had drug charges and another time was several accessory charges. He is highly recommended from many friends and relatives and they were very right when they said he was the best. I highly recommend Rick Harris to anyone regardless what type of charge you have against you. if he tells you something you can trust he means what he says. I highly recommend him.

  • best lawyer in the state if ya ask me....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dennis

    i cant say enough about ricky harris... he saved my,and many many others but from going down the road for a long time...ive used ricky many times myself.... he what i like to call "THE MAN"... ive not only used him many times... ive sent over 30 people to rick for the past 20 or so yrs.. i dont know of 1 single person who hired rick that didnt come and thank me then and thank me EVERY time they see me..rick went with me when a city cop in gaffney "thought" he was going to hoo-doo me on a traffic ticket.. i called rick and he held it off for over 2 yrs and then we BEAT it in a jury trial.. we BEAT even a speeding ticket... rick is always there when you need him 8 days a week if needed.. and when i said i sent rick over 30 people in the past 20 yrs.. they wernt for speeding tickets.. hahahaha... from 4th offence dui,fail to stop for blue light,resist arrest,and refuse to blow.. needless to say my friend left on the way to hwy dept to get his drivers licence back.. to a few murders in many different ways and so many drug charges i couldnt count...shoot.. i could write a book on this man but i will spare ya.. but as far as im concerned RICKY HARRIS is THE BEST LAWYER ive ever seen.. i named my youngest son after him... if not for ricky i wouldnt have "lil "rick rick..... THANKS for all you have done for me RICK .. and for ANYBODY looking for THE BEST lawyer.. just get rick.. he is a little higher than a few others and cheaper than some.. but no matter how much .. "I WANT TO WIN ".... RICKY HARRIS is a winner... have a blessed day to all who read... Dennis Allison Jr