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Laura S. Irwin

Laura Irwin’s reviews

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  • Surprised by other reviews- clearly staffing issues

    5.0 stars

    Posted by WilliamsFamily

    I was referred through a DV agency. I was barely employed and afraid that I would lose my children. Laura at the time was near the end of her pregnancy so the Irwins worked on my case as a team. They I felt were very compassionate and professional. Because is was a smart thing for me to leave the marital home, I and my children were in a shelter program. Which helped me to stand on my own two feet financially. The Irwins billed me without complaints and never slacked because I could not pay at the time. I was so appreciative that I understated what I could pay one month so as to surprise them with a complete pay off that same month. I knew that they deserved every penny and more. It was the best investment I ever made. There were even returns on that investment as Laura gave me legal advice and guidance unsolicited. I was both humbled and empowered by the thought that she actually cared about me and my family. Something you do not always get from a lawyer. My family is now a success story to which I cast the Irwins in as a major part. Today I own my home, have one child in college, the other getting top grades in h.s. and I work with families in need hoping to make good on the Irwins investment in me. This firm helped me at a pivotal point in my life and were nothing but caring, professional, knowledgeable and kind. I will forever be thankful.

  • A terrible experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Please save yourself a lot of heartbreak, go elsewhere. Ms. Irwin seems knowledgeable, but she was incredibly unresponsive (did not return emails for weeks on end), did not read or use information that was provided to her, and seemed impatient from day 1. Her staff is also disorganized. A terrible experience, when we could really have used some help.

  • Finally happily divorced

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    In the beginning, it was impossible to get in touch with anyone in her office. Phone calls and emails went weeks without being answered or responded to. I had no idea what the status of my divorce was and the website was down forever so I couldn't even reach anyone through that. The last few weeks or so have gotten better though. There seems to have been a change in staff recently so the response time is almost immediate. Calls get answered in the office and emails are responded to if not immediately, within the next 24 hours. The office was a sinking ship for a little bit but things are picking up and the newer staff there is pleasant and was willing to get answers for me when there was something they didn't know or couldn't advise on. She's a great lawyer and knows what she's doing but my only complaint would be her responsiveness which has improved.