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Dino Samuel Colombo

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  • Care Giver Neglect

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelia

    My Son was injured by a negligent care giver back in Dec/2007. My son grew up with special needs. Even tho he had special needs, my son was a very happy person, & he enjoyed his life. On Dec.2,2007 my son's life changed for the worse. He was in the hands of a care giver who was suppose to be caring for him on that day. This care giver was suppose to be at my son's home, Instead, this woman took my son to her home to be with her boyfriend, there he ended up with a spinal cord injury & this injury took all my son's abilities away from him. My son can no longer walk, feed hiself, & he is now total care. But most of all my sons Joy is gone. He is no longer that happy person who once walked around clapping his hands & humming. But thanks to Dino Colombo who represented my son in this law suit & fought for my son to get a fair settlement. My son will never have to sacrifice for the things he needs for the rest of his life. He has purchased a van equipped for a wheel chair, A home with 17 acres of land in a rural area, top of the line hospital bed, & any equiptment he needs. He also goes on vacations & takes week end trips if he desires to do so. I can remember the winter this law suit was taking place, & it was a snowy winter. it seemed like every time a deposition was scheduled a snow storm would come up.But the snow storms didn't stop Dino Colombo, he was always there.Dino always kept me informed about the case & everything that was going on with the case. He called me numerous times during the law suit, & he always made sure I understood everything. Dino Colombo wasn't just a Lawyer he was our friend & he still remains our friend to this day. If it wasn't for Dino Colombo my son wouldn't have the things today that he needs to make his life better because of these injuries. There would be no wheelchair van, no home to accomudate his wheelchair & his bed would be a medicade hospital bed which isn't too good & very uncomfortable. But Because Of Dino Colombo my son has everything he needs to make his life better for him. No, the money can't replace what happened to my son or put him back the way he once was. But it can help his life be a little bit better & he can have the equiptment, etc he needs now because of these injuries. Even tho my son has adjusted to his injuries & can now smile again, he will never be like his old self. We use to do alot of things togeather him, & I.... And I really miss that. I will always be grateful to Dino Colombo for his hard work & dedication to this lawsuit. Without Dino Colombo's help my son's life would not be what it is today. I WOULD recommend Dino Colombo to anyone who is seeking a good Attorney to fight for you & get you the settlement you deserve. Dino will stand by you, & he will do everything he possibly can to get the job done. Without the help of Dino Colombo my sons life would not be what it is today. I will always be grateful to Dino Colombo.

  • Personal service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Willard

    Dino Colombo sat down with me, explained everything in detail, and gave me the information I needed to feel comfortable about my case. I was really scared after being hurt in a car accident and didn't know if I should believe what the insurance company was telling me. Dino took the time to make me comfortable with the process and secured a favorable result. Highly recommended.

  • Recommend Without Hesitation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I suffered a serious and debilitating injury several years ago when I was hit by a drunk driver. When it came time to hire a lawyer I wanted an experienced trial lawyer with a well earned reputation, and quickly found that Dino Colombo was the "go to" guy in personal injury law. Having experience in the legal industry over 40 years myself, I recognize a good lawyer when I meet one. They don't come any better than Dino Colombo.