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Mark Steven Lynch

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  • Exceptional representation with care and commitment to his clients

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Mark Lynch is an extraordinarily talented lawyer who is wonderful to work with. He is a sincere man of integrity who is absolutely devoted to his clients. Mark combines expertise, professionalism, and compassion with subtle humor and an easy-going manner. He is meticulously methodical, and leaves no stone unturned in his aggressive representation. Mark is always available when you need him, and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to his clients.

    Two weeks before settlement, Mark stepped in to rescue my elderly parents from an unscrupulous realtor whose machinations nearly cost them everything they had worked for and depended on for their retirement. The realtor used devious means to manipulate my parents into selling their house under a flawed contract while secretly acting on behalf of the proposed buyer as well, an illegal practice in the state of Maryland. While the realtor was belligerent, disrespectful and unresponsive to Mark throughout their dealings, Mark remained dignified yet tenacious about working through all the issues. The realtor, who ultimately realized that Mark was not going to allow disreputable, underhanded tactics to prevail, finally relented, and the situation was resolved in my parents’ favor.

    While I was extremely grateful for Mark’s intervention, I was not surprised that he was able to take a desperate scenario and bring about a positive outcome. After my initial meeting with him, I knew he would use his 30 years of experience to do everything he could for my parents. He not only fought for them, but he kept my spirits up throughout the process as well. I always felt re-energized after a conversation with this kind, caring, and insightful man.

    My parents were profoundly fortunate to have Mark Lynch working on their behalf, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an exceptional, trustworthy attorney.

  • A great lawyer who is there for you . . .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Some years ago I consulted Mark regarding a problem I was experiencing at work. The essential problem was that my job performance and character were being mischaracterized for political reasons. I had an excellent employment record and I was extremely effective at my job. Influential members of the organization, however, wanted to force me out in order to further their own careers and wreak havoc upon my career for reasons unrelated to my job performance.

    Mark was truly outstanding in representing me and advising me of my options. He immediately began working on my case, wrote an outstanding letter on my behalf and handled my situation in the manner of a true professional. He demonstrated great enthusiasm, integrity, legal knowledge and a practical understanding of the system . The thing I liked best about Mark was that he was absolutely honest with me: rather than build up my hopes and initiate a long drawn out process that would be emotionally draining, he gave me a clear, unadulterated evaluation of my chances in court and a hard lesson as to the best and worst that I might be able to achieve through litigation. He gave me the truth and let me make the choice. In essence, he allowed me the opportunity to avoid a cure that would have been worse than the illness.

    Mark is a decent, compassionate, intelligent and caring lawyer who is extremely knowledgable, courteous and confident. Beside his keen understanding of the law honed through years of practice, his great attributes are his humanity, loyalty, general common sense and a sincere interest in his client's cause. He is a man of integrity and honor and, in that sense, he is one of that breed of attorneys who see themselves as advocates rather than mere businessmen/women. He is eloquent, studied in the law and molded by years of experience and understanding of the way in which the system works. He is efficient and knows how to get things done.

    I have always been impressed with Mark and recommend him highly for his commitment to the client, his legal expertise, his knowledge, his experience and his respect for the client. He has shown great ability in such diverse matters as family law, real estate, personal injury, business law and, of course, employment issues. When serious problems arise, Mark Lynch is the one I'd want to be able to turn to.