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Robert Lazzaro’s reviews

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  • Complete Misrepresentation!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Marc

    I was a client of Mr. Robert Lazzaro who billed me for over $89k. He simply agreed to anything opposing counsel wanted. He also misinformed me regarding what he had me sign. Saying it was temporary, when in fact that was not true.

    Integrity is important.

  • Totally Ineffective Counsel

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steve

    Robert simply collected and filed my papers. He consulted with the opposing counsel and did exactly as she advised him to do. He charged me almost $15K in fees and left me paying ten years of hefty alimony. My ex-wife has a doctorate degree and is more educated than me. She will be able to retire in her mid-fifties (age) on the settlement that she was able to legally extort from me.
    Mr. Lazzaro saw an opportunity to take money from a person in a helpless situation and he used it to his full advantage. He ignored all of the facts that I gave him that would have helped my case. In addition, he did not warn me of the ways that ex-wives can shift financial obligations off of themselves onto their ex-husbands. In mediation/litigation, he made no mention of the fact that my ex- used marital funds to obtain her doctorate. The advice that he gave about taxes was incorrect. When my ex- violated the Pendete Lite Consent Order, Robert made no effort to challenge the violation. This compounded my legal obligation to pay for bills and expenses that my ex- has accrued over the course of the Pendete Lite Consent Order. My ex- to put the apartment she lived in in my name and refused to remove my name from the utilities bill of the marital home which I was not living in. I had to assume the financial responsibility for two residents above what I was paying in alimony and child support.
    After Robert got done with me, I have more debts and legal obligations than I ever had and my ex-wife lives to the same level of comfort that she enjoyed when she was married to me. Divorce can be very financially rewarding if you hire a good lawyer that can manipulate the opposing counsel, as was in my case.
    If you feel that you have too much money and you would like to give a large chuck of it to someone else, then I highly recommend Mr. Lazzaro. For the rest of us, I would stay far away from him. He was totally ineffective against my opposing counsel.