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Ellyn B Tanenberg

Ellyn Tanenberg’s reviews

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  • Thorough assistance with expat and foreign bank filings

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    Ellyn Tanenberg provided, immediate, timely and thorough assistance with state and federal tax issues arising from a period of working abroad, including missed filing dates and pending claims. Highly recommend.

    Hired attorney
  • Outstanding Advisor!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vic

    Ellyn Tanenberg has been preparing our tax returns for almost 10 years, after we determined that the complexities of our returns were far beyond our ability to resolve with TurboTax. We initially asked the advice of another tax preparer whom we trusted implicitly, and he suggested that Ellyn Tanenberg was hands-down the best person we could turn to for help. She has been preparing our returns ever since, and in all this time, she has never let us down.

    In recent years, our situation has been complicated by the new requirement to closely manage of our retirement investments, and Ellyn has been giving us invaluable assistance to help us to understand the tax implications of movements in and out of our retirement accounts that our fund managers have not always considered. She has thus saved us from making some costly mistakes. Also, she is meticulous in going through the financial reports to ferret out the necessary input data.

    More recently, we made a purchase of some offshore rental property. Here too, Ellyn has been painstaking in organizing and properly reporting on the investment income. Furthermore, without Ellyn’s thorough research and assistance, we would have been totally lost regarding preparation of the requisite Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR).

    Another important role Ellyn fills has been in interpreting and applying some of the arcane provisions of our State Tax Code. For example, the coding of retirement income for retired state employees can be confusing. Also, there are instructions for reporting deductions for military retirement pay that are difficult to interpret. Ellyn thoroughly researches the answers to these situations, and thus, here also she has saved us some considerable tax expense.

    Ellyn Tanenberg is our go-to person for tax assistance. Without a doubt, I am sure there is no better qualified person than Ellyn for tax advice and preparation.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    My husband and I spent years trying to resolve a tax problem. We literally felt hopeless and did not know where else to turn. Upon conferring with our daughter, Attorney Ellyn Tanenberg was recommended. Ellyn was very competent and thorough as she prepared to represent us. Throughout the tedious process of document collection, phone calls and additional "roadblocks", we finally received an acceptable installment agreement, thanks to Ellyn! She was persistent! When we felt like quitting the process, she responded, " You can't give up on me now! You have been dealing with this for 5 years!" She truly cared! Our heartfelt thanks, again, to you Ellyn!!!

  • Highly recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    During our nearly three years working together, I have been consistently impressed by Ellyn’s attention to detail, dedication, resourcefulness, perseverance and honest guidance when it has come to resolving my extremely complicated tax situation. Upon receiving permanent residency to the US, I discovered I owed several years' worth of taxes to the government. Navigating both tax law and the US immigration law, Ellyn left no stone unturned as she investigated the facts and triangulated her findings with various sources in order to be able to file city, state and federal taxes on my behalf. Each fact and figure was supported by a specific tax code or detailed advice from an authority in the IRS who Ellyn personally contacted. Throughout the process, Ellyn’s genuine concern for my case and cheery disposition made her a real pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Ellyn highly enough - you can rest assured, she will get to the bottom of even the most challenging of tax situations!

  • Attorney-CPA Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marjorie

    Ellyn Tanenberg has been my Attorney/CPA for nine years. She is professional, thorough, highly-competent and pleasant to work with. In her profession, she has managed to surround herself with the tools and resources needed to do her job efficiently and effectively. Her analysis of issues is well thought-out and factual. She will work on and research an issue until she gets an answer. Ms. Tanenberg is also reliable and dedicated to her clients and the work she performs for them.

    Ms. Tanenberg recently represented me at an IRS Audit and her knowledge as a CPA, her confidence and excellent skills served me well. The bottom line, Ms. Tanenberg is a top notch CPA/Attorney who is committed, skilled and patient as she tackles problems and sees them through to completion if it requires research or just plain hard work and endurance.

    I highly recommend Ms. Tanenberg to anyone searching for a competent Attorney/CPA.

  • A trusted adviser for almost 20 years

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jana and Michael

    We found Ellyn's name in the Yellow Pages when we needed a lawyer to help us with a relative's estate caused by the disappearance of her lawyer. Ellyn capably handled the estate and we have been her clients ever since.
    Ellyn has been a trusted adviser for almost 20 years. She is thorough, responsible, professional, and highly competent. Ellyn takes time to explain things to ensure that we thoroughly understand our situation and our options.

  • Ellyn Tanenberg review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Attorney Tanenberg is an excellent tax attorney. Her comprehensive knowledge of the law and all applicable IRS regulations allow her to provide a thoroughly well prepared and professional response to even the most complex tax questions. She is prompt in responding to all deadlines and questions. She addresses the client's issues with the utmost priority and attention to detail. The results are excellent.

  • Great Lawyer and Accountant

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ray

    For years I have made several attempts to seek the service of business accountants. There is one word which can describe my opinion of their service, incompetence. I had pretty much given up until I found Ellyn Tanenberg. This accountant/lawyer is not your run of the mill professional. She pays stick attention to details, and goes out of her way to find every deduction. She really cares about her clients.