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Thomas Budesheim’s reviews

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  • Nothing is impossible for Mr.Budesheim

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marina N.P.

    When I first meet Mr. Budesheim, I was exhausted, extremely disappointed and devastated by circumstances around my private life; my Employment Authorization Card had expired and besides, I received notification for my deportation from US, due the absence of real reasons, why should I live in this country?
    Mr. Budesheim listened me carefully and attentively, then he smiled to me so friendly and warmly that all my fear and frustration almost disappeared. “We are here, to protect the people, like you”-he said, and I believed, he is able help me.
    Mr. Budesheim and his team had working scrupulously and meticulously within all period of time for my defense against deportation and then, for my application of permanent residency and my application for Naturalization of citizenship, solving them step by step.
    Today, I am glad that I overcame to all my problems, by support and care of Mr. Budesheim and his team. I think, I need to share my history with all those, who has a problem, with immigration. I can say to all of them; nothing is impossible, for Mr. Budesheim, with his high professionalism and dedication for his clients, he will be always a winner, and consequently, together, with all those, who need support & protection.

    Consulted attorney
  • Unethical, unprofessional, unqualified attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Immigration client

    My case was relatively simple, but I had two bumps due to inadequate handling of the case by this attorney.
    First, there was an error in the form submission,. RFE was issued, but attorney still sent the copy of the same erroneous reply that generated the RFE in the first place.
    I had to draft my own reply to RFE and send to USCIS via certified mail, apologizing for the error of my attorney!
    This had considerably delayed the case processing.

    Later on , when interview notice came, Thomas said he would charge $500 extra to attend it.
    I wasn't prepared for it and decided to think it over. Two weeks before the interview I came to his office with the $500 draft of the check to ask him to attend the interview. Here is Thomas' reply: "No, I can't, I already have another client booked that day".
    During the interview the young officer made an error and changed my answer by mistake. If my attorney was present this would have been prevented. Instead, my case went on and stayed on pending status for another two months. Only after contacting the office of Johnson and Johnson immigration law firm did I receive a high quality and efficient legal assistance. Three weeks after the direct intervention of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who sent a notice of appearance my case was promptly adjudicated and I received an approval notice in mail.

    If you need an immigration attorney try to browse the search section and look for ones who have high ratings/reputation or ask for personal references. Do not make the same mistake I made by randomly selecting an attorney based on first impressions of nice conversation on the phone.

    In my opinion This individual is not qualified to practice law and should never be allowed to represent clients on immigration matters. I am lucky, my case was simple and despite unnecessary delays it was approved in the end. I can't imagine what would anyone have to go through if they had a complex case requiring an expertise of knowledgeable immigration attorney. You are better off going Pro Se than hiring services of Thomas Budesheim.

    Thomas L. Budesheim’s response: “This client first came to me asking that I represent him in Immigration Court for the single-purpose of requesting the Immigration Judge to issue an order of deportation because he was present in the US illegally. After reviewing the facts of his case it was clear that he was eligible to remain here as a permanent resident (green card) because of his marriage to a US citizen. His statement is correct: his case was simple. It was approved as I submitted it to USCIS. But before approval, he had to attend an interview at USCIS in Baltimore with his wife which he decided to do without my presence. But a day or two before the scheduled interview he contacted me and asked that I attend the interview. By that time my calendar was full and I could not accommodate him. This upset him terribly. It is a matter of great satisfaction for me professionally that this young man has been able to remain in the United States with his wife and children and is on his way towards full citizenship. It is always a great disappointment when clients are dissatisfied with my services no matter the reason. Full realization of objectives and complete satisfaction are always my primary goals.”