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Robert Clark’s reviews

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  • ROBERT V CLARK, A Compassionate, Caring Attorney and Friend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert S. Gaither Jr.

    Bob Clark represented me with my Maryland Workmen’s Comp
    Claim for nearly 19 years. My case was one of the longest and
    most complex. I was injured 1/30/90 while working for an electrical contractor. Bob initially represented me while he was employed by another firm. Bob left that firm some 4 years after my injury to start
    his current private practice. While I was excited to see this very
    caring individual go out on his own, I was left with his previous employer for my legal representation. It wasn’t long before I truly appreciated Mr. Clark’s expertise and knowledge of workmen’s compensation laws in contrast to those who were now representing me. I became frustrated and called Mr. Clark (his staff or himself always received my phone calls) and asked if he would consider representing me again in his private practice with the same workmen’s comp claim.

    Mr. Clark agreed and our relationship continued another fourteen years as he assured me that a fair and reasonable settlement would eventually happen. I must add that my injury required nine serious back surgeries which Mr. Clark was tirelessly advocating for me and
    my welfare. I can attest it was always a great feeling (even when not feeling well) that Mr. Clark was truly in my corner. It did take time for me to reach a maximum medical improvement status while still rated with a significant disability; however, Mr. Clark was able to negotiate
    a final compromise settlement agreement with the workmen’s compensation carrier.

    Through a 19 year 11 month journey with a lot of pain and suffering my faith sustained me which gave me the confidence to trust Mr. Clark with my future. I received so much more than just legal counsel, I found a new friend in Bob who cared about me and my family. Through those years, we would share not only information about the injury, but also about our families and the things that really mattered to us. Many people aren’t aware that most attorneys don’t welcome the long drawn out workmen’s comp cases. Most attorneys are in business for their just compensation which communicates to billable hours rendered. However, the workmen’s compensation commission will set the award for the attorney upon final settlement which never calculates to their hourly rate. I’ve often wondered just how many hours Bob and his staff worked on my case. Time didn’t matter, only doing what was right for me, was what mattered to Bob. I would continually apologize to him because I knew he would never be justly compensated for his time, yet he never saw the money loss, he always saw my needs for my future with a lifetime care plan and for me to be fairly compensated for the injury I sustained 1/30/90.

    Thanks to Bob, the claim settled 11/30/09 and because of his knowledge my needs were met. Bob’s a professional with serious convictions. He would never recommend that a client take the “carrot on the stick”. My story and experience with Bob Clark is as real as it gets. I’ll forever be grateful to him and his staff. Bob celebrates victories not with zero’s and decimal points but with knowing that he put forth his best effort which ultimately yields the best results, simply by his persistence and convictions. He’s truly refreshing in this world today.

    I’ve found that when I know that I know something- that’s when I really know! I really know that I have a wonderful friend in Bob Clark, as well as a great attorney.

  • Very Good Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Mr. Clark was very professional and answered my questions. He pressed for what I thought was fair and we got it. I do not have experience with lawyers but he was better than I expected.

  • Excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Second lawyer on the case. first lawyer would not return my calls and then wanted to settle for to little. Mr. Clark was very responsive and filed a law suit. he got me much more than the other lawyer had said was possible.