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Sebastian Krop

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    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Sebastian Krop was our Immigration lawyer who is very friendly, organized and hard-working!

    why is he great:
    *Free Consultation
    * replies emails and phone calls very quickly (even answers the phone first try)
    *will set up any type of payment plan with you so you can afford his fees and services and gets to work right away! (unlike some lawyers refuse to do any work at all until they have the full amount paid.)
    *very organized and keeps you prepared on everything you need way in advanced
    * explains everything to you very well so you never get confused
    *very helpful so you never get confused
    *He is always happy to answer and explain any questions you have at any given moment

    Now that i see he is not only an immigration lawyer, we will definitely hire him again for other purposes! I would highly recommend this lawyer! :-)

    Hired attorney
  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sylvia

    Attorney Krop helped me file my green card application. He was always very responsive to all my questions and emergencies. I felt he always handled my case with utmost attention and care. Really, highly recommended lawyer.

  • Professional, personable, and incredibly effective!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jared

    Mr. Krop came highly recommended to my wife and I from a mutual acquaintance, and the recommendation was severely under-stated, with nowhere near the credit given that he is most deserving of. We were always promptly and cordially greeted, either by an assistant, co-worker, or Mr. Krop himself. He was informative, unbiased, vastly knowledgeable on the subject of our issue, and concise in what options we had as a couple, as well as the most beneficial way to navigate our legal proceedings. From e-mail or telephone correspondences, to in-person meetings in his cozy, intimate, and highly professional office, to attending and representing (and his all-around amicable, supportive nature towards) us throughout every step of our filings and interviews, Sebastian made an absolute joy out of an otherwise nerve-wracking endeavor, and displayed and instilled an rock-solid confidence that has made the dreams of my wife and myself a joyous reality! I can not speak highly enough of his demeanor, knowledge, and litigious skill. Highly recommend, would definitely retain again in the future!

  • Mr. Krop is an excellent professional and very reliable person who can help you in a difficult situation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adrian

    I used Sebastian Krop’s services for my immigration case about less than a year ago. He took my case while I was detained in ICE custody. He explained to me that my chances were very slim because by definition my crime could be considered as an aggregative felony. Given the difficulty of the situation, Sebastian gave me his honest, realistic opinion. He did not give me much hope, instead he focused his efforts on his job to avoid deportation.
    It was very easy to work with him because he always knew what to do. That was very important especially when you are detained and have limited visitations and phone calls. The communication between us was easy even thought I was a foreigner and my English was not perfect. Sebastian listened to me, explained what he had done and he advised me on what we had to do. He was always updated and he kept me informed about the process.
    On the second bond hearing Sebastian took advantage of a weakness of the prosecution and he urged and successfully convinced the Judge to release me on bond.
    Even after I was released we continued working with him by the phone and via emails only. Unlike my criminal laywer (Kevin McCants) where we had to do exhausting meetings without result, Mr. Krop was able to manage the case effectively without need of long conversations in his office. By this time I already trusted him on a hundred percent.
    Having no legal reason to stay in the USA, I decided that we had to try to make a deal for voluntary departure which preserved my rights to reenter in the country. Once again, this time Sebastian convinced the chief prosecutor to drop the charges and reach this agreement.
    On the last court date the only thing that the Judge had to do was to grant me for voluntary departure. That day was actually the first time I met Mr. Sebastian Krop in person.
    He did the whole case for very affordable price and I received a statement with all he had done, although he did a lot more than what was on paper.
    In brief Mr. Krop is an excellent professional and very reliable person who can help you in a difficult situation. If your case is complicated he is not the person who will tell you that everything will be fine but he will do his best to help.

  • I used many attorneys before. I could not hope for a better service.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Petar

    I hired Mr Krop to represent a friend of mine who was detained in immigration custody by ICE. Charges were for a second degree sexual offense.
    Sebastian took the case for a very reasonable fee.
    He spent the time to go to DC Superior court and study my friend's case.
    Based on the accusations from the criminal court, he honestly explained to us that the law was not on our side and chances are very minimal for a release. He also told us(myself and my friend's girlfriend) that the immigration judge have limited power of releasing aliens with charges of violent crimes.
    I highly appreciated the way he conducted business: He told us what the odds were. Further, for the rate he charges us, he did quite a lot of work, which shows how industrious he is.
    In the courtroom he managed to obtain a bond which was less than that of inmates convicted with DUIs. Chances to obtain a release for my friend were very minimal because he was charged with crime of violence.
    It took us more than 12 hours from the hearing in the court in the morning, to the release of my friend. Sebastian was checking every hour with us and was making sure ICE was following the court order procedures.
    Although his obligation to us was over after the judge ruled, he kept checking the status of the release either by a phone call, text messaging or exchanging emails.
    He received greetings from other fellow immigration attorneys while we were leaving the immigration court.
    Not only was he knowledgeable of his profession, but also he provided the ultimate customer service from the time he took the case till the time his client was released.
    In sum, I have never met an attorney as honest, productive and sympathetic as Mr Sebastian Krop in my former experiences with lawyers before.