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Steven F. Marino

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  • HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY !! RECOMMEND MARINO for ANY legal affair you are in need of! AMAZING!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandra

    My name is Sandra . This is a true story. I am a 30 veteran entrepreneur specializing in the creating and national distribution of automotive warranties. Our product development & marketing company contend with a myriad of lawsuits due to the litigious nature of business in general however especially with in the insurance industries. We had the unfortunate pleasure of working with multiple legal firms prior to working with MARINO. We originally hired MARINO's law firm based in the greater Philadelphia area in 2009 when we were sued by a large competitor in an act of competitive warfare and an attempt of unfair gain. MARINO right from the get go was refreshingly competent & different, in addition to his fierce reputation for unparalleled success with trial law. The warranty industry is an extremely complicated, regulated and multi tiered industry that is NOT understood easily to a layman. MARINO, who governed over & handled the case, not only grasped the nature of this highly complicated business infrastructure quickly, saving us THOUSANDS & thousands of dollars in time spent "educating" the attorney, Marino also had a solid & firm understanding of business in general which in turn created a synergy & flow with Client & Attorney relationship enabling us to concentrate on trial preparation & strategy as opposed to struggling to get your attorney to understand where the meat of the conflict lied. It was impressive & gave us not only hope but courage! We were determined to fight & go all the way. Watching Marino's sound & intensely calculated strategy unfold throughout the deposition process was something to experience and humorous at times when he would flawlessly, yet with poise & elegance expose one lie after another. MARINO would confuse & trap the liar with ease. It was brilliant. He was so excellent the case never made it to trial. One weeks before trial was to begin, the Competition caved & went for a settlement out of fear. We walked away with an awarded 2.5 Million dollar settlement. Rightfully so. I HIGHLY HIGHLY! RECOMMEND Marino for any legal affair, struggle or battle you are faced with. MARINO will forever be our legal advisor & warrior. We continue our relationship up until this day. In closing, sometime during the first trial preparation & encounter with MARINO, we found out through conversation that Marino was an Olympic athlete in the sport of gymnastics in his youth! The man is not only physically handsome but also has the demeanor & flair of an Olympiad in the courtroom! To me he is superior to all & simply amazing. THANK YOU Steven Marino! We sleep much better at night because of you.