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Maura Eileen Cunningham

Maura Cunningham’s reviews

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  • Exceptional Attention and Results

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Maura was responsive and helpful to me every step of the way during my divorce and I can't say enough about her. She listened to me whenever I wanted to talk and I felt comfortable saying things to her that I haven't or wouldn't tell to anyone else. Divorce sucks but she made it manageable and kept me informed throughout the process. I would recommend her to ANYONE getting divorced

  • Not poor representation, NO representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by Joe K

    This lawyer did not show up in court, sent another attorney in her place who knew nothing about my case. Maura said this lawyer knew my entire case; he didn't know anything. At my initial consultation she told me we needed an expedited custody hearing and that would occur within 2 weeks. We got the court date within 2 weeks as she stated; but then informed me she was off that week for a wedding and she would have to ask for a continuance. The continuance was a week later and again she was unavailable so she sent an attorney who is headquartered in Missouri; I'm in Pennsylvania. The court documents said to bring witnesses, all relevant documents, and anything else that would be vital to my case. She said we wouldn't need any of that; we needed it all. After the hearing she stated, and put it in an email, that it was not the real custody hearing and all the information would be brought up at the next hearing, which was 5 months away. The lawyer who replaced her in court knew nothing about me or the case; and the judge knew it right away. After the hearing when I complained about the representation she stated she wasn't aware of some of the things that were brought up. I sent her the email copies where she was informed of everything. This firm billed me for every email, phone call, and even things pertaining to the continuance that was 100% their fault and was avoidable by simply disclosing her vacation schedule to me. I was billed $250 an hour by an attorney at another one of their offices for a strategy conference, while simultaneously paying Maura Cunningham $190 an hour for this call. This firm Maura Cunningham works for, Cordell & Cordell, does nothing more than bill you while trying to drag your case out for as long as possible. In the end you will lose everything including your case. Dozens of complaints on the internet about them; all telling the same story.