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Thomas Farley’s reviews

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  • Does Not Act in the Best Interests of Clients

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Thomas Farley was hired by the BOD to represent our community's interests, i.e., answer legal questions, conduct legal matters such as suing targeted companies and individuals, overseeing election process, public postings and interpretation of bylaws. Mr. Farley refuses to answer questions concerning current litigation when asked at community meetings he attends, acts only in the interest of a small group of homeowners, helps the board manipulate policy in their interests over the entire community, is abrupt, rude and defensive when called upon. Furthermore, he doesn't not endorse transparency with regard to community affairs.

  • Thomas stopped a debt collector from pursuing me for charged off business debt

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gregory

    Thomas Farley is a highly professional lawyer in all aspects of business law. I was really happy that retained him for resolving debt collection issue. Thomas demonstrated his ability to settle the problem with maximum advantages for his client.

  • just a 9 to 5 for tom

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    do not hire tom farley. he lost my custody case.
    because he was not prepared. he just wings its.
    i believe he has a routine plan that he uses. not realizing that each case is different. it was just anther 9 to 5 for him. he could not wait for the day to end. at least 2 times during the trial he said we need to finish up be cause judge chelak needs it to be done in one day. if thats true. its obvious that both chelak and farley have no real concern about a child's life.
    farley also with held most of the evidence that i ask him to present. so how can a judge make a fare decision without the evidence.
    i ask him after wards why he did not bring up the evidence. he said it though it would not of helped. my response was. your telling that bringing up such evidence, as how my ex. has gotten tickets for not putting a seat belt on my 5 year son would not of help. just one example of many.
    he also charges you $65 to travel to meet you every time you have a mediation or court date. the man just does not care.