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Shirley Makuta’s reviews

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  • Find another lawyer!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    This lawyer represented me in a divorce. She was minimally helpful. I believe any lawyer could have done as well for me, and probably better. She did not keep herself informed about my case. I gave her all the information she requested, but I honestly don't think she ever reviewed any of it before the first hearing. When the hearing did not go in my favor, she claimed we were blindsided. Seriously?!? Why were we blindsided when the information was right in front of you? At times she seemed to be very judgemental of me as well. I'm not a super sensitive type, but I know when I'm being judged. It was obvious to me and a friend who accompanied me to a meeting. I realize lawyers charge for their time, no problem. However, she charged above and beyond what was necessary. There were needless phone calls and letters, as well as duplicate letters that I was billed for. It was excessive. She lacked professionalism in many ways. There were times when hearings were much more in my favor, but really those instances were pretty cut and dried. I could have had any lawyer, or represented myself and the outcome would have been the same. It was not because my lawyer was on top of her game. It was regarding spousal support, and that is a very specific formula regarding incomes. Not much room for negotiation there. It pretty much is what it is...period. Divorce is not a pleasant thing. Overall I feel that I came away with a fair settlement. So this has nothing to do with me being angry or vindictive. I really just want to caution anyone contemplating hiring attorney Makuta. She isn't top notch.

  • Charges for every little thing!!!!!!

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Be aware or maybe I just don't understand . Ms Makuta charges you if you have a question about your case OK but to charge three times for it ? Once for your call and again for her to return the call with the answer!!!! Again for the time it took her to find the answer( that she should have already know) !!!! Constantly!!! She will nickle and dime you again and again. The case was over for a year she reviewed my file for no reason and charged me. FOR WHAT? She owed me money that's why.I have worked with many different attorneys before in family, real estate, and business matters and they never charged for every little thing NEVER!! She charged me for a phone call "just calling to see if you need anything, just let me know what I can do to help make this go smoothly for you" End of my part of the call. I got charged for that call and others similar. Please learn when to charge and not to charge your client. Try a little harder to use common sense when billing. Other than that she was OK. We did win and for than I am thankful. NO MORE NICKLE AND DIME PLEASE

  • Thanks for nothing

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    In my experience and what I have interpreted is this : unless you have $ , or are flawless, she will pick at you and target you like she is the opposing side. She is supposed to be representing ME, yet has done NOTHING to help. She has not once called me or returned my calls in between hearings, barely speaks up for me in court, doesn't point out anything that I ask her to bring up, she made me cry at our first hearing right before we went into the court room before the judge, etc. She never took the time to actually " HEAR" what I had to say, and basically treated me like crap. It feels as though she is working for the other side, and not for me. I'm not sure it it's because she is court appointed or because she is just discriminate against people that have physical or mental health problems. Whatever the case, I am innocent of 90 % of things that are being used against me in court, and she has not done her part as my attorney to go out of her way and defend me.